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Sri Lanka holidays, tailor made

From £1755 (15 days) including UK flights
Includes flights from UK, B&B accommodation, a/c transport with dedicated Sri Lanka Tourist Board-licensed chauffeur guide, cost of all entrance fees and activities, and current taxes. Can also be booked without flights.
Vouchers: accepted
Our tailor made Sri Lanka holidays can be arranged at any time to suit you, and adapted to your requirements as necessary although we do not offer trips for under 10 days.
43 reviews4.5 star rating
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Sri Lanka holidays, tailor made

Description from the holiday company

Hello. If you'd like to chat about this holiday or need help finding one we're very happy to help. Rosy & team.

Sri Lanka holidays, tailor made: the story of this holiday company

John spent most of the 90s travelling extensively around Asia. Whilst backpacking in Kandy, Sri Lanka, for the millennium New Year, he bumped into local lad, Pathi. They quickly became close and Pathi introduced John to his whole family. A decade later, the two friends still speak every day and share a successful company offering intimate tours of Sri Lanka that really get under the skin of this beautiful, diverse country. John operates from the UK, providing customers with a bespoke service, and Pathi, in Kandy, arranges a welcome team of fully trained chauffer guides who are proud to show off their home.

Responsible tourism: Sri Lanka holidays, tailor made

Through our tailor made Sri Lanka holidays we actively encourage responsible and sustainable travel to Sri Lanka. By working on our Sri Lanka holidays closely with our associate company in Sri Lanka and other partner organisations, we are endeavouring to promote cultural exchange, social awareness, self-employment and self-development.

Sri Lanka holidays guides: We only employ English-speaking Sri Lankan chauffeur guides who are all licensed by the Sri Lanka Tourist Board. Experienced guides for trekking, safaris and other specialist activities are hired locally and have extensive knowledge of their chosen area of expertise.

Sri Lanka holidays accommodation: We actively promote small family-run guesthouses that employ local workers, or in the case of larger hotels, locally owned establishments.

Sri Lanka holidays restaurants: We encourage travellers to eat at traditional restaurants, roadside eateries, street vendors and market stalls in order for them to enjoy and experience authentic Sri Lankan food.

Sri Lanka community-led projects: The Asian Tsunami highlighted the plight of coastal communities in Sri Lanka and our initial projects were targeted at Sri Lankan individuals and communities devastated by the tsunami (please ask us for details). However, many other communities away from the coast also lack essential materials and services and our objective is to offer long-term support to such Sri Lankan individuals and communities. By channelling all donations received by Forgotten Village Sri Lanka (a charitable organisation currently applying for charitable status with the Charity Commission) into community-based projects on the island, we hope to provide sustained assistance to these communities in their endeavour to improve their lives. We make a contribution to Forgotten Village Sri Lanka for every holiday booked.

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Sri Lanka holidays, tailor made

You can trust Responsible Travel reviews because, unlike many other schemes, reviews can ONLY be written by people who we have verified have been on the holidays. In addition, we don't run these holidays ourselves - our only interest is giving you the best independent advice.

5 stars
I am reborn! Simply the best holiday I have ever been on
4 stars
Some great stories to tell the grandchildren. Would recommend to a friend
3 stars
Very enjoyable
2 stars
It was OK
1 star
A bit disappointing really

Reviewed 25 Mar 2016 by 5 star rating

I'd go back tomorrow ! Loved it.(read full review)

Reviewed 11 Feb 2016 by 5 star rating

Great trip, great guide and solid tour company - the holiday provider was top notch and I would not hesitate to use them again.(read full review)

Reviewed 09 Apr 2016 by 4 star rating

Aside from the wonderful wildlife that we saw with the help of our driver/guide, we'll have good memories of the friendliness and warmth of the Sri Lankans we met. (read full review)

Reviewed 29 Mar 2016 by 4 star rating

Excellent. Brilliant driver, friendly and knowledgeable. We would happily recommend this holiday as one of the best holidays we have ever had.(read full review)

Reviewed 12 Mar 2016 by 4 star rating

The organisation was first rate, and the guide and chauffeur were excellent. The accommodation chosen were for the most part superlative and the train trips were really the high-lights of the trip(read full review)

Reviewed 26 Jan 2016 by 4 star rating

Everything was memorable! Superb.(read full review)

Reviewed 02 Jan 2016 by 4 star rating

The most unexpected event was stumbling upon the full moon ceremony at the Temple of the tooth in Kandy...We loved the Safari's but in fact the diversity of things to do in Sri Lanka was amazing. Cultural sites, hiking, safari's and beaches.(read full review)

Reviewed 05 Apr 2015 by 5 star rating

We really got to see the local view of life traveling on our own, very modern vehicle and used local cafes, services and attractions when possible. Safaris fund conservation.The whole tour was superb. From meeting our guide at the airport to our day of departure we enjoyed every new experience. We were helped every step of the way by Upul, our excellent Guide. (read full review)

Reviewed 16 Feb 2015 by 4 star rating

First and foremost, it has to be said that Sri Lanka did not disappoint us in any way! We were always greeted with warmth waves and smiles! It has to be one of the friendliest countries I've visited and it was for the most part very clean.(read full review)

Reviewed 23 Feb 2014 by 5 star rating

The holiday overall was amazing, there were so many memorable experiences it is difficult to name only one thing. If we had to choose it would have to be turtle watching on Rekawa beach.(read full review)

Reviewed 29 Jan 2014 by 4 star rating

Great!...Sri Lankean nature and food were just amazing. The chefs are real professionals!(read full review)

Reviewed 24 Mar 2013 by 4 star rating

The elephant safari, or swimming in the Indian Ocean at sunset were the most memorable parts of the holiday(read full review)

Reviewed 26 Feb 2013 by 4 star rating

A brilliant introduction to the east for children. Local people are peaceful and welcoming. The diversity of this small island is amazing. (read full review)

Reviewed 03 Feb 2013 by 4 star rating

Excellent - exceeded expectations...We saw a multitude of birds and wildlife and were lucky enough to see leopard and elephant walk down the track and pass close by the side of the jeep(read full review)

Reviewed 08 Jan 2013 by 4 star rating

Seeing baby elephants at the orphanage and wild at the national park was the most exciting part of the holiday.(read full review)

Reviewed 28 Dec 2012 by 4 star rating

Excellent...highlights were the people, the local food, the varied historic heritage and the great range of scenery and wildlife. (read full review)

Reviewed 07 Dec 2012 by 4 star rating

We loved our holiday. We had a great time and Yapa our guide was fantastic showing us his country with such pride and love. This added a really personal feel to our travels. Sri Lanka is an amazing country with such different climates, landscapes and a great variety of things to see and experience. A very busy holiday but a great one.(read full review)

Reviewed 11 Apr 2011 by 5 star rating

Most memorable were the warmth of the local people, the delicious food, and the wide range of activities...We loved the homestay at Hanthana House, where we had such fun getting to know Pathi and his family and learning how to cook local dishes.(read full review)

Reviewed 28 Mar 2011 by 5 star rating

Our favourite activities were the safari when we saw lots of elephants and climbing the Sigyria rock fortress. We went early in the morning and so had the magical experience of being the only people there.(read full review)

Reviewed 29 Aug 2011 by 4 star rating

The holiday was full of memorable experiences from our first day when we met our fantastic driver/guide, Kapila. He seemed to really enjoy sharing his knowledge of the history, culture, flora and fauna of Sri Lanka. He was also really good fun and so caring about our enjoyment and welfare - he became a real friend and we will keep in touch.(read full review)

Reviewed 21 Aug 2011 by 4 star rating

I would say our stay at the Yala National Park was the highlight. The dawn and dusk safaris were really exhilarating, led by very experienced rangers and offering a huge range of flora and fauna.(read full review)

Reviewed 19 Aug 2011 by 4 star rating

It was a great experience where we really got a good feel for Sri Lanka, seeing all the highlights of the country in such a limited amount of time was excellent and well guided. (read full review)

Reviewed 20 Jan 2011 by 4 star rating

There were many highlights: climbing Adam's Peak, white water rafting and staying in the inspiring Eco house, the views across hills, waterfalls and tea plantations from our train journey, the welcome and friendliness from all whom we met and the professionalism and friendliness of our driver. (read full review)

Reviewed 19 Jul 2010 by 5 star rating

Just to say that we all really enjoyed the holiday, it was fantastic throughout in every aspect. The guide Sena was really good, really knowledgable of the country and a really nice person as well who thought highly of "Dr John".(read full review)

Reviewed 26 Apr 2010 by 5 star rating

Excellent!!!! I would LOVE to do it all over again - and again - and again(read full review)

Reviewed 12 Oct 2010 by 4 star rating

It was an amazing experience. At times we were a little unlucky with the weather, but that's out of everyone's hands. I would definitely recommend this trip with the same tour company. They provided an amazing service and were very responsive to all our questions and requests. (read full review)

Reviewed 22 Apr 2010 by 4 star rating

I don't think I could choose any one part! I really enjoyed all of it as did our children! Very good!(read full review)

Reviewed 05 Sep 2008 by 5 star rating

Excellent - our driver was also fantastic and provided us with peace of mind. Wonderful people, great food and amazing scenery(read full review)

Reviewed 01 Sep 2008 by 5 star rating

The Perahela in Kandy was breathtaking. A huge parade of elephants, fire juggling, dancers and drummers. The atmosphere was nothing like I have experienced before and Iím not sure I ever will. (read full review)

Reviewed 12 Jun 2008 by 4 star rating

Excellent, the accommodation was amazing and we had an excellent time. (read full review)

Reviewed 06 Apr 2008 by 4 star rating

The beauty of the country and friendliness of the Sri Lankan people. Watching wild elephants together with our very thoughtful and learned guide Kapila.(read full review)

Reviewed 01 Apr 2008 by 4 star rating

There were so many amazing experiences on this holiday - from the rock temples of Dambulla to the architecture of Geoffrey Bowa plus all the nature in between.(read full review)

Reviewed 06 Feb 2008 by 4 star rating

Pathy, our dedicated chauffeur/guide made everything easy, and saw to it that our personally chosen itinerary went smoothly.(read full review)

Reviewed 05 Jan 2008 by 4 star rating

The most exciting part of the holiday was probably river rafting and the most memorable bits were many.(read full review)

Reviewed 04 Jan 2008 by 4 star rating

A great trip - thoroughly enjoyable and seemed longer than it actually was. (read full review)

Reviewed 22 Dec 2007 by 4 star rating

Meeting the Veddha people of Sri Lanka was the highlight.(read full review)

Reviewed 09 Oct 2007 by 4 star rating

The most memorable parts were seeing the elephants enjoying their natural habitat, the amazing temples, great curries and the warmth and friendliness of the people - it was great to meet them.(read full review)

Reviewed 19 Jul 2007 by 4 star rating

The whole country was amazing, but I guess the Sri Lankan people really made it. That, and seeing baby elephants in the wild...(read full review)

Reviewed 01 Nov 2006 by 5 star rating

We went to Sri Lanka for 8 days courtesy of this operator. The trip was meant to be a special treat for a special Birthday but they made it the trip of a lifetime. From the moment we arrived in this magical country to the time we sadly had to depart, we experienced every aspect of this island of contrasts.(read full review)

Reviewed 27 Nov 2006 by 4 star rating

Visiting Sigirya Rock first thing in the morning before any other people were around. We were able to explore the ruined fortress alone, imagining what it must have been like when people used to live there up among the clouds with the amazing view over the surrounding countryside. (read full review)

Reviewed 11 Sep 2006 by 4 star rating

The accommodation and hospitality were all first class, particularly so at Tangalle. The food was great. I'd definitely recommend a trip to Sri Lanka, especially post-tsunami as the tourist dollar/pound is more important than ever. A visit really can contribute to saving lives.(read full review)

Reviewed 22 Feb 2006 by 4 star rating

We had a superb trip to Sri Lanka with this operator. The most memorable part was being at Anuradhapura in the early evening for the full moon festival. We felt very honoured to be allowed to take part in this very significant religious festival. (read full review)

Reviewed 16 Jan 2006 by 4 star rating

This operator was terrific. They had one month's notice, over the New Year period, and booked us flights and wonderful hotels exactly where we wanted to be. I definitely felt the holiday benefitted local people and I think it is important to actually visit Sri Lanka and see for one's self how they are coping post Tsunami. (read full review)
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