Uganda gorilla safari & local school volunteering

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Uganda gorilla safari & local school volunteering


We're committed to sustainability, in the communities in which we operate and in the ecosystems we encounter. We seek to minimise the impact of our trips by minimising and properly disposing of waste created, by conserving energy and water, and by ensuring that endangered wildlife (in this case Gorillas) and environmentally compromised areas are treated with respect.

Any permits issued to track the Gorillas helps to support conservation efforts into their protection (particularly against poachers).

We always strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Where possible we encourage our travelers to use public transportation, which also adds to the cultural experience. When we do need to use private transport we use modern fleets, which are more energy efficient and emit less CO2.

Cultural engagement and exchange is central to our company ethos, as each trip is a unique mixture of adventure, culture, and philanthropy. We maintain that one only gets to truly know a place by getting to know its people. Volunteer days of the trip are guided by our voluntourism policies developed by ABTA voluntourism guidelines.

We support local efforts of sustainability by staying at eco-lodges and homestays during the trip.


This trip supports the community through helping with the vital Kids Club - where Kampala’s out-of-school children can find a safe place to go in the evening. Living in the slums can be dangerous, and these classes provide the children with a safe environment and sense of community, where they can keep out of trouble, out of danger and build up a trusting relationship with each other and the KCK volunteers. The education classes also help give the kids vital life skills which can help them find jobs in the future.

We have also partnered up with Shauku Foundation supporting an amazing HIV intervention programme on the outskirts of Masaka town in Uganda.

The HIV prevalence in Uganda is 7%, however this rises to as high as 30% in certain parts of Masaka - one of the highest risk groups being those who have been orphaned and resort to life on the streets. Subject to abuse by outsiders passing through the fishing ports, young orphaned girls have seen the rate of HIV spread amongst them.

Shauku Foundation is getting to the root of the problem by building a future for young women and saving them from a life of abuse and potential threat of HIV. The Foundation is looking to fund 180 orphaned girls into an “incubator of change”. A community run school serving as a safe haven, an education establishment and programme for empowerment of young women in Masaka town. A multi-dimensional project with multiple benefits for the community.

You can help support this project by helping Shauku Foundation fundraise £3500, which will pay for the construction of a much needed residence, allowing the girls to live on-site at the community run school.

Experience first hand how effective this project is by joining us on this tour to witness the impact your money makes on the lives of young women in rural Uganda.

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