Sardinia beach and snorkelling holiday, Italy

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Sardinia beach and snorkelling holiday, Italy


In cooperation with PADI, we organize an annual 'Beach clean-up' event to awaken the local community to environmental problems, and together with DAN, we supporting a campaign about the security of the divers in the water.

We encourage our guests inviting them on the day (when we do this event we have very few guests) and we promote our event on the local newspaper in order to invite all local people to it. We have the schools which are very interested about this event and we have always 100 students coming for the day, and we are supported by the local Council, and some companies that give us their help on the organisation.

During the boat trip we give an explanation of the landscape, mountains, vegetation and animals. We then give a briefing on the technique of snorkeling in order to avoid to damaging the rocks and the marine life. Guests are advised to look but don't touch and of course we ask them not to take anything from the water. Most of things on the rocks are invertebrate animals and touching them can cause a damage.

By travelling in a small group we are able to talk our guests about environmental concerns such as our strict 'leave no trace' policy. As a company we recycle waste, try to reduce our water, plastic and energy usage, share cars, and all our boats are no-smoking areas (avoids butts in the water, promotes good health).

Most of our guests take the offer with the s/c apartment accommodation which are owned by local people. Especially in my parents's house they have the solar system for the hot water supported by a gas and electricity if necessary and since few years we have a very good system of recycling the waste that guests are encouraged to follow (they get a special explanation about that).

As tourism is very interested in our natural resource, the people that had bad attitude (poaching - a bad way to fish) now have hard life and I think the number is very low, also because in the same way, because there are more people around there is also more control from the Council.

Finally I think it is also a thing of good energy. When we meet people (toursist) that like what we have it is possible to start a positive good exchange and Sardinian's discover we have many things to promote. Now, not only Cala Gonone but all Sardinia discover again all the good things we have and in part this comes from the tourism. Somehow we put more attention of what we can value and we have under our nose!

At the moment Cala Gonone and Orosei's Gulf is not a Park but the Council has built an Aquarium, with the director we are going to develop a program of coperation.


We are trying to promote a different approach to the area, showcasing the natural environment of the Gulf while always keeping in mind the impact of our actions on the environment & community. We want to provide a positive example of Responsible Tourism and influence future developments.

We support the local economy by using small private apartments owned by local families. We always advise our guests to support local shops, farms and services (buying local food, restaurants etc.). We always travel in small groups in order to give people the possibility to experience Sardinia in a relaxing way, without rushing from place to place.

In the diving center part of the staff, me and Maurizio are local people and the other instructors (2 max 3) are from different countries like Germany, France etc... This gives the chance for the guests to have a mother speaking language, specially important for the scuba courses and for us is also a way to integrate ourselves in different cultures in the special way of working together. Scuba instructor's from Sardinia are welcome, but they don't come because they prefer to have experiences abroad also because our season is short.

We are all trained by Padi and of course we train our staff about the local and specific procedures we have at our diving center. Cala Gonone has a basic economy and tourism is very important because it is really the main option of working for the people. I can say that without tourism Cala Gonone would be almost dead!

Because of the tourism we can say that lot's of company increased their work. Where there was a small shop, now is a bigger shop (not an industry but a bit more organised and with more people employed). All the local food like bread, cheese, oil, wine, cakes, and local hand craft, which are normally used by local people for sure increased the productions because tourist are interested in buying those products. An important thing is that as tourist are interested in our products and our area like it is, we did not have the need to re-built something different but just offer what we had already in our area and in our habits. Also the second house apartments in Cala Gonone because of the tourism now are more used both from the owner but also from the tourists that can rent the apartments in period where the Sardinian's are not very interested to come.

Because of that Cala Gonone has a special situation considering other places in Sardinia: 99% of the companies are owned by local people and for this Cala Gonone is a place where people really live and work, not just a place that lives only with the tourism. The option of working in Cala Gonone for sure gives the chance to young people and families to stay and live in Cala Gonone and not to go far away because of no work.

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