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Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia icebreaker cruises
Water, wilderness & wildlife in breath-taking perfection, from 4990 - 10350 (20 days) ex flights
Antarctica expedition cruise
Experience an adventure tour of Antarctica, from 4200 - 4700 (11 days) ex flights
Antarctica vacation, spirit of Shackleton
Visit the historical sites of past Antarctic explorers, from 7999 - 10499 (21 days) ex flights
Antarctic Peninsula & Weddell Sea cruise
An inspiring, beautiful & diverse polar wilderness journey, from 5350 (12 days) ex flights

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Antarctic Peninsula cruises, activity-based
Activity-based small ship expedition of Antarctica, from 6770 (15 days) ex flights
Antarctic expedition cruise, fly the Drake passage
Cross the Polar Circle in Antarctica the fast way-fly cruise, from 8999 - 9800 (10 days) ex flights
Antarctica, Falklands and South Georgia cruises
The ultimate Antarctic and South Georgia adventure, from 8560 - 16990 (19 days) ex flights
Antarctica cruises
Wildlife expeditions to Antarctica's legendary landscape, from US $4995 - US $35000 (11 days) ex flights
Antarctica cruise, with diving & climbing options
Voyage to the Antarctic Peninsula, from US $8725 - US $13000 (11 days) ex flights
Antarctic cruise and hiking in Chile
Walk in Atacama and Patagonia before cruising Antarctica, from 11075 (4 weeks) ex flights
Antarctica semi-circumnavigation cruise
Scott & Shackelton Huts, Mount Erebus Helicopter Support, from 12490 (4 weeks) ex flights
Antarctica expedition cruise
Classic 10 Day Expedition Cruise to Antarctica, from 3048 (10 days) ex flights
Antarctic Peninsula crossing the Polar Circle cruise
An inspirational journey across the Antarctic Polar Circle, from 4890 - 9750 (14 days) ex flights
Antarctic Peninsula holiday
Multi activity expedition cruise to spectacular Antarctica, from US $7950 (11 days) ex flights
Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia cruise
Embark on a cruise across the Antarctic Circle and cross the Drake passage, from 9940 (23 days) ex flights
Antarctic Peninsula Cruises
An inspiring wilderness & wildlife journey of a lifetime, from 3480 - 7750 (10 days) ex flights
Antarctic diving expedition
An Antarctic expedition for divers & non-divers alike, from 4420 (12 days) ex flights
Luxury Antarctica cruise
Cruise to Antarctica without compromising on luxury, from 4029 - 7675 (11 days) ex flights
Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctic Circle crossing
Explore the Sub-Antarctic islands and the Antarctic Peninsula, from 12200 - 21100 (23 days) ex flights
Antarctica cruise
A two week trip to Antarctica, from 4100 - 9500 (11 days) ex flights
Antarctic circle cruise, Antarctica
One of the most exciting voyages in the South Seas, from 5300 - 12400 (14 days) ex flights
Antarctica, South Georgia & Falklands luxury cruise
Cruise Antarctica in Luxury - Small ship luxury cruising, from 6495 - 9905 (15 days) ex flights
Antarctic Peninsula cruise, 10 days
Join our exclusive charter to Antarctica, from 3495 (10 days) ex flights
Antarctic Peninsula cruise and flight back
Antarctica cruise with a flight back from King George Island, from 5200 (9 days) ex flights
Antarctica adventure holiday
Amazing sea voyage through the icy wilderness of Antarctica, from 7226 (8 days) ex flights
South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula cruise
An island of incomparable beauty, from US $16312 (18 days) ex flights
Antarctic fly and cruise Circle Crossing
Visit the Antarctic Peninsula, going south of the Antarctic Circle, from 8200 - 12200 (10 days) ex flights
Antarctic Peninsula expedition cruise
Experience an adventure tour of Antarctica, from 9200 (20 days) ex flights
Antarctica, Falkland Islands & South Georgia cruise
Falklands and Scotia Sea Springtime with guest lecturer, from 13200 (21 days) inc UK flights

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Antarctic cruise and hiking in Chile
The entire trip was magical and I loved almost every moment. The landings were supplemented with presentations that helped me to put my experiences into the perspective of wider Antarctica issues. (more)Christine Gordon
Respect where you are and its beauty. (more)Edmund Raczkowski
From 11075 excluding flights
Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia icebreaker cruises
This trip will forever stay in my heart. Incredible. I would go again tomorrow if I got the chance. (more)Helen Connolly
Fantastic - it's more than a holiday and is so different to anything else I have ever done. South Georgia is an amazing place. The beaches were packed with tens of thousands of penguins and they weren't afraid to come right up to us. The scenery in Antarctica is beautiful. (more)rebecca allcock
Every part of the holiday was memorable including animals, birds, scenery, the ship (Polar Pioneer), fellow travellers and expedition team. (more)Christine Brignoni
From 4990 - 10350 excluding flights
Antarctic Peninsula & Weddell Sea cruise
Memorable parts? The close sighting of a pod of Orca attacking a Humpbacked Whale and penguins. Bird watching from the ship. Visiting the mainland at Neko Harbour. The ideal size of the ship and friendliness of the other passengers and crew. Tips? Don't bother taking your own warm boots. Those provided were perfectly adequate with our own waterproof walking shoes for deck walking. Local benefits? Yes Overall rating? A wonderful experience (more)Roger Labbatt
From 5350 excluding flights
Antarctica cruises
Memorable parts? Seeing the interplay between the animals, icebergs, glaciers, sea and sky. Tips? First: TAKE THE TRIP TO ANTARCTICA. It is unforgettable. If Miami is not on a direct route to Buenos Aires, fly there directly.Be sure to bring the right clothing. Being out on the water or a hill is COLD with the wrong clothes. Spend as much time on the bridge of the ship as possible. Go to all of the lectures. Meet new people Local benefits? No people to benefit in Antarctica. However,... (more)Stephen Kohn
From US $4995 - US $35000 excluding flights
Antarctica expedition cruise
Landing on Elephant Island and standing on the exact spot from where Shackleton launched the James Caird was the most memorable moment. (more)JANE MURDOCH
Excellent (more)Andrew Macdonald-Brown
From 3048 excluding flights
Antarctica, Falklands and South Georgia cruises
Memorable parts? The highlight of the trip for me was always going to be South Georgia, which has fascinated me for years and entirely lived up to my very high expectations. What a stunningly beautiful place! We were extremely fortunate as we approached the island because there was no cloud cover and we could see the full magnificence of the snowy peaks in all their glory - a rare occurrence apparently. During three whole days around this incredible island, we made a numerous landings and... (more)Roger Bilder
From 8560 - 16990 excluding flights
South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula cruise
There were many memorable & exciting parts. Just standing on the Antarctic continent for one! Getting close to wildlife. (Actually it was more like wildlife getting close to you - if you sat down penguins would walk right up to you & check you out.) (more)Sara Page
The most memorable part of my holiday was landing on Danger Islands. We got our first real taste of the Antarctic Continent and got beautiful weather. The view of the sea and icebergs was breathtaking. (more)James Keaney
From US $16312 excluding flights
Antarctica vacation, classic cruise
The whole trip from the time we boarded the ship to disembarkation. The most memorable thing was not getting sea sick the ship is that stable...The best ever. (more)David Lohan
This was the most incredible holiday - the staff on our ship were so efficient and hospitable, the landings were well managed and offered a diverse range of activities (hiking, sliding down the slopes on our stomachs, seals/penguins/birds - and the occasional whale), fascinating lectures, and a wonderful small ship environment. (more)Barbara Wilson
From 3699 - 4999 excluding flights
Antarctic diving expedition
Interacting with the wildlife in Antarctica was the most memorable part of the holiday. (more)Robert Pecoraro
All of it was memorable, but if I had to pick it would be my first sight of Antarctica which was at sunrise, wow! And my 30 minute dive with a leopard seal. But it was all amazing. (more)Stacy Valentine
Most memorable was diving around the ice bergs and snorkelling with the leopard seal. Real WOW factor. (more)Judith Bewell
From 4420 excluding flights
Antarctica cruise, with diving & climbing options
GREAT!!!!!!! (more)Krisztina Inczedy
The very first Antarctic landing was a photographer's feast that was totally mindblowing at such an early stage of the trip. (more)Louise Yerbury
The most memorable part of visiting Antarctica has to be (as part of the diving contingent) diving with Leopard Seals on two occasions. (more)Mike McCormack
From US $8725 - US $13000 excluding flights
Antarctica cruise
Excellent. Trip of a lifetime. (more)Audrey Nice
An absolutely stunning holiday thanks, just magic! The most exciting part was very close encounters with whales :0) ... Rate holiday 9/10, excellent! (more)Sally Hawkins
No words that I can write nor pictures that I can show will ever capture the magic, the feeling and the mood of Antarctica. You simply have to go there for that. It was beyond compare utterly beautiful in every way. (more)David Oates
From 4100 - 9500 excluding flights
Antarctica and New Zealand Subantarctic Islands Wildlife Cruise
Memorable parts? The sub antarctic islands, wildlife and the icebergs. Tips? Prepare for a big sea voyage and lots of time to spare. Local benefits? There are no people, but the environment is excellent and getting better as recovery from last 2 centuries of exploitation has taken place. Nz and Aust governments should be congratulated on the feral pest controls. Overall rating? Up there with the big ones. (more)Robert Mock
From US $22300 - US $30200 excluding flights

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