Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia tour, 21 days

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia tour, 21 days


This tour is very long and we have found that it is best to use local boats for transportation. Taking vehicles would be more harmful to the area and boats can serve as a hotel as we are traveling at night. It allows us to travel on the water and avoid any areas that may be too delicate to travel. We never want to litter and employ guides who will help our travellers to understand the need for sustainable practices while travelling through environmentally sensitive areas.

Many of our destinations are explored via a walking tour if it is possible, so that we do not leave a huge carbon footprint. This is also saving the roads from being worn down from a lot of vehicle traffic. Some of our walking tours include - in Vientiane, walking along the Mekong river at Chao Anouvong Park for watching Sunset & night market; In Luang Prabang, we walk along forest trails; In bustling Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), we will have a morning walking tour through the heart of Saigonís famous and historic city landmarks.

We are always looking to find new ways to travel more responsibly and have learned to only purchase foods from local markets that will not spoil during our journey. We do not like to waste food or water, no matter what. Our travelers have found that it is easy to take a dip in a pool or lake in order to get clean without soap.


We support the local communities in this tour, by visiting local area sights of interest. This helps boost the local economy in a major way. We will offer assistance to many locals at different times during our tour and enjoy learning more about each group of individuals. We are always very supportive to all of the local communities.

All of our tour guides are locals to the areas that we travel. They are in continuous contact with the travelers throughout the tour. They guarantee that every part of the trip will be exactly as the traveler wants it to be. The local tour guides will take the travelers to see many different sites in the cities, including the Wat Si Saket. This is the oldest temple and is home to thousands of miniature Buddha statues.

All of our tour guides provide the travelers with the information necessary for the tour. They let them know about the different cultures of each local group of people, so that the travelers can be respectful during their visit. Many of our trips would not be as expansive if it was not for the assistance of the locals, who have become our friends over the years.

We try to support the locals as much as possible and encourage our travelers to shop locally. We stay at the best local hotels and eat at restaurants that serve the most delicious foods. All of the restaurants that we eat at use local foods and our travelers enjoy eating all of the traditional foods that they serve. Midway through our tour we make a stop at the Old Quarter, where our travelers can enjoy traditional foods while they are shopping at the local market. While visiting the Thalatsao Mall, our travelers are able to make purchases at shops owned by the locals. The locals are always very friendly and love sharing information with our travelers. Our travelers are always curious about how the locals make many of their items.

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