Iceland New Year holiday, tailor made

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Iceland New Year holiday, tailor made


This trip takes full advantage of Iceland’s fantastic natural resources and landscape, and for this reason takes great care to preserve the environment and operate with consideration for it.

Iceland’s striking features make for some fantastic activities, such as horse riding, snorkelling and a glacier hike. All of these are completely nature-based, with no use of potentially harmful equipment that would release damaging chemicals into the environment. Great care is taken to maintain the surroundings during these activities, including utilising set trails, necessary equipment and expert guides to complete the tasks in the most environmentally-sound manner possible.

During the activities, guests are constantly learning about and observing the wonders of the surrounding environment, such as the striking black sand beaches, lava fields, lagoons and geysers. This increases knowledge and respect for the landscape, advocating understanding and interest in the environment.

All of the accommodation options for this trip are selected purposely due to their convenient location in the centre of Reykjavik. This means that guests are highly likely to walk to all of the sights and activities that they wish to participate in during their trip and eliminates the necessity for any mode of transport during their stay. When transfers are necessary for long journeys such as the journey to the Blue Ice Glacier, they are all grouped, and carry all passengers taking the tour that particular day, rather than operating private transfers. This minimises the number of vehicles needed for guests, therefore reducing the number of harmful chemicals being emitted into the atmosphere.


The itinerary is mostly left open for guests to tailor their stay, with the option of personalising the trip with activities or exploring the city independently. Lunches and dinners are not included in the price, therefore guests are highly encouraged to make use of local restaurants, bars and cafés. Not only does this expose guests to the vibrant and colourful culture of Reykjavik, it also benefits local businesses as guests venture into the city and contribute to the local community.

The one activity that is included in the price is one of culture and tradition, as guests attend a glamorous gala dinner at the top of the iconic Harpa Centre. The architecture of the building is designed to represent the dramatic nature of Iceland and its glass exterior means that it literally reflects the sky and the harbour. Spending the evening here opens guests eyes to a truly emblematic landmark of the city of Reykjavik.

The evening includes a dinner featuring traditional Icelandic cuisine served in an innovative and modern manner, offering visitors a taste of the local culture. A traditional Icelandic band play throughout the evening and guests have the added benefit of admiring the fireworks that customarily fill the sky on New Year’s Eve. This experience benefits local food suppliers, as the catering consists of local and traditional produce, supporting local businesses financially. Furthermore, guests undertake a thoroughly cultural experience that, in turn, benefits the local community, as it is vital to maintaining Icelandic culture and customs in a city that has become so popular with tourists.

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