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Burma tailor made holiday
A tailor made trip to undiscovered Burma, from 1499 - 1850 (10 days) ex flights
Burma photography tour
Discover Burma with travel photographer Gary Latham, from 3400 (15 days) inc UK flights
Burma holiday, rivers & railways
A privately guided tour of the highlights of Burma, from 3815 (14 days) inc UK flights
Family holiday in Burma
A fabulous family holiday including the best of Burma, from 1025 - 1450 (12 days) ex flights

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Burma highlights tour
Crumbling colonial architecture, overgrown temples & stunning landscapes, from 2149 - 2499 (11 days) inc UK flights
Small group holiday to Burma
Highlights of Burma; Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Lake Inle, from 2825 - 3195 (15 days) inc UK flights
Burma holidays, small group tour
The highlights of Burma visiting Rangoon, Bagan, Mandalay & Inle Lake, from 2499 - 2799 (16 days) inc UK flights
Burma photography tours
Photography tour of fascinating Burma: DSLR & advanced compact cameras users welcome, from US $3500 (12 days) ex flights
Burma cycling vacation
Irrawaddy River plain up to the Shan Plateau, from US $3850 (14 days) ex flights
Burma photography holiday
Burma (Myanmar) travel photography holiday, tour, from 2995 (13 days) ex flights
Burma cultural holiday
Discover a side of Burma hidden beyond the tourist trail, from 1299 - 1499 (15 days) ex flights
Burma cruise & adventure holiday
Highlights of Burma with a cruise along the Irrawaddy River, from 3850 - 4450 (18 days) inc UK flights
Cruising holiday in Burma, the Mergui Archipelago
A comprehensive tour of Burma including ocean sailing, from 4895 (17 days) inc UK flights
Burma small group tour
Mythical landscapes & ancient treasures of Burma, from 1376 - 1810 (15 days) ex flights
Burma tailor made holiday, highlights
Explore Myanmar in fantastic variety and depth, from 1499 - 2159 (14 days) ex flights
Burma cultural holiday
Explore the enigmatic and mysterious nation of Burma, from 1499 - 1649 (14 days) ex flights
Burma cultural tour, Yangon and Mandalay
Discover the enigmatic land of Burma, from 3395 (15 days) ex flights
Burma tour, small group
Explore the culture, hospitality & ancient wonders of Burma, from 2630 (17 days) ex flights
Burma cultural holiday, Elephant Bill tour
A historical river journey into remote Northern Burma, from 3595 (16 days) ex flights
Rangoon to Inle Lake tour of Burma
Explore the main highlights of Burma, from 2590 - 3475 (13 days) inc UK flights
Irrawaddy river cruise, Burma
Sail the mighty Ayarwaddy in a unique experience of Myanmar, from 2039 (11 days) ex flights
Burma hot air balloon festival holiday
Amazing Myanmar adventure combining trekking and culture, from 1720 (12 days) ex flights
Burma family holiday for teenagers
Mythical landscapes, ancient treasures and some of the world's friendliest people, from 2814 (13 days ) inc UK flights
Burma family cultural & adventure Holiday
Family adventure to Myanmar, from 1150 (13 days) ex flights
South Burma tour
Southern Burma - visit the remote Mon and Kayin States, from 2400 - 2600 (10 days) inc UK flights
Burma & Yunnan China overland truck tour
Thailand, Burma and China overland, from 2425 - 2495 (28 days) ex flights
Myanmar holiday, discover the gems
Myanmar's key attractions plus the Paya Ngoto School project, from 5079 (19 days) inc UK flights
Burma holiday, Islands and Sea Gypsies
From the bustling capital to the seas of the Moken tribe, from 3295 (10 days) ex flights
Trekking holiday in Burma
Trek amongst tribal villages in the remote Chin Hills, from 2949 - 3099 (16 days) inc UK flights

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Burma photography tour
Excellent small group led by an experienced photographer who showed us many different ways of using light and lenses and who was also relaxed and fun to be with. Our experiences felt real. (more)elizabeth McCormick
Having Nathan Horton on the trip gave a very interesting slant to an already enjoyable holiday. Nathan had a flair for taking the group to places which were not on the tourist trail and this was very much appreciated. (more)John Martin
From 3400 including UK flights
Burma cultural holiday
I loved it, the Myanmar people are very friendly and helpful. I will definitely go back. (more)Mark Meyrick
Loved it ! Organisation just about perfect.......itinerary good. (more)Sharon Gunn
A great range of activities, lots of variation every day, wonderful people who are so hospitable and always smiling!! A real holiday and adventure..... (more)Chris Haywood
From 1299 - 1499 excluding flights
Small group holiday to Burma
Don't hesitate - just go! The operator are an independent company who care that you get the best holiday possible. And they are small enough to make sure you see some of the top sights, but also get you in to see off the beaten track places. (more)Helen White
We probably would have given it 5 stars if it wasn't for the expansion of the rating to say that it was 'simply the best holiday I have ever been on'! We have been on other wonderful holidays, but this was up there with the best. (more)John Lippiett
Great holiday and excellent tour leader and local guides. (more)Phil Duddles
From 2825 - 3195 including UK flights
Burma holidays, small group tour
Memorable: the friendliness of the Burmese people, the close-up look at the cottage industries we were taken to see, and the cruise at Inle Lake. Exciting: Sunrise over Bagan and the U-Bein bridge; visit to the Red Mountain vineyard, the Irrawaddy river cruise, the New Moon festival and parade at Inle Lake. (more)Mike Bromilow
Almost perfect. Our guide was fun as well as being really informative. Apart from the hotel in Yangon all the accommodation was much better than I expected. We had virtually no free time as the guide offered so many options. This was wonderful as we packed as much as possible into the 2 weeks. (more)Lynda Brown
Watching the sun set over the plains of Bagan would be very hard to beat. The most memorable aspect would be the people themselves, they were beautiful, gracious and friendly. (more)Joanna Lee
From 2499 - 2799 including UK flights
Burma cultural holiday
Memorable parts? Very difficult as there were so many.... But I suppose I have to say an evening spent in the Hi Ar in Kalaw. Locals enjoying each other's company with singing to guitars was simply enchanting. The tone, the energy, the result and their acceptance of a visitor wishing to partake of their nightly entertainment.... Tips? Respect the local customs, obtain more up to date information relating to changing monies and use of ATMs / credit/ debit cards, take a travelling... (more)Edmund Raczkowski
From 1499 - 1649 excluding flights
Burma highlights tour
Memorable parts? The visit to Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon on the final day - the culmination of a feast of sights and experiences packed into a fairly hectic schedule. Tips? Limit your luggage. Laundry offered half way through. No need for 'smart' clothes. Wifi much more widely available than guidebooks or trip notes suggest. Local benefits? It benefited local people to the extent that we stayed in small private hotels, ate in local restauranats and bought souvenirs from... (more)Andy Jackson
From 2149 - 2499 including UK flights
Burma cultural tour, Yangon and Mandalay
Memorable parts? Coming across by chance a house warming and monk blessing in village house on an island near Bagan. We were invited into the upstairs room for the ceremony and then back to join them for the celebratory lunch afterwards. Tips? Look into the wide variety of options for sight seeing and experiences away from the main tourist route. It's all very safe; extremely interesting and the people are very welcoming. Local benefits? Yes I think so. We used local companies... (more)Jacqueline Scott
From 3395 excluding flights
Family holiday in Burma
Memorable parts? It was all great. Temples in Bagan, boat ride and views over Lake Inle. Tips? Much of Myanmar great for family travelling. Comfortable hotels, great food. Warm welcome. Train from Yangon to Bagan bumpy but really fun! Local benefits? Yes. But would value more information particularly with regard to hotels. Overall rating? Brilliant. Guides and our agent were really very very good. Logistics perfect. (more)Joanna Macrae
From 1025 - 1450 excluding flights
Burma holiday, off the beaten track
FANTASTIC! It went beyond our expectations! The people are so friendly; we experienced so many things from a drink in a tea house, attending a wedding, horse cart rides, boat rides, going to a local market in Bagan and numerous sunsets in so many locations. (more)Susan Battersby
Burma was a fascinating country to visit. Balloon trip over Bagan was the most memorable part. (more)David Maling
From 2460 excluding flights
Burma small group holiday
Memorable parts? Burmese people lovely and the Inle Lake was amazing - just like the photos you see Tips? If you go to Burma just make sure you have large dollar notes, as you will get a better rate of interest. Currency changers offer the best rate. Internet connection is poor and you need to get a local sim card when you are over there, but managed to have a wonderful holiday without outside communication. Local benefits? Yes Overall rating? Fantastic and the tour... (more)anne higgins
From 1850 - 2535 including domestic flights only
Burma tailor made holiday
In one word - outstanding. (more)Stephen Osgerby
The Elephant Sanctuary and the traveling around Shan State were the best parts of this trip. (more)Nils Bark
The most memorable parts of the holiday were the temples at Bagan and charming Hsipaw and the local village visit and boat trip - tranquil, natural beauty...Excellent tour, very well organised. (more)Alice Bretherton
From 1499 - 1850 excluding flights
Cruising holiday in Burma, the Mergui Archipelago
Best bit? All of it but sailing in Mergui archipelago fantastic, exactly as in Burma boating video.Tipping and buying local crafts and using local cafes does help local communities. (more)Jane Dunbar
Fantastic, a wonderful journey. (more)Matt Kyte
From 4895 including UK flights
Burma tour, small group
Memorable parts? There were so many!...riding ebikes in Bagan, boat trips to villages in Inle Lake, the beautiful beach at Ngwesaung. Tips? The best time to visit is February, March and early April. It's hot but not crowded. Local benefits? Yes, we gave a cooler to a vendor to cool her drinks, used local transportation when possible benefiting the local taxis. Overall rating? I would give it a 4. Burma is just now beginning to open up to the west and tourism. Great... (more)Patricia (Pat) Ruble
From 2630 excluding flights
Burma cycling holiday
Memorable parts? The best part for me was the rides around Inle Lake; really peaceful and interesting riding and the lake a source of life for so much. Great bikes and great group all added to the experience. Tips? Go with the flow; if you choose Monsoon season be prepared to get very very wet; that said it was part of the experience and part of life in Myanmar so it didn't really detract. Just take quick dry clothes and several pairs of shoes/rubber ones help. Local benefits? Yes... (more)Justine henwood
From 2899 - 3249 including UK flights
Burma sailing holiday, the Mergui archipelago
Memorable parts? Sailing amongst beautiful Islands Tips? Take lots of sun cream and also any old shirts shorts etc to give to Moekan villagers and seas gypsies. Local benefits? We visited a local village and were able to buy things in the village so bringing some extra income to them. Overall rating? A beautiful relaxing trip. (more)Fiona Bardsley
From 966 - 1505 excluding flights
South Burma tour
We had a great time and enjoyed the individual attention which was able to be given as there were only 3 in the group. (more)Jill Davies
Visiting the golden rock Pagoda and mixing with local holiday was the most memorable part of the holiday (more)Elizabeth Roberts
From 2400 - 2600 including UK flights

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