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Africa overland holidays

A varied selection of Africa overland tours, from the leading specialist operators committed to conservation and local communities. With a range of budgets, trip lengths and destinations catered for, there’s an overland tour here to suit any Africa bound adventurer!

Africa overland holidays
Nairobi to Victoria Falls overland travel
27 day overland photography tour, from £1685 (27 days) ex flights
Nairobi to Cape Town overland tour
Travel from Kenya to the Southern tip of Africa via Victoria Falls, from £3060 (8 weeks) ex flights
Cairo to Cape Town overland tour
Safaris, beaches, pyramids and rafting, from £2750 (17 weeks) ex flights
Victoria Falls to Nairobi overland tour
Africa truck tour, from £1275 (21 days) ex flights
Vic falls to Cape Town overland tour in 4 weeks
Overland via Botswana & Namibia, from £1525 (27 days) ex flights
Southern Africa overland tour
Experience South Africa on this adventure overland tour, from £1449 (17 days) ex flights
Cape Town to Victoria Falls tours, South Africa
Overland journey through the heart of Southern Africa, from £2445 - £3142 (24 days ) inc UK flights
Cape Town to Victoria Falls overland tour
Cape Town to Victoria Falls small group photographic tour, from £1425 - £1460 (21 days) ex flights
Sahara overland tour
An overland journey from London across the Sahara Desert, from €2950 (27 days) ex flights
Nairobi to Cape Town overland tour
Game parks, beaches and adventure, from £1225 (8 weeks) ex flights
Overland tour of Kenya to Rwanda, gorillas and gameparks
Join game drives in Kenya & a gorilla trek in Uganda, from £495 (19 days) ex flights
Cape Town to Windhoek grand desert tour
A 13 day accommodated journey from Cape Town to Windhoek, from €2075 (13 days) ex flights
Cairo to Amman overland tour
From trains to feluccas, travel through Egypt and Jordan, from £1045 (18 days) ex flights
Cairo to Nairobi overland tour
Overland travel in Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya., from £1675 (9 weeks) ex flights
South Africa and Swaziland safari
Accommodated small group safari - South Africa & Swaziland, from €1795 (17 days) ex flights
Kenya & Uganda holiday, Maasai Mara & mountain gorillas
Overland camping to Massai Mara and the mountain Gorillas., from £1499 (14 days) ex flights
Cape Town to Victoria Falls small group tour
Small group accommodated safari Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, from €2895 (21 days) ex flights
South East Africa overland tour
Wildlife and wild adventure, from £739 - £1105 (24 days) ex flights
South Africa, Botswana and Zambia holiday
A taste of Africa through the continent’s popular highlights, from £599 (10 days) ex flights
West Africa tour
The diversity of West Africa, from £2297 - £2476 (16 days) inc UK flights
The Grand Southern Africa safari
21-day tour from Cape Town to Victoria Falls, from £2249 (21 days) ex flights
East African budget overland tour
3-week wildlife odyssey in the heart of East Africa, from £1579 (23 days) ex flights
Victoria Falls to Cape Town small group holiday
Explore the best of Southern Africa's wildlife and nature., from £747 - £1100 (22 days) ex flights
Cape Town to Vic Falls small group tour
Adventure packed holiday from Cape Town to Victoria Falls., from £833 - £1070 (22 days) ex flights

18 reviews for Africa overland holidays4 star overall rating

These full and frank independent Africa overland holidays reviews are from travellers who have booked directly through responsibletravel.com. They are not edited by us or any of the companies we work with. Find the real story, from real travellers below.

Cape Town to Victoria Falls small group tour
Memorable parts? Driving with Makoros (traditional wood boot) to our wild camping in the Okavango Delta observed by hippos. Tips? Take thermal underwear with you when going on this trip in Africa's winter. The temperature at night was sub zero and morning/evenings were cold as well. Local benefits? Yes, we contributed to the local economy and tried to leave only foot prints. Overall rating? Even I am not reborn I would give 5 stars. It was one of my best holidays... (more)Sigrid Pach
From €2895 excluding flights
Cape Town to Victoria Falls camping safari
Memorable parts? Every day was a different wonder but the two days wild camping at the Okavanga Delta were really special. Tips? Be prepared for very early starts and not much relaxing times. Local benefits? Yes, local guides were used in a number of locations but obviously driving such long distances is not exactly environmentally friendly. Overall rating? Excellent. (more)christina monson
From €2195 excluding flights
Nairobi to Cape Town overland tour
Memorable parts? Definitely horse riding in and around Lake Malawi. It was soo much fun. Or maybe bush camping in the Serengeti. I remember my tent buddy and I (Julie), watching the Buffalo wander through the camp, hoping that the guide really was joking about Lions and Elephants coming to the campsite to drink. Or maybe it was the White Water Rafting, or playing football with the local boys when we made an impromptu stop on day. Or maybe getting stung by an evil jellyfish on Zanzibar, I... (more)Judith Wrennall
From £1225 excluding flights
Cairo to Amman overland tour
It was rich and varied. I enjoyed it a lot. (more)Kristina Mänd
Most memorable would be spending a full day hiking & exploring the ancient city of Petra, the most exciting was snorkelling in the red sea from el bells to the blue hole... (more)Mark Sale
It's impossible to state the most memorable part of this holiday as it really was superb in all aspects. The holiday was everything and more than we could have imagined. (more)Rod Buttle
From £1045 excluding flights
Victoria Falls to Nairobi overland tour
Memorable parts? Seeing the big 5 in Ngangongoro; watching a leopard hunt in South Luangwa. Tips? You are on the move a lot and if you sit in the back of the truck, you will be shaken about a lot. So not recommended for anyone with back problems. Don't pack too many things, as you are in a different location almost every night (though you will have plenty of storage room either way, in contrast to some other operators). Local benefits? Yes, we did some things that benefited... (more)Susanne Irving
From £1275 excluding flights
Nairobi to Victoria Falls overland travel
I can't really say that I have returned relaxed and refresh... was really tired (in the last days did abseil, rafting, micro light, travelled for 36 hours,..) but really enjoyed it! Memorable parts? Saw a lion on a tree, the lake with hippos in new year, the new friends. Tips? Be prepared for the rain (yes, it rains in Africa) and for long hours on the truck. Local benefits? We didn't have too much contact with local people since we stayed in private camping, but I think... (more)Carla Almeida
From £1685 excluding flights
Namibia and Botswana camping safari
excellent, but very tiring (more)Gerard Thompson
We loved it! The staff was so knowledgeable and we enjoyed the participation aspect of the trip. The people we met were great and it was really a bonus to meet people from all over the world. (more)Kelly Towle
The most memorable parts were... stunning sunsets every night, the clear starry nights, amazing wildlife, beautiful scenery, incredible people, and great company. (more)Julia Ward
From €1935 excluding flights
Cairo to Cape Town overland tour
Very good for the adventurous and independent type! (more)Ferry Lubis
Seeing Victoria Falls and all the wildlife in Africa was the most memorable part of the holiday...Fantastic. (more)Andrew Service
From £2750 excluding flights
West Africa tour
Memorable parts? I shall always remember vomiting all night at the stilt village at Ganvie in a room with a bathroom that had no water at all! But I loved meeting the people and seeing remote villages that had never had a visitor. The markets were fun and the little goats and sheep were so cute, though not when they're strapped to the roof of the car, bleating in anticipation of being eaten for supper. I remember the doctor's centre with 3 packs of rubber gloves and a pair of scales and... (more)Shirley Hagger
From £2297 - £2476 including UK flights
Vic falls to Cape Town overland tour in 4 weeks
Memorable parts? Seeing hippos up close after travelling by mokoro ( canoe) in Okavango delta Tips? Come with open mind and interest in photography - be prepared to muck in but better than most overland trips in that we had a cook spacious vehicle and tents . Local benefits? Benefited local people when we visited Himba tribe and employed locals as porters and boaters . Overall rating? Very enjoyable and great range of locations (more)wendy taylor
From £1525 excluding flights
South East Africa overland tour
Memorable parts? There are several: 1. Serengeti - the landscape and animals 2. Zanzibar - a good mix with Stonetown and the beach 3. Meeting the people in Malawi and Zimbabwe 4. Meeting Ian Harmer from African Wanderer.com in Zimbabwe and getting close to rhinos 5. Seeing Victoria Falls Tips? Definitely bring a water bottle and also a flask/thermos style mug (with lid) for making an extra tea and coffee at breakfast to take with you when spending hours in the bus. Also be prepared... (more)Mrs S Burns
From £739 - £1105 excluding flights
Safari adventure holiday, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique
Memorable parts? Horse riding on the beach in Mozambique and elephant back riding - both of which you have to organise and pay for yourself as an extra activity. Tips? Don't go with this company - we had the most awful experience with them; inedible food, the tents provided had holes in them so they leaked and let mosquitos and other insects in, the bus was falling apart, the window smashed in on us and the roof leaked, the guides had no knowledge of the places we visited and treated... (more)Rebecca Scaife
From €1985 excluding flights

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