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Learn Samba music in Brazil

From 695 (7 days) excluding flights
From 695 (1 week) to 2,795 (8 weeks) excluding flights. Price includes accommodation, breakfasts, all support and backup during your programme, airport pick-up
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Learn Samba music in Brazil

Responsible travel: Learn Samba music in Brazil

The project:
- Your being there contributes to the local economy on a daily basis.
- You will gain incredible insight into the community and make many friends through close up personal contact with the local people and culture.
- We employ all local staff force, benefiting the local economy.
- You will be briefed on customs and cultures before and on your arrival, affording you an understanding of Brazilian culture which will guide your interactions with local people.

Our company:
You taking part in this project enables us to continue to donate financial assistance as well as necessary goods, where it is needed around the world. Examples of donations include:
- Monthly donations to a variety of schools, orphanage and animal sanctuaries around the world to help with costs.

- Donations to a school in Zambia to sponsor the education of five children per year.

- Donation made to a school in Ghana to build new signs to advertise the school, buy a photocopier, buy reading books and pain some classrooms in need of repair.

- Donation of funds to build a toilet at one of the schools we work with in Cambodia until now the children have had to go into neighbouring houses or in the bushes!

- Computer and Camera for a Street Kids project in South Africa.

- Ongoing monthly donations made to orphanage in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and every year additional money given at Christmas to buy presents for children.

- Approximately 1,500 towards the building of a desperately needed classroom in a Zulu school in eMakhosini, South Africa.

- Water tanks for various projects in Ghana and Kenya to allow the children safe drinking water.

- Toys and play equipment for children at a project that was severely lacking funds for this in South Africa.

- A donation of books for the Red Cross Hospital in Cape Town.

- A donation of $400 to the elephant project in Thailand.

We also donate significantly to conservation research efforts and the purchasing of necessary conservation equipment. In the past, these donations have been made in all continents and in projects where we work, and some where we do not work.

We are committed to upholding strict ethical standards that ensure a positive and lasting impact upon the environments, communities, institutions, volunteers, animals, children and people that we work with. For example:
- We encourage our volunteers to make the most of local opportunities available to them, such as shopping at local markets, eating in local restaurants and using local services and transport.
- We encourage volunteers to pay fairly for goods and services. We believe that over payment for goods and services or payment to beggars can have negative consequences and result in the over-reliance of tourism within the local community.
- We strongly advise against purchasing wildlife souvenirs or anything which may perpetuate the death or cruel treatment of animals for the purpose of profit.
- We advise on dress codes and codes of behaviour in all of our destination countries to ensure volunteers dont cause offence to local communities. Our aim is to create always a win-win-win situation in terms of the benefits for the local communities and institutions that we work in, for us and for the volunteer. We do not embark on any project that is not beneficial to the communities, institutes or volunteers. We conduct regular volunteer satisfaction surveys to monitor our performance.

Our projects enable vital conservation, research, care and education work to take place directly where it is most needed. For example, the schools where we teach English very often have no other English teachers, and so they rely on us for continued lessons. We kept a Species Survival Conservation project in South Africa afloat until completion after it was threatened by lack of funds. Our volunteers contribute, all over the world, to projects that would not exist without them.

The story of the provider of Learn Samba music in Brazil

When I was a little girl I had to pass an orphanage on my way to school. I always noticed the big girls wore dresses too small and the small ones drowned in clothes that were too big. I thought then that if I ever won the lottery, Id start an orphanage where the children would each have someone to love them and take the time to make sure that (amongst other things) their clothes fitted their size! I never did win the lottery, but I was fortunate enough to marry a man who happily took the risk with me of starting our company sending volunteers to work with disadvantaged children and animals. I never did start an orphanage but now we help support lots of orphanages and animals sanctuaries and poor schools and street kids clinics by sending them volunteers and with donations. Life works strangely, but in my case, very satisfying. I love my work!!

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Learn Samba music in Brazil

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