Cultural holiday in Peru

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Small group cultural tours

These tours are unique in that they bring you into contact with some of the world’s most fascinating cultures in iconic locations, where those people actually deliver the experience or are central to your trip. You will see a destination through the eyes of the local people and you will stay with them for part of the trip in traditional and comfortable accommodation to get to know them and to learn about their ways and beliefs. Itineraries are pre-planned and they may vary slightly according to various things, but they will always give you the best experience possible. The mix of genuine contact with a culture, exciting and traditional activities, iconic locations and traditional and contemporary accommodation will leave you refreshed, inspired and informed –with some beautiful memories and maybe some new contacts too!

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Cultural holiday in Peru


We operate our Tours using environmentally efficient vehicles and we encourage the use of the local mode of transport rather than additional vehicles where we can while still ensuring a comfortable journey. We also ensure that we leave nothing behind in terms of waste material and have a policy of ensuring that your visit will leave as little impact on the local environment as possible.

We work with local providers who have good environmental and ethical policies such as recycling, local sourcing, etc and we select them on that basis. Our local guides too are chosen carefully and are proud of their own environment. They have their own code of conduct, which respects nature and wildlife and seeks to show you their homeland while protecting it too. They will ensure your stay has minimum detrimental impact on the local habitat of wildlife, flora and fauna.


We use local guides in the different destinations and we also offer overnight stays with local communities. On Day 6 and 10, you will stay with a local family where your visit will contribute to the local economy and on Day 9 you will have a gastronomic experience where you will learn to cook traditional dishes and eat in restaurants, all of which use locally sourced produce and benefits local people. In all these instances your visit will directly benefit the local people, both financially and culturally (the latter on a 2-way basis) because you contribute to their livelihood and you get to understand their culture.

We also give a proportion of your money to Sense International who provide specialist training, information and support in Peru to ensure that people with deafblindness can achieve their full potential.

In December 2007 Sense International began a programme in Peru aimed at improving the standard of health and education services available to deafblind people, as well as helping them to attain formal recognition of their rights. Following their advocacy efforts, both the Andean parliament and the Peruvian parliament have recognised deafblindness as a unique disability. Sense International are now supporting partners who provide centre and home-based education to 213 deafblind people, as well as early intervention services for children under five and vocational training for adults. Two groups of trained and committed volunteers in Lima and Cusco now support deafblind people in mobility, communication and life skills.

Sense International's work in Peru is supported by the European Commission. By 2012 they aim to reach 1,100 deafblind people, 300 of whom will receive regular services either in school or via community-based rehabilitation programmes through their partners in Lima, Cusco and Arequipa. From 2010 they will be providing annual face to-face training in communication skills to 30 special education teachers working with deafblind/multi-sensory impaired children; helping to deliver a Diploma in Deafblindness; and developing and lobbying for government approval of an appropriate functional curriculum designed to meet the complex needs of deafblind children.

Beyond the work in Peru, supported by the Big Lottery Fund Sense International are partnering with Perkins International on a project to promote the social inclusion of deafblind people in Latin America, which is being implemented in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

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