Small group tour of Egypt and Jordan

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Small group tour of Egypt and Jordan


This tour takes the passenger to Egypt and Jordan. Seeing as the countries are similar in terms of culture, customs and practises, our promise to sustain the environment can be carried through to both countries.

By keeping the group size to a maximum of 18 passengers, we can use fewer means of transport. This will decrease our carbon footprint slightly.

During felucca trips on the Nile, toilet breaks are taken on the banks of the Nile. The leaving behind of any toilet paper is very well controlled and clients are coached well before making the felucca trip. The smaller group sizes also contribute to fewer people having to make use of this means of toilet breaks.

With each pre-tour briefing, our guides and representatives brief the clients on what part they can do to keep each of the cities they will visit clean. We request of them to turn off any unused electrical appliances while out of their rooms, we strictly request not littering in buses and on touristic sites. Conserving water when taking showers is encouraged and we also coach them well on where to buy local foods instead of making use of chain store outlets for food and snacks.

As a company, we realized the impact of paper waste. Although we cannot go completely paperless in our field of operation, we have scaled down on the use of paper. The allocation of paper is strictly controlled by our Human Resources team. This has showed a drop in paper use of nearly a quarter of what it used to be four months ago.


Our guides and representatives are very well trained to deal with our foreigner clients. They know what is preferred and what is not. Furthermore, the guides and representatives are well aware of the local handicraft shops to choose from. By taking clients to these shops, we help increase the economic activities of those shops.

As this tour takes place in Cairo, we make use of specific papyrus shops and perfumeries. The advantage to the traveler is that he or she will not be intimidated to buy anything and a fair, set price will be charged. The advantage to the shop owners is that they have steady source of income.

If booking 3-star accommodation, we aim to make use of the three boutique hotels that our company owns. This allows us to increase the profit share of our employees as well as the customary tipping of our own hotel staff and drivers. We refer clients to locally owned restaurants.

An optional trip during this tour is the sunset / sunrise camel riding. The fees paid to the local owners of the horses and camels go directly to the breeding and caring of pure line horses as well as maintaining suitable living conditions of the camels. We also only make use of a specific company that meets a code of conduct of no animal cruelty. In no cases do we present a client with an animal that is hurt or underfed.

If time permits and if the travelers agree, we take them to an orphanage close to the Pyramids in Giza. They get a chance to interact with the children during this time. They have the choice to visit the children or to purchase food and gifts that we give to the home at a later stage.

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