Jordan culture and cooking holiday

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Jordan culture and cooking holiday


As much as possible you will be using seasonal locally-produced food during your cooking tour in Jordan. This reduces unneeded waste as local produced food does not need to be imported via sky or sea.

We ask our guests not to leave any waste behind when in Jordan. And to keep our country clean. All entry tickets for the sites mentioned in the program are included during your holiday in Jordan. These tickets all include conservation fees for the sites. To conserve the sites they get cleaned up every day and extra bins are placed.

Jordan is one of the driest countries and has not much water resources. We therefore ask our guests to limit the use of water. This can be done by taking short showers and not leaving the tap water running unnecessarily.

We also try to book local hotels that are located close to the sites to limit any unneeded extra transfers.


This 8-day cooking program is all about getting to know the local culture and its heritage. Throughout the tour you will be staying at locally owned hotels where possible. But you will be supporting the local community even more by cooking with them. Spreading the tourism income to those most in need. You will be eating at locally owned restaurants, in the homes of people and outdoors together with the locals.

New generations are less interested in baking their own bread in the old Taboun ovens. By you visiting those old ovens and showing your interest, it will surely be passed on to the younger generations. Who in their turn will be more proud of their cultural inheritance.

We promise that all the people we work with are given a fair wage so they can take care of their families. But we also believe that an employee who is given a fair compensation for their hard work, will work with more joy which in return will enrich your experience in Jordan.

People in Jordan are very proud of their country, let them show it to you.

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