SunSplash Festival Bodrum in Turkey

2014: 2 Jun, 3 Jun, 4 Jun, 5 Jun, 6 Jun, 7 Jun
From £25 - £35 (1 day) excluding flights
Festival Dates: 2 - 7 June 2014 Prices quoted are for daily tickets. Mon-Tues-Weds £25, Thurs-Fri-Sat £35. Accommodation packages are also available. Please enquire.
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SunSplash Festival Bodrum in Turkey

SunSplash Festival Bodrum in Turkey

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The story of the provider of SunSplash Festival Bodrum in Turkey

Serkan studied Drama at Bristol University then worked as a film maker in Soho, London, but his love of his home country, Turkey, led him to set up a tour company. His itineraries combine extraordinary experiences in weird and wonderful places along with the traditional highlights. Serkan hand-picks local guides for their genuine respect, personality and charisma, who donít just regurgitate information from textbooks. He believes that the incredible hospitality, curiosity and warmth of the people, as well as the landscapes and history, are what make Turkey so special. These ambient holidays offer an opportunity to see the country through the eyes of a local.

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SunSplash Festival Bodrum in Turkey

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Responsible travel: SunSplash Festival Bodrum in Turkey

We are constantly exploring ways to make this festival and its impact as sustainable and responsible as possible.

The hotel is locally owned and managed; it is an innovative, independent venture that is not part of an international chain. It trains local employees to the best standards, and staff are paid well above average wages and have contracts of employment with agreed conditions and healthcare benefits. The hotel has a separate organic buffet section serving certified organic food purchased from local farms. We hope to benefit local businesses, and local guides, by organizing a series of low impact activities like trekking, mountain biking and water sports - of the sailing kind.

Rubbish is first separated then sent for recycling. Sheets and towels are washed only when necessary, signs in the rooms inform guest not to change towels everyday if there is no need to; saving considerable water and energy as a result.

The number of people attending is limited to 500 people only; smaller group, less impact. Not only this, but the crowd profile, led by the distinctive music policy are responsible, musically and culturally discerning individuals. This is not a mass tourism event and does not cater for loud, badly behaved lout tourists. Our attendees by the very nature of their attraction to this event are expected to be conscious of responsible tourism and good conduct. During the festival, all guests behave in a responsible manner and keep the beaches and environments clean!

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