Ibiza activity holiday, 4 day challenge

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Ibiza activity holiday, 4 day challenge


We are a local business and are entirely dependent on the environment, culture and people of Ibiza to exist. As we love to show you the real Ibiza, so we need the real Ibiza to thrive; not only for the long term sustainability of our business, but also to support all those who live here, and to keep this incredible island alive for future generations of residents and visitors. All of our guides and support staff are trained in the management and protection of the local environment when on walks and include this information in visitor briefings; for example not littering, not smoking (to prevent forest fires), walking on the agreed track to not damage wildlife, not picking plants unless given the go ahead by the guide. On this tour, you will experience Ibiza from both land and sea, and experience the majestic cliffs and secret bays, as well the challenging terrain!


We use local businesses as our suppliers and tend to work with locally owned suppliers and privately owned hostels and hotels rather than big chains. All our staff are either local Ibizans or long term expatriates. Ibiza has been a multi-cultural island since the 1600s and we honour that with our international, multi lingual team of guides. On this adventure you will meet many different people from Ibiza and all over the world. We use only local suppliers for the mountain bikes, kayaks and support vehicles and boats in order to support local businesses. All our guides are trained to the same standard on the island’s history and culture, and are able to explain to visitors the key events and the main elements of Ibiza’s unique culture. Guides also bring their own stories which add to the experience of Ibiza’s diversity. Our professional guides for this tour are experts in their areas of kayaking, biking and walking and will be able to offer support in completing this challenge.

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