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Canoeing holiday in Finland, Wild Taiga

From 270 (7 days) excluding flights
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Duration from 3 to 10 days Price includes: *Transfers from/to Kajaani (nearest airport) to Kuhmo *Transfer from Kuhmo to the starting point and from the ending point back to Kuhmo * Canoe or Kayak of your choice: - C2 royalex canoe (Bell Northwind) or - C2 triple layer polyethylene canoe (Old Town Discovery) or - C1Kayak (Voyager 445 or Perception Carolina) * Paddles, life jackets, helmets, barrels or watertight bags, route map, assistance in route plans. Min. 1 person, max 30
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This trip can be tailor made anytime from June - September
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Canoeing holiday in Finland, Wild Taiga

Description from the holiday company

Hello. If you'd like to chat about this holiday or need help finding one we're very happy to help. Rosy & team.

Canoeing holiday in Finland, Wild Taiga: the story of this holiday company

On our tours we move with muscle power without any disturbing engines and observe nature and its wonders. The numerous clean waterways of East-Finland, the wide taiga forests and scarcely inhabitation provide an excellent setting for satisfying tours. Our products include canoeing and hiking tours, rapids swimming and canoe rentals. Our new products include wildlife watching safaris. The aim is to observe wild animals in their natural habitat. With this idea in mind we started organizing our tours more than 20 years ago - this same idea still keep us going.

Responsible tourism: Canoeing holiday in Finland, Wild Taiga


During this holiday You will only be moving unmotorized, canoeing or kayaking, which is one of the most ecological ways of getting around: silent and not producing any kind of pollution. You are expected not to leave any trash in the nature, using the fire wood available in fire places in a sustainable way and not disturbing the wildlife. All these "Wilderness Rules" the guide will tell you before you leave for the route.

Most of the Tervareitti Tar route is in a nature protection area. The area needs to get some guests coming, which gives the local people support in their plans to keep the area protected instead of giving it for forestry use.

The Finnish "every-man´s right" allows all the private people to go hiking or paddling everywhere in the area, not depending on who owns the land or water. It is also allowed to collect the healthy berries and mushrooms, which can be easily found - first berries in July and the best mushroom season (Boletus) starting from end of August. Finding fresh food in the wilderness and eating and cooking that there gives people a very special connection with the nature and makes them even more motivated to protect their environment.


Guests bring some income for the private owned small companies and local people living here. For this reason paddlers are warmly welcomed, and guests can easily notice this if they happen to meet any other people during their canoeing week. It is also our common interest to get more guests using the services of the Forest and Park Service of Finland and leave their names in the guests books - this is how we can get more resources from the state to keep all the services in good shape, both for the guests and the local people.

Travellers in the area support the local people, who have been campaigning for decades to keep this area protected: first against the plans to build a power plant for hydroelectricity and then later against the big forestry actions. Local people need to prove that nature tourism is more sustainable and bringing more income to this area in the long run - this is why they need some guests to arrive.

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Canoeing holiday in Finland, Wild Taiga

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