Petra & Wadi Rum holiday

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Petra & Wadi Rum holiday

Responsible travel: Petra & Wadi Rum holiday


Responsible mission: As adventure travellers we relish and celebrate the diversity of the world. We also recognise our obligation to protect the environments that we explore. Our aim is to tread lightly, whilst contributing to maintain the world’s culture and nature, and most importantly to engage the help of all our customers to utilise the potential of tourism as a tool to aid sustainable development. We believe that responsible travellers are welcome in the places that they visit.

On this trip: We travel in small groups (max 16 people) so have a minimal impact on the environment as we go. On this trip we use a local agent from Jordan, locally owned hotels, local leaders. Not only does this mean that more of the money we generate stays within the community, but their local knowledge and expertise helps us to better understand the environment in which we are travelling, whilst reinforcing within the local community that preserving this environment is both important and worthwhile

During your stay: All tour guides are responsible for ensuring that the guests understand the nature of the environment that they are in and minimise the impact that they may have. We collect and dispose of all litter along the way. Dana NP benefits financially from our stay - money from our stay goes directly to the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature. Our visit to Wadi Rum reinforces in the bedouin community the need to preserve their cultural heritage.

Responsible code: Being Responsible is at the heart of everything our company does - full details of our code can be found on our website. The local supplier for this trip will promote our responsible travel code throughout your adventure. You will also receive specific information on this trip’s responsibility in your trip notes.

Helping to minimise negative impact: All of our customers are invited to offset their international flight emissions. Contributions go to the Blue Ventures Carbon Offset program, a non-profit organisation which provides solar stoves for subsistence communities in Madagascar, benefiting the people and protecting the environment. We also contribute £2 per person towards offsetting of your in-country travel. We fully offset all emissions from our staff travel and run an energy efficient office.

Giving something back: We have a foundation that collects the funds that you donate to us to support our projects. All our customers are invited to make a £1 per person contribution to the foundation at the time of booking. We will match every contribution that you make with our own £1. You as a customer choose where these funds are used from a shortlist of nominated projects – so it really is YOUR foundation.

Partnerships: As a company we support The Travel Foundation, a UK charity that has been established to promote responsible travel practises throughout the whole of the travel industry. We also work with a number of charity partners who work in the destinations that we visit; including Friends of Conservation and Born Free Foundation. We partner with many small grassroots projects throughout the destinations that we visit - they all share our responsible vision.


Our visit to Wadi Rum reinforces in the bedouin community the need to preserve their cultural heritage.
In Dana NP, our visit to local silver and fruit jam workshops helps to support the local community.

The story of the provider of Petra & Wadi Rum holiday

Since the mid '90s this company has been on a mission to inspire, excite and engage travellers in destinations all over the world. From cultural journeys of discovery to walking and trekking adventures; up close wildlife encounters to activity breaks, these small group adventures contain the perfect combination of hidden gems well off the beaten track and known region highlights. Fully escorted by English speaking local group leaders, these trips are perfect for solo travellers, couples, friends and even private groups.

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Petra & Wadi Rum holiday

You can trust reviews because, unlike many other schemes, reviews can ONLY be written by people who we have verified have been on the holidays. In addition, we don't run these holidays ourselves - our only interest is giving you the best independent advice.

5 stars
I am reborn! Simply the best holiday I have ever been on
4 stars
Some great stories to tell the grandchildren. Would recommend to a friend
3 stars
Very enjoyable
2 stars
It was OK
1 star
A bit disappointing really

Reviewed 08 Apr 2014 by George Galloway4 star rating

The most memorable part of the holiday was visiting Petra, the main reason for my wanting to visit Jordan...Our Tour Leader was very knowledgeable, social, and helpful. (read full review)

Reviewed 21 Apr 2013 by Susan Feist4 star rating

I was very impressed with the organisation and how much we saw in one week. We did not seem rushed but felt we had been given a good overview of the country. This is the first time I have travelled with this company and will do so again I am sure. Jordan is a great country to visit(read full review)

Reviewed 08 Apr 2013 by Kate Askew4 star rating

The most memorable part of the holiday was climbing the steps by donkey at Petra and the night spent at Wadi Rum in the desert.(read full review)

Reviewed 07 Jan 2013 by Yvonne Bregman4 star rating

The time in Petra was amazing. It was great to spend a day and a half there and I really liked the fact that the second day was the morning and we could go back very early and have the "place to ourselves."(read full review)

Reviewed 06 Oct 2013 by Jennie Milward3 star rating

The scenery was stunning - the scale is difficult to imagine and breath-taking to experience.(read full review)

Reviewed 01 Oct 2012 by Parbatee Manoo4 star rating

Visiting Jordan was amazing from start to finish, the landscape was vast and varied. The City of Petra was indeed the most exciting and exhilarating!(read full review)

Reviewed 23 May 2012 by Jenny Steel4 star rating

Actually seeing ancient Petra and climbing to the sacrificial high point. The views were extremely memorable as was the first glimpse of Petra from the siqu was the most memorable moment. (read full review)

Reviewed 19 Apr 2012 by Carmen Obrocea1 star rating

Petra of course, which is the only place where nature and mankind have joined their forces to make a wonderful and ireplaceable place. And then Jerash- but there are no words to describe it, you have to see it for yourself (read full review)

Reviewed 21 Mar 2011 by Mike Neale5 star rating

Well organised - great group and great leader. Very good indeed - Great value...we visited local Bedouin and had food from local markets etc. We supported local communities.(read full review)

Reviewed 04 Nov 2011 by Siobhan Waldron4 star rating

Hearing the call to prayer on the first day in Jordan, in the town of Jerash. It was moving & brought us to a lovely reality of where we were, finally, after 5 years of waiting to come here, here we were!! (read full review)

Reviewed 06 Sep 2011 by Liza Pullman4 star rating

I loved Jordan and feel that it represents much that is great about the Middle East. The experience in Petra, the Red Sea and Wadi Rum will remain embedded in my memories for a long time...(read full review)

Reviewed 14 May 2011 by James Treadgold4 star rating

Wadi Rum was the most memorable part.(read full review)

Reviewed 23 Apr 2011 by Cordelia McKenna4 star rating

I had a really good time. Jordan was more than I expected in terms of variety and beauty of landscape. Every day brought different views to soak in and sights to explore.(read full review)

Reviewed 24 Apr 2011 by RACHEL NASSIF2 star rating

Walking into Petra for the first time and realising it was more magnificent than I had dared hope for was the most memorable part of the holiday.(read full review)

Reviewed 24 Nov 2010 by Neil Williamson4 star rating

Watching the sun rise from while riding a camel in Wadi Rum was amazing as was the 4X4 tour... Holiday was brilliant. Lots to see, lots to do and so many photos and memories to return to.(read full review)

Reviewed 07 Jun 2010 by Liz Potter4 star rating

One of my most memorable holidays in a wonderful, friendly country... it was a wonderful mix of adventure, luxury, new sights, history and making new friends.(read full review)

Reviewed 01 Nov 2010 by Laura Meldrum-Carter3 star rating

Seeing the varied sights and landscapes of Jordan was most memorable, and ravelling with a like-minded group.(read full review)

Reviewed 19 Jan 2010 by Caroline Chadwick3 star rating

The most memorable parts were Petra, the sunset over the Dead Sea, the people that we shared our trip with, they were fantastic and we all got on with each other really well. (read full review)

Reviewed 16 Aug 2009 by Lesley Chaffey5 star rating

Most memorable? As I can’t swim it has to be floating in the Dead Sea. It was an unbelievable experience. I did not believe I would be able to as I did not think it would work if you cant relax to float but the sea just lifted me up and held me in the water.(read full review)

Reviewed 03 Nov 2009 by Sally Hughes4 star rating

Jordan is such a magical place it is difficult to pick any one part of the holiday but I think the time in the Wadi Rum was the most amazing. It is such a very special place-constantly changing in different lights with the most awe-inspiring scenery.(read full review)

Reviewed 04 Jun 2009 by Joan Mowat4 star rating

Wadi Rum followed by Petra were the highlights. Would have loved to stayed longer in the desert it was magical. (read full review)

Reviewed 21 Apr 2009 by Valerie Malik4 star rating

By far the most memorable part was the visit to Petra. It was incredible - we walked through the narrow gorge and it was in shady sunshine and at the end it opened out into the 'Treasury' with sunshine blazing on it and you could see the wonder, size and breath taking beauty of this magnificent monument depicting history in all its awe and splendour. (read full review)

Reviewed 08 Mar 2009 by Dorinda Davies4 star rating

Most memorable? Arriving in Petra after the walk through the gorge to get there. Staying at Wadi Rum, dancing to authentic local music, travelling through the desert rocky landscape, riding a camel through the desert while wearing one's newly acquired Bedouin headdress!(read full review)

Reviewed 31 Dec 2009 by Lesley Stones3 star rating

The most memorable parts were the sights - Petra is stunning, and the Dana nature reserve is also lovely.(read full review)

Reviewed 08 Jun 2009 by Ron Noah3 star rating

Most memorable? This is a tie between my first glimpse of the Treasury at Petra and floating in the Dead Sea watching the sun set over Israel.(read full review)

Reviewed 07 Jan 2009 by Deborah Hannah3 star rating

Most memorable was seeing Petra.(read full review)

Reviewed 03 Jun 2008 by Judith Walker5 star rating

There were many memorable and exciting parts of the holiday. I enjoyed all of it, the Roman ruins at Jerash, Dana Nature Reserve, and of course Petra which lived up to all my expectations, not forgetting the wonderful atmosphere in the desert.(read full review)

Reviewed 02 Oct 2008 by Linda Payne4 star rating

As an adventure it was great, scenically beautiful and very, very different.(read full review)

Reviewed 20 Sep 2008 by Pauline Lacey4 star rating

From the time we were met at Amman Airport, and during the whole holiday we were really looked after. I must particularly praise our guide, Samir Saleh. He was very informative and knowledgeable, about his country Jordan.(read full review)

Reviewed 09 Sep 2008 by Ruth Hodgins4 star rating

I had a great time on this holiday. It was exactly as described in the brochure. The activities were extremely well organised and lots of fun(read full review)

Reviewed 11 Aug 2008 by Danielle Dunbar4 star rating

Highlights have to be the Monastery at Petra (very worth the 800 steps - don't give up half way) plus walking back out of Petra to find the Treasury turned rose in colour and was totally free from tourists, just the camels and donkeys were milling around.(read full review)

Reviewed 24 Jun 2008 by Mike Bayliffe4 star rating

All activities were very well designed and executed. Most noteworthy was the trip to Jerash... the Roman city was well preserved... and the show of Roman Gladiators/chariot racing was extremely enjoyable.(read full review)

Reviewed 24 Mar 2008 by Linda Johnstone4 star rating

Camping in the desert and having tea under the stars was most memorable. Wadi Rum was amazing and it was fantastic to be able to trek between sights.(read full review)

Reviewed 18 Feb 2008 by Alan Bailey4 star rating

The geographic features of the Dead Sea, Wadi Rum, Dana nature reserve on the edge of Wadi Arabia and the Desert of the south to Aquaba were something not to be missed.(read full review)

Reviewed 25 Oct 2007 by Melanie Murphy5 star rating

Exiting the Siq to view the enormity and beauty of the Treasury at Petra during the "Petra by Night" tour was the highlight. (read full review)

Reviewed 07 Nov 2007 by Anne Mccardle4 star rating

The time we spend in the desert was just amazing. From sitting to watch the sunset over the extraordinary scenery, watching a thousand starts light up the sky to climbing sand dunes and having the best nights sleep in the Bedouin camp.(read full review)

Reviewed 06 Nov 2007 by Robert Mason4 star rating

Dana Nature reserve, Wadi Rum and Petra were the highlights.(read full review)

Reviewed 24 Oct 2007 by Rupert Saunders4 star rating

Wadi Rum was stunning; Petra is huge (much bigger than we expected) and the Dana Nature reserve must be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Also the Jordanian people are so friendly and welcoming. (read full review)

Reviewed 09 Aug 2007 by Martha Jasko4 star rating

Naturally, visiting Petra was one of the highlights as I was realising a long held desire to go there but the experiences of snorkelling for the first time in the Red Sea, sleeping under the stars in desert and seeing all the other fabulous archaeological remains in Jordan.(read full review)

Reviewed 14 Apr 2007 by Catherine Jeffery4 star rating

The holiday was fantastic. It was so varied, it is impossible to Pick out one thing. Petra was everything one could have hoped, Dana was beautiful and was led by a local guide whose stories kept us entertained and to sleep under the stars in the desert was amazing.(read full review)

Reviewed 19 Feb 2007 by Clare Lees4 star rating

An amazing experience overall - we saw a lot and did a lot in a short amount of time. Jordan is a wonderful place and the fact that it is situated where it is, made the experience poignant.(read full review)

Reviewed 22 Apr 2006 by John Miller5 star rating

We arrived in the dark and in the morning woke to breathtaking views from the balcony of our room... I have already been recommending this tour company and am the verge of booking a tour to India with yourselves.(read full review)

Reviewed 13 Aug 2006 by Graham Farrer4 star rating

Our tour leader positioned us, eyes closed, at the approach to the Treasury at Petra and then told us to open our eyes. It made for a most memorable impression since there was no unintentional spoiling of the dramatic view, truly a Wow! moment. (read full review)

Reviewed 13 May 2006 by Molly Warrington4 star rating

It's difficult to say what the most memorable part of my holiday to Jordan was, since it was all brilliant - amazing landscape, fascinating history and culture and friendly people.(read full review)
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