6 day Laos tour, miracle of the North

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: 6 day Laos tour, miracle of the North


We adhere to strict environmentally-responsible practices at all times. In addition, we model these behaviors for our clients and encourage them to be environmentally respectful as well.

We enjoy sharing the beauty of the natural landscapes and strive to get there, and pass through them, in a way that is good for the environment. We walk as much as possible on our tours and as we are traveling to a new city, we will take a boat or a vehicle that will hold everyone in the group. This means less cars on the road and the boats are more environmentally friendly.

During this tour, we are very conscientious about the environment. We travel by car on roads that are accessible, so that we are not ruining fields and other areas.

We employ local guides who help to inform our guests on environmental issues and the best way to travel. While we are visiting the Tham Phoukham Caves, our travelers enjoy a picnic lunch from local ingredients, but we make sure that we pack only enough food to eat for that meal. We are also very careful to not leave anything behind from our meal and take all of our garbage with us. Our guide also lets us know not to waste water at any time.


Our first day of this tour, brings us to the city of Vientiane where we stay in a centrally located hotel. It is one of the many local hotels that we stay in during this tour. We always stay in local hotels, so that we can support the locals and their economy. For the same reason, we also eat in local restaurants. The other reason that we eat in local restaurants is so that our travelers can experience traditional and local foods.

As we are heading to the Tham Phoukham Caves, we have a chance to visit with local villagers and learn about their daily lifestyles. They also share their cultures and traditions with us. With all of the different cultures and lifestyles in the area, it is essential that we use a local guide for this tour. The guides are able to make sure that we are respectful to all of the different people in the area and that we do not do anything that would be considered wrong while we are visiting them. By using the local guides, we are also helping support them and their families, plus the local economy.

In the villages of Hmong, Souay and Taidam, we are able to meet the hill tribe people and see their traditional tribal costumes - this helps bring economic support to more rural areas, helping them to support living a more traditional life. As we stop in the village of Ban Xang Hai, our travelers are able to see how the Lao rice wine is produced.

We support the locals during this tour by visiting with them and learning about their village and their lives. We will assist them if they need help with any work and offer support in any way that we can. We stop where they produce local Lao rice wine and watch as they perform traditional dances.

On the last day of the tour, our travelers are able to visit the Central Market and purchase souvenirs from the locals.

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