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British Columbia

British Columbia holidays

British Columbia’s motto is ‘Splendor Sine Occasu’ or “Splendour Without Diminishment”. Meaning that, because it is so far west, the sun never sets on its beauteousness. Indeed, it feels as if its splendours are infinitesimal : as well as the cool cities of Vancouver and Victoria, the Rocky Mountains, Coast Mountains, Pacific coast, Vancouver Island and endless forest, rivers and lakes of its seven national parks and 900 provincial parks and protected areas mean that wilderness is only a heartbeat away.

Canadian Rockies activity holiday
Adventure through the Canadian wilderness, from £1540 - £1725 (15 days) ex flights
Backpacking in the Canadian Rockies
Multi-day trekking in remote Rocky Mountain wilderness, from CA $1165 (3 days) ex flights
Grizzly bear watching holidays in British Columbia, Canada
Spectacular viewing of British Columbia's grizzly bears, from £2950 (6 days) inc UK flights
Canadian Rockies walking holiday
Experience breath-taking scenery in the Canadian Rockies, from £1229 - £1339 (12 days) ex flights

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Sailing holiday in British Columbia, Canada
Unique coastal adventures, from CA $4250 (7 days) ex flights
First Nation hiking tours in Canada
Rediscover your earth-based roots in the mirror of culture, from CA $1096 - CA $1246 (4 days) ex flights
Canadian Rockies and Vancouver Island holiday
Valleys rich with wildlife, bear, deer & moose, from £3549 - £3899 (15 days) inc UK flights
Canadian Rockies adventure holiday
Walk, bike and canoe in the Canadian Rockies, from £1599 - £1809 (11 days) ex flights
Grizzly Bear watching tour in British Columbia, Canada
Fantastic excursion to British Columbia, from CA $1890 - CA $2705 (4 days) ex flights
Rocky Mountain vacation accommodation
Remote lodge & retreat in the Canadian Rockies wilderness, from CA $124 - CA $250
British Columbia wildlife holiday, whales and bears
Rugged scenery and wildlife of Western Canada , from £2979 - £3199 (11 days) inc UK flights
Grizzly bear tour in British Columbia
Drift down rivers watching grizzly bears catching salmon, from £4745 (6 days) ex flights
Canada family adventure holiday
The perfect outdoor adventure for the whole family, from £999 - £1159 (11 days) ex flights
Hiking in the Rockies, Canada
Walk spectacular wilderness mountain trails for all ages, from CA $1584 - CA $1760 (4 days) ex flights
Kayaking with Orcas in British Columbia, Canada
Kayak with orcas and humpacks in beautiful British Columbia, from US $1545 (4 days) ex flights
Queen Charlotte Islands sailing holiday, Canada
Canada's equivalent to the Galapagos Islands, from CA $4850 - CA $5350 (8 days) ex flights
Canadian Rockies camping holiday
Explore pristine British Columbia & Alberta in the Rockies, from £1189 - £1429 (12 days) ex flights
Gulf Island sailboat cruise in British Columbia
Explore the protected waters of the Gulf Islands, from CA $2495 (5 days) ex flights

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Canada family adventure holiday
Memorable parts? The camping trip was so wonderful, it is very difficult to name only one thing. Having said that, the walk to the Plain of Six Glaciers was truly spectacular! Tips? Be flexible, respect other travellers and the tour guide and make the most of opportunities available. Local benefits? Possibly. Overall rating? A wonderful experience. The parts of Canada we visited were spectacular and our tour guide Jayko is worth his weight in gold. (more)Lynda Wilson
From £999 - £1159 excluding flights
Canadian Rockies adventure holiday
Memorable parts? Wildlife encounters:Black Bears up close.The vista of the Rockies Tips? Travel between some points was extensive.The Inner passage ferry trip took from 0530 hrs to 2345hrs. Travel took up at least 2 days of the trip once on the tour ie it was an 11 day tour not 13 in our opinion. Some of the hotels were poor eg Ucluelet was paticulary bad v. noisy and outside Tofino which was the attraction part of the trip ie couldn't get to Tofino under own steam.You will spend... (more)George Hammett
From £1659 - £1809 excluding flights
Rocky Mountain vacation accommodation
The centre was amazing. The people made it a great experience and we had wonderful food. The peace and tranquillity was wonderful and I appreciated being away from the crowds. (more)Sally Wright
It is so hard to pinpoint the best part; it was all a fabulous experience. This is a place where you can completely relax and refresh your mind, body and soul. (more)Sarah Smith
From CA $124 - CA $250
Hiking in the Rockies, Canada
The most memorable part was walking over a snow wall and then sliding down an avalanche slope all in tea shirts with the sun blazing down on us, followed by a sighting of a grizzly bear. (more)Ian Halliwell
Rob, Marilyn and Troy were wonderful hosts, as were the whole team. The location is stunning, nestled in the mountains with a river running through the centre of it....We all thoroughly enjoyed our holiday and recommend it to families and couples alike. (more)Susan Brooks
I enjoyed every moment, every story the guides told, every view we climbed to. The Patenaudes are wonderful and knowledgeable hosts, and yet they remain relaxed and easy around their guests (more)Jo Homewood
From CA $1584 - CA $1760 excluding flights
Canadian Rockies activity holiday
Memorable parts? The most memorable part was meeting up with 11 other like minded people to enjoy the whole experience, a real once in a lifetime holiday. Tips? Be prepare to open your imagination, experience new challenges everyday, and leave with some incredible memories. Local benefits? Yes absolutely, from the trekking with local guides, and use of individual campsites. To the style of group activities chosen, and group involvement with meals, cooking and cleaning. Overall... (more)Iain Buchanan
From £1540 - £1725 excluding flights
Backpacking in the Canadian Rockies
Memorable parts? The most memorable part of our holiday were the views that we experienced. They were breath taking. Sitting on top of Tangle Peak after having just climbed up it was amazing. Robert was a very good guide on this trail and told us a lot about the history of the land with the First Nations. The other trails that we went on were guided by Troy who was the most amazing person. He knew so much and was very encouraging as this was our first hiking holiday. He set a good pace and... (more)Joanne Barnas
From CA $1165 excluding flights
Queen Charlotte Islands sailing holiday, Canada
Learning of the culture of the people of Haida Gwaai was the most exciting part. (more)Jill Brasch
Another highlight was the incredible smell of food each time we returned to our mother boat: of superb quality and variety. And believe me, that kayaking makes you real hungry! (more)Sue Lorraine
From CA $4850 - CA $5350 excluding flights
Grizzly Bear watching tour in British Columbia, Canada
Seeing the bears in their natural habitat is fantastic. The operators are great and the food was wonderful. (more)Susan Shedda
The most exciting part of our holiday was viewing the (many) grizzly bears in a natural environment without any interference with nature. Specifically, it was thrilling to see several mothers with cubs! (more)Suzanne Wafer
From CA $1890 - CA $2705 including domestic flights only
Canadian Rockies walking holiday
Memorable parts? The glaciers Tips? Always consider that temperature could get lower than expected and same for the rain, it rains frequently but a rain coat is enough to deal with the rain. Local benefits? Yes, we purchased food from locals Overall rating? It was enjoyable (more)Luis Marrero
From £1229 - £1339 excluding flights
First Nation hiking tours in Canada
Memorable parts? The location, hosts and the routes they planned. Tips? The routes / hikes are challenging, the lodge is very comfortable but remote. Very be mindful of that. Be ready for all types of weather..from hot sun to snow. Local benefits? Yes - very much so. (more)Jane Cayley
From CA $1096 - CA $1246 excluding flights

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