Laos cultural tour

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Laos cultural tour


Much of our travel during this trip is on foot or via slow boat, which is a great way to help save the environment and keep the area beautiful and clean. Many times a roadway can be destroyed if too many cars travel over it. Since we walk, this is not an issue. We are careful to not dispose of anything during our trips until we have reached an area where it is acceptable to do so.

By enjoying the sights of nature throughout the tour, we are able to enhance the travelersí experience. We are not building anything as a destination location for our tours, but instead utilizing what nature has given us. Since we are not building anything, we are helping keep the environment from being damaged.

We are very cautious with how much water we are using during our trip, because we do not want to waste any. We also only purchase the food that we need, so that we are not throwing any food away.


Our travel company uses local tour guides for the areas that we tour. Each individual traveler or group of travelers will have their own personal tour guide who will plan and customize their trip. The tour guide will stay in contact with the travelers throughout the tour and make sure that everything is going as planned.

Many of our tour guides have become friends with many of the locals in the areas that we tour. This allows us to enhance the tour experience for our travelers, because we are able to take our travelers to destinations that only the locals usually know about. The locals are a very important part of each of our tours and we give them as much support as we can. We encourage all of our travelers to shop locally when they are on the tour and help in any way that they can. We also stay at local hotels and eat at local restaurants during the tours.

Our guides also provide our travelers with any information that they need about the locals and their cultures and beliefs. This makes it easier for our travelers to be respectful of the locals. On this tour our travellers have the opportunity to meet with 23 different ethnic groups on this tour in the Oudomxay Province, we are able to learn a lot about the communities in the area. For example, how the locals have become skilled in certain areas and we encourage our travellers to purchase some of these locally crafted items. We also help the locals in as many ways as we possibly can. Since we are going through areas that are not very well traveled, we are able to offer assistance to people who may not get any otherwise. If these people need help with farming or any other area in their home, we are always more than willing to help them accomplish the task

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