Amazon rainforest holidays

We offer 41 Amazon Rainforest holidays. At over 7 million square kilometres, the Amazon is the largest single area of rainforest in the world and home to some of the most stunning biodiversity on the planet. Stay in a remote jungle lodge and take an Amazon River Cruise to find Pink River Dolphin. Head into the jungle to scan the canopy for chattering Spider monkeys or trek through the undergrowth to discover hidden Achuar communities. With responsibly managed tourism helping to raise awareness of the fragility of this ecosystem and directing money towards the inception of National Parks, our Amazon Rainforest holidays will take you into the heart of the world’s largest rainforest.

Amazon rainforest holidays
Peru Amazon Rainforest family adventure
Amazon family adventure holiday, for children aged 5-12, from US $715 (4 days) ex flights
Wildlife holidays in Brazil, tailormade
From Iguazu Falls to giant otters in the Pantanal, from £2875 (14 days) ex flights
Ecuador Amazon rainforest holiday
A totally unique jungle and river adventure, from £1295 (8 days) ex flights
Bolivian Amazon wildlife tour
5 day tour in the stunning Bolivian Amazon, from US $642 (5 days) ex flights
Amazon rainforest luxury holiday, Brazil
Amazon luxury adventure, from £3400 (12 days) ex flights
Small group holiday to Ecuador
A short tour that includes the main highlights of Ecuador, from £759 (13 days) ex flights
Ecuador ecolodge, Napo Wildlife Center
A luxurious eco-lodge in wildlife rich Ecuadorean Amazon, from US $1345 (4 days) ex flights
Andes & Amazon holiday in Ecuador
The best of mainland Ecuador - Andes to the remote Amazon, from US $3495 (15 days) ex flights
Peru holiday, Andes to the Amazon
Customisable tour of Peru's three diverse regions., from £1145 (12 days) ex flights
Amazon rainforest cruise, Brazil
Intimate, action-packed cruising in Brazil's remote Amazon, from US $1289 (5 days) ex flights
Bolivia & Amazon jungle holiday
The best that Bolivia have to offer, from £1375 (15 days) ex flights
Luxury holidays to the Amazon, Brazil
Amazon Rainforest, Island Paradise, & Idyllic Rio, from £2900 (13 days) ex flights
Ecuador tours, Andes and the Amazon
Experience Ecuadorian culture, cloudforest wildlife & the Amazon, from £1910 (14 days) ex flights
Rainforest conservation in the Amazon, Peru
Conservation in the Amazon, from £1195 (14 days) ex flights
Volunteer with children in Ecuador
Help promote reading in Ecuador, from £749 (14 days) ex flights
Ecuador adventure holiday, tailor made
From volcano-top to Amazon basin and everything in between!, from £1295 (9 days) ex flights
Bolivia and Peru wildlife tour
Best Amazonian wildlife adventure in Peru and Bolivia, from US $855 (6 days) ex flights
Amazon rainforest cruise, Ecuador
Comfortable adventure in Ecuador's Amazon, from US $1715 - US $2573 (8 days) ex flights
Wildlife conservation holiday in Peru
Voluntourism, give something back to the rainforest, from US $1090 - US $1150 (7 days) ex flights
Brazil family holiday
Journey to the depths of the Amazon rainforest, from £2849 (11 days ) inc UK flights
Overland holiday Rio to Lima, via Brazilian Amazon
True overlanding adventure through Peru and Brazil., from £1649 (8 weeks) ex flights
Wilds of Tambopata tour, Peru
Explore jungle reserve in Peru's Amazon rainforest, from US $560 (4 days) ex flights
Peru Amazon family adventure with teenagers
Energetic Amazon adventure holiday for teenagers and parents, from US $780 (4 days) ex flights
Ecuador wildlife tours
Watch great wildlife in Ecuador's Cloud Forest & Amazon, from £3850 (12 days) ex flights

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Ecuador ecolodge, Napo Wildlife Center
Most memorable was walking through the Amazon with one of the Sani guides (whose father happened to have established the Sani Lodge), in the rain, through the mud, finding the most incredible birds, reptiles, insects and plants. (more)Julia Saurazas
The tapir emerged from the forest and remained at the clay lick drinking water for an extended period of time. Simply remarkable. (more)Robert Roberto
We loved the Eco-lodge that we stayed at, the Napo Wildlife Center. It was beautiful, well appointed and our guides were absolutely top notch. We learned an incredible amount and got to experience a wonderful place with wonderful people. (more)Elizabeth Essner
From US $1345 including domestic flights only
Ecuador adventure holiday, tailor made
Fantastic!!!! The best parts were tubing down the Napo River Valley! Also, enjoyed tremendously all the laughter on the ropes course, the river rafting and the hospitality and GREAT FOOD. (more)lynn mahan
Absolutely superb from start to finish. The operator was outstanding in making us an itinerary which was perfect for the amount of time we had to spend there, and we loved working with them before, during and after our holiday. We felt that the range of experiences, activities and accommodations enabled us to really experience a bug chunk of Ecuador and its culture in only two weeks. (more)Cara Roberts
From £1295 excluding flights
Small group holiday to Ecuador
10 out of ten. Our guide was Richard Anchante. He was excellent, unfailingly helpful, full of local info and stories and very good English. Please commend him to the operator. (more)Barbara Wagstaff
The holiday was very interestingwe have seen many places, from Quito to Cuenca and the Amazon rainforest....the most memorable or exciting part of my holiday were the views seen while travelling by the quite comfortable public busses (more)Halina Siemiginowski
From £759 excluding flights
Ecuador and Amazon holiday
Staying in the jungle lodge - in the middle of nowhere was the most memorable part of the holiday (more)Belinda Chavasse
The most memorable parts for me were rafting, tubing, the jungle hike and trip to the wildlife centre. (more)Mair Perkins
I loved the Quichua Homestay... learning their traditions and experiencing life in the jungle. They are wonderful, warm people who seem naturally shy whilst very honest and giving...This was an experience as well as a holiday. I loved it. (more)Amber Bauer
From £849 excluding flights
Peru Amazon Rainforest family adventure
Memorable parts? Machu Picchu was absolutely incredible. It lived up to our expectations and exceeded them in every way. Tips? Check the weather before you go. Different regions have very different temperatures and dressy clothes are not needed anywhere - even at very nice restaurants it seems. Order your soles before you go and have enough on hand for tips, purchases, meals, etc. We'd recommend $500 USD. Local benefits? We feel our holiday benefited local people in the... (more)Dee bertino
From US $715 excluding flights
Brazil family holiday
Rio was the least interesting. Everywhere else was fantastic. Amazing sites. Great circuit...Amazon lodge guide and Rio guide great. (more)Isabelle Dubois
The entire trip was extremely memorable, but, the most exciting part was swimming in the Amazon River System. (more)Matthew Fitzgerald
From £2849 including UK flights
Volunteer with children in Ecuador
Memorable parts? The people I met definitely made my trip unforgettable. Tips? Just to relax and enjoy. Local benefits? I think so as I collaborated in a very nice project for children in there and tried to be as environment friendly as possible. Overall rating? Excellent. (more)Raquel Orcajo Miranda
From £749 excluding flights
Peru holiday, Tambopata & Inca Trail
Memorable parts? Visiting Machu Picchu - simply breathtaking! Tips? You can never have too many changes of clothes for the jungle... Local benefits? Yes. Overall rating? A fantastic experience to see some wonderful sights. We learned so much and everyone was friendly and welcoming. (more)Claire Wood
From £1995 excluding flights
Peru tour, Andes to Amazon
Memorable parts? On the Andes to Amazon I believe it was the Manu Wildlife Center. It was a charming facility with nice staff. Of course, the wildlife that we were fortunate enough to see was fabulous. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable. Unfortunately during our time in Peru I picked up a nasty bacteria & viral infection. I was admitted into the hospital for 3 days / 2 nights which was during a portion of our arranged trip. We were not able to drive from Cusco through the cloud... (more)Christine Kinkel
From £1390 excluding flights
Bolivian Amazon wildlife tour
Memorable parts? Hard to pick, liked both the pampas and the rain forest equally Tips? A list of items to take on the trip before they arrive in Bolivia Local benefits? Yes, I did. Overall rating? A lovely experience. The pampas had lots of animals, so close and crowded together. I could see all of them. My guide at Bala Lodge was great. He really took the time to help us see what we were experiencing. I had a lovely trip mate so that worked out well for me The... (more)Donna Schumacher
From US $642 excluding flights

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