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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Sri Lanka holiday, tailor made wildlife


Our qualified driver-guides take pride in their work and enjoy educating our clients as to the best way to behave in order to protect the environment and in particular, avoid encouraging the exploitation of animals, for example, by not taking pictures of chained up animals which encourages locals to capture wild animals to be used as tourist attractions. Our local partner in Sri Lanka was one of the first tour operators to boycott these attractions, preferring to recommend opportunities to see wildlife in its natural environment, such as in Yala or Bundala National Parks, or recommend charitable organisations that have a proven track record in wildlife conservation, such as the Elephant Transit Camp in Uda Walawe.

We encourage activities that can be are carried out on foot where possible, reducing emissions but also enhancing your experience as you are that much closer to nature.

Our local partner provides annual training programmes and a strict set of rules and regulations with regards to responsible tourism and the environment which staff and suppliers are expected to adhere to. These include, safari jeeps maintaining the correct distance from wildlife and not exceeding a speed limit and when whale watching, maintaining a distance away from the whales, not following them, and sticking to the speed limit. Vehicles are well maintained and run with minimum impact to the environment and all vehicles used need to pass an annual MOT and Green test.


Some of the areas visited on this tour were heavily impacted by the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, such as Galle, Yala and Bundala National Parks. Our local partner in Sri Lanka supported the tsunami victims on a large scale, rehousing 25 families, and raising funds in order to buy them boats, engines and nets so that they could earn a living and return to their daily life. The money generated from tourism must go back to the roots of the communities in order to maintain good relationships between the locals and tourists, and both we and our local partner works hard to ensure that this happens.

Where possible, we stop at local tea houses and farm houses for local delicacies, strong sweet teas and coconuts. Our driver-guides take pride in imparting their knowledge to our clients, and will ensure that you are informed of the best way to behave in certain situations, such as at holy sites, in order to avoid inadvertently causing offence to the local people.

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