Brazil honeymoon, culture and beach

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Brazil honeymoon, culture and beach


We encourage off the beaten track routes because we feel that the experience is more intense and genuine, and therefore enables our customers to connect with nature. Visitors will however be reminded to take care of the environmentally pristine regions such as the Sapiranga forest reserve in Praia do Forte and the beaches of Fernando de Noronha. These special natural experiences should help make guests aware of how precious the environment is and how beneficial it is to everyone’s well-being.

On our private transfers we use well maintained vehicles to minimise the exhausts that are emitted. We have a travellers’ code of conduct where we emphasise waste management and local consumption at destination.

Our ground operators are made aware of our insistence on making sure that water usage and waste management are regulated. We encourage clients to give us feedback at their return, or if they want when at destination, if our ground operators are not compliant with responsible practices.


When you travel with us you will be contributing to the local communities directly. With a rich and varied history, Brazil is making great efforts to secure a more prosperous future whilst showcasing its unique culture to the world. On this trip you will have direct contact with local communities, learning from the local people themselves about their history and traditions.

We always encourage eating at locally-owned establishments and we work directly with local operators, supporting the local economy by providing jobs. For all meals provided on the tour we emphasise the use of locally produced ingredients. We aim to organise tailor made responsible tourism experiences in Brazil using our extensive local contacts and knowledge.

The community is benefiting from the fact that the tourism industry needs educated locals that speak foreign languages, who can enlighten the visitors with knowledge about their home country. By focusing on sustainable and sensible tourism (controlled by small, private tours such as this one) we ensure that the local communities can make a living out of their home, without destroying it.

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