Estancia accommodation in Coyhaique, Patagonia

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Estancia accommodation in Coyhaique, Patagonia


We use our land to sustainably farm grass fed beef, lamb and alpacas and we don't use any chemicals whatsoever. We have 13 miles (both sides) of high quality spring fed streams, alongside which are many ecologically diverse Riparian habitats and we are totally commited to our responsibilities as a riparian landowner. We have clearly marked dedicated trails for walking, cycling and horse riding so as to have no impact on our habitats. Guests are firmly reminded that activities, off-trail tramples native plants, disturbs nesting birds, and animal dens.

All buildings are constructed from our own sustainable timber reserves which also provides a source of renewable energy. We are striving to be more energy efficient, and provide our own water and waste water treatment facility onsite. Our future goal for the property is to replace existing generator with electric generated through solar and wind technologies. There is no local authority recycling program , so we do our part by recycling internally.
Maps and guides are available for guests that want to go walking or cycling and we are always available for advice and suggestions.


The tourism potential of this accommodation has created a number of jobs, albeit seasonal, in addition to the farm staff. The location is a very much "get away from it all" and the nearest community is the capital city of the region, Coyhaique, some 20 miles but could be on another planet! We do however support the economy of Coyhaique with the purchase of all our supplies.

The estancia gauchos welcome guests to join in their day to day farming activities including herding of the sheep and alpacas by horseback and sheep dogs. A young trainee gaucho has shown a keen interest in having a secondary role as a fly fishing guide, employing catch and release techniques of the abundant brown trout in the 13 miles of stream banks that traverse the estancia.

A seasoned gaucho is available for an early morning excursion to the nearby Valley of the Moon where the Andean Condor awaits the warming rays of the early morning sun on the rock outcrops to create the thermal updraft necessary to lift off. The gaucho will swap his horse for a vehicle and transport guest across the border into Argentina. The scenic 35-minute drive traverses the Argentine pampas to the river, passing small lagunas, natural habitats for swans, shorebirds, and pink flamingos.

The estancia is typically Chilean and on Friday nights the guests and farm staff meet at the farmís quincho (log cabin designed for warmth, socializing and great food) where a cordero al palo (whole roast lamb) is prepared and roasted to perfection.

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