Rio de Janeiro to Quito overland tour

“Take an amazing 92 day overland tour of South America on a purpose-built vehicle designed to accommodate max 24 travellers from Rio to Quito.”


Brazilian Amazon | Amazon to Manaus | Venezuela | Canaima National Park | Angel Falls | Los Llanos | Henri Pittier National Park | Merida | Colombia | Cartagena, Medellin and Bogota | Quito, Ecuador |

Description of Rio de Janeiro to Quito overland tour

Tour South America overland from Rio to Quito and youíll quickly become immersed in the cultural and natural beauty of the region with untouched beaches, traditional towns and the steamy excitement of the Amazon rainforest all rolled into one.

Any overland tour in South America is going to be quite tough but if youíve got the right attitude and a reasonable level of health and fitness then youíre sure to reap the rewards associated with overland trips from Rio to Quito.

The climate, conditions and lengthy trails leading along the coast and further inland ensure youíll get to experience an honest account of South America with an amazing river boat adventure which leads down the Brazilian Amazon and onwards to Manaus.

Crossing over from Brazil to Venezuela unveils Canaima, Los Llanos and Henri Pittier national parks where wildlife, waterfalls and adventure activities in Merida offer an excellent opportunity to enjoy an extremely exciting part of the world.

No overland South America tour would be complete without Colombia, including Cartagena, Medellin and Bogota, and as this epic 92 day trip comes to a close in Ecuador you can rest assured that no Andean stone has been left unturned when it comes to your pure and simple overland travelling satisfaction.

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If youíre looking for adventure, an opportunity to travel with like-minded travellers and to get off the beaten track then this type of trip is for you! We will sometimes be covering long distances over a period of a few days but will then most often be camped up for a few days with opportunities for adventure activities, visiting local communities, time in a town or city to chill out or wildlife viewing experiences. The roads are sometimes bumpy and you need to expect the unexpected! This type of travel is through regions where things can change and experiences are more important than luxury Ė borders sometimes close and there may not always be hot water in the showers! You will generally be camping out under the stars, sometimes out in the bush, but generally more on campsites. (Our South America and Central Asia trips also use small locally-run hostels and guest houses). The trips are fully participative so you will be involved shopping for food in local markets, cooking for your group (on a rota system), collecting water and setting up camp. If youíre not confident about doing any of these things beforehand, donít worry our crew are there to help you and youíll be good at it by the time you finish!

You will be travelling on one of our own purpose built overlanding vehicles with up to 24 travellers, many of whom will be travelling on their own. It is a great way for solo travellers to travel. We have lost count of the number of travellers who have met their future spouse on one of our trips! Our vehicles are fully equipped with tents and cooking equipment and are designed for great all-round viewing and a sociable seating plan. You will be accompanied on your trip by a Driver and Tour Leader and, depending on your trip, we often use local guides at sites of specific interest for more detailed information.

This type of travel will provide you with a plethora of memories and stories to tell, new-found travelling companions and friends and a well-exercised spirit of adventure!

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Rio de Janeiro to Quito overland tour

Waste: at the point of booking a tour with us, all our travellers receive detailed pre-departure information which contains a large section on travelling responsibly. Our travellers are given information on what they can do before they go on the trip-for example taking rechargeable or solar powered batteries/electronic items and reusable water bottles; reading up on the local customs and culture and what they can do whilst they are travelling-for example not taking photos of people unless they ask for permission first; not buying souvenirs made from endangered sources. The pre-departure information also includes advice on minimising the amount of waste they create on the trip. This informs travellers on what they can do before they go, for example removing toiletries from unnecessary packaging and taking a reusable water bottle and gives advice on what they should do whilst on the tour, for example, disposing of litter appropriately.
All of this information on waste reduction is re-iterated at the pre-departure meeting at the start of the tour, with specific advice for the areas we visit on the tour. As a company we have a big commitment to reducing, reusing and recycling in our UK office. We are very aware of the environmental impact of our office in the UK, so we recycle and compost as much of our waste as possible. We try to reduce paper usage, but when necessary we use recycled paper and stationery. Our brochure is available to view or download online and the paper version is printed on stock produced from sustainable sources and vegetable based inks.
Group Size: our maximum group size is 24 travellers-thereby limiting the environmental and social impact we create.

Suppliers: We try to find suppliers that match our own environmental values and concerns, for example the company we use to run our Amazon Jungle trip in Manaus use guides from the local community that are keen to share their environmental skills with our groups. They will show you how to make spoons and bowls from the local vegetation and will provide you with a wealth of information on the local flora and fauna.

Friends and Neighbours
Approximately 50% of the accommodation on this trip is in small locally run pousadas/ hostels/ farmstays. The rest is camping, either in campsites or wild camping. Staying in small, often family run, guesthouses helps to support local communities directly and promotes community interaction.
We use local guides at sites of specific interest frequently during this trip. We are lucky to be able to share their in-depth knowledge and enthusiasm for many of the places we visit.
This trip includes a 5/6 day Amazon Riverboat trip from Belem to Manaus. This is a great opportunity to share a few beers with the locals, practise your Portuguese and try simple local food!

Local Crafts and Culture
There are plenty of opportunities on this trip to visit local cultural attractions/craft makers and artisans. We encourage our travellers to immerse themselves in local culture and to support local communities on every level possible. In Bale Folcorico de Bahia in Brazil there is an opportunity to visit a local dance show that tells the history of the slave trade; there are numerous options to visit local artists and artisans including the garden sculptures of Jardim de Nego in Brazil, watching jewelry and pottery being made in Belem ; the Galeria Fundacao Pierre Verger in Salvador-containing amazing black and white photographs of past indigenous tribal culture and lifestyle. In Caraiva and Manaus there are opportunities to visit local indigenous communities.
For travellers that choose to partake in our Amazon Jungle trip from Manaus your guide will teach you how to make fully biodegradable spoons and bowls from jungle vegetation and you will visit a local family to share a local meal and drinks and learn about their way of life.

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