Cameroon holidays, wildlife and culture

Description of Cameroon holidays, wildlife and culture

Cameroon is a country that gives you an introduction to Africa in one all-encompassing experience with the mountainous forest-fringed southern coastline standing in stark contrast to the highlands, savannah plains and semi-desert folds to the north.

This remarkable two week Cameroon holiday intends to encapsulate all sides of Africa with numerous cultural encounters with Ba'Aka pygmy tribes and Fulani nomadic communities providing unique and intensely humbling experiences way beyond the typical tourist trail.

The essence of this Cameroon holiday is to find out more about the customs and lifestyles of the Fongom communities of Esu in the remote north-west of the country. Occupying parts of the Bamanda Highlands these rarely-visited people invite a unique glimpse into the origins of Bantu Africa where forest-dwellers first set off to explore the uncharted territory further north before heading south and east and in so doing colonising the majority of the continent.

The identity of the Esu region also makes for a fascinating cultural backstory with unique dialects, traditional dances and tribal dress forming an incredibly strong sense of identity within the realm of the sub-Saharan highlands of Africa.

Sitting neatly either end of this 15 day Cameroon holiday are opportunities to hit the beach in the West African town of Limbe which lies in between mighty Mt Cameroon and the lush green equatorial forest fronds along the coast. Trips to the Limbe Wildlife Centre provide further insight into Cameroon's primate conservation projects where travellers will be invited to listen to an absorbing talk on conservation issues in addition to encountering some of the gorillas, chimps and primates indigenous to the region.

Cameroon holidays in Esu provide the perfect introduction to not only Africa but also to the origins of Man's journey across the continent and beyond.

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Cameroon holidays, wildlife and culture


This trip helps to support the primate conservation project of the Limbe Wildlife Centre and the education of the children in your host family in the community of Esu.

The Limbe Wildlife Centre is at the forefront of the conservation of Cameroon’s indigenous but threatened primate populations. Gorillas, chimpanzees and the highly endangered drill monkey which only exists on the Nigeria/Cameroon border regions, are among the many primates at the centre. The centre’s main remit is to rescue primates caught up in the bush meat trade, which, along with illegal logging, is the main reason for the destruction of primate populations. Adult primates are killed for bushmeat and their infants are sold as pets. The LWC steps in at this stage and confiscates the infant. They are then re-socialised into groups at the centre with the long-term aim of rehabilitation in the wild. The LWC also works hard to educate local populations about the threat to their wonderful wildlife.

Throughout the trip food and water is bought en route and as locally as possible. This trip minimizes waste by advising clients to follow the African example and recycle everything. You will see how a system that provides no waste disposal produces very little waste. We encourage you to pack light, buy locally, not to bring anything that we in the west count as disposable such as razors or wet wipes etc because in Africa they are not disposable.

Tourism is key both to conservation and the local environment generally. It gives incentive to government and people to protect their wildlife and when the outside world comes to visit people see the value in what they have and who are they are.


The community of Esu is at the end of a road in a remote region of the NorthWest province of of the minority anglophone side of Cameroon. Even in Cameroon, places like Esu are forgotten. This company has a special relationship with Esu and we have been the only providers of tourists to this fascinating culture for over a decade now.

Each trip we send to to Esu provides money to the families which host and guide the trip and the company has supported three children through school and college in nearby Bamenda. It is a fact in African culture as a whole that people who succeed in education and employment end up supporting large numbers of people in their communities.

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