Cultural holidays in Cambodia. Tours & holidays in 2016 & 2017

Cultural holidays in Cambodia

Cultural holidays in Cambodia

Cambodia’s culture encompasses so much more than just its ancient temples. The Khmer people are warm, friendly – and with a cuisine unlike any other in Southeast Asia; while remote hill tribes have preserved their unique traditions for centuries. Our cultural holidays in Cambodia are an introduction to this country’s culture – past and present – from the Killing Fields to paddy fields, floating villages to hill tribe homestays.

Cambodia small group tour, a food adventure
Discover Cambodia's unique, ancient and exotic food culture, from £775 - £920 (10 days) ex flights
Indochina tailor made holiday
Explore the great diversity of the Southeast Asia region, from £3290 - £4690 (21 days) ex flights
Vietnam & Cambodia tour
Natural wonders & fascinating cultures in Vietnam & Cambodia, from £1369 - £1419 (17 days) ex flights
Cambodia holiday, beyond Angkor
Off the beaten track Cambodia - rare temples, fishing ports, from £2100 - £2300 (14 days) inc UK flights

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Cambodia tailor made holiday
A diverse adventure; from Khmer temples to exotic beaches, from £790 - £1650 (10 days) ex flights
Best of Cambodia holiday with Battambang
The highlights of Cambodia and little-visited Battambang, from £1215 - £1675 (10 days) ex flights
Cambodia holidays, Phnom Penh & Angkor
Combines Angkor's temples with lesser known Cambodian sites, from £1850 - £2050 (11 days) inc UK flights
Cambodia holiday, wildlife & culture
A wildlife and culture tailor-made holiday to Cambodia, from £2595 (15 days) inc UK flights
Cambodia & Vietnam classic tour
The perfect itinerary for first-time visitors to the region, from £2000 - £2600 (18 days) inc UK flights
Cambodia highlights tour, 7 days
Cambodia highlights in a week - Phnom Penh and Angkor, from £750 (7 days) ex flights
Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City
Thailand to Southern Vietnam via Angkor Wat, from £442 - £600 (9 days) ex flights
Highlights of Cambodia cultural tour
A private, tailor-made tour of Cambodia, from £2260 (11 days) inc UK flights
Cambodia holidays, hidden gems
Explore the hidden gems in Cambodia’s adventurous northeast, from £3524 - £4124 (16 days) inc UK flights
Cambodia, Laos and Thailand, Mekong adventure
An original adventure exploring Thailand, Laos & Cambodia, from £1850 - £2950 (14 days) ex flights
Small group tours to Vietnam and Cambodia
See the very best of Vietnam and the temples of Angkor, from £2350 (15 days) ex flights
Indochina tour, small group
Experience the diversity of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, from £1105 - £1275 (26 days) ex flights
Mekong adventure holiday, Laos & Cambodia
The Mekong, one of the world’s greatest rivers, from £3000 - £3200 (18 days) inc UK flights
Cambodia travel photography tour
Cambodia photography tour and optional Angkor temples add on, from £2325 (11 days) ex flights
Laos and Cambodia tour
Laos and Cambodia – A Journey to Forever Mountain, from £1699 (16 days) ex flights
Indochina holiday, Hanoi to Bangkok via Angkor
Awesome adventure through Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, from £995 - £1150 (22 days) ex flights
Cambodia to Vietnam tour via The Mekong
An excellent combined Cambodia and Vietnam itinerary, from £2000 - £2600 (16 days) inc UK flights
Grand tour of Cambodia, tailor made
A unique and in-depth journey through Cambodia, from £2500 - £3100 (18 days) inc UK flights
Vietnam and Angkor Wat holiday
Cruising in Halong Bay, cooking in Hoi An plus incredible Angkor , from £2349 - £2899 (16 days) inc UK flights
Cambodia and Vietnam budget holidays
Bustling city streets & white-sand beaches, from £1062 - £1299 (20 days) ex flights
Cambodia six day tour
A comfortable introduction to Cambodia, from £576 - £830 (6 days) ex flights
Vietnam to Thailand, small group holiday
A fascinating journey through Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, from £442 - £600 (9 days) ex flights
Photography tour in Vietnam and Cambodia
A unique photographic tour of Cambodia & Southern Vietnam, from £3100 (18 days) inc UK flights
Cambodia & Vietnam holiday
A magnificent journey of discovery, from £1054 - £1435 (18 days) ex flights
Cambodia family holidays, tailor made
18-day adventure with temples, villages and beaches, from £2500 - £3100 (18 days) inc UK flights

86 reviews for Cultural holidays in Cambodia4 star overall rating

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Mekong adventure holiday, Laos & Cambodia
Memorable parts? Every day was something different, we walked through jungle; rode elephants; explored caves and sailed in wooden boats, sometimes we used a wooden plank, sometimes we were knee deep in the river! We saw amazing temples and wooden huts that the locals lived in, we saw how people lived and how they dried peppers in their satellite dishes! There were sad parts too, understanding the legacy of the Vietnam war, unexploded bombs everywhere and maimed people. However, the people... (more)Colin Smith
From £3000 - £3200 including UK flights
Vietnam to Thailand, small group holiday
This trip was packed full of adventure. Every day welcomed a memorable experience. (more)Caroline Hamilton
All the tour has been exciting. (more)Terry Basilico
From £442 - £600 excluding flights
Cambodia six day tour
Excellent! Cambodia is a great place to visit and we were looked after with great care and attention - and had lots of laughs. Our guide was particularly keen to emphasise the use of local expertise and the emphasis on supporting environmental projects. (more)Richard Evans
It was all good - I enjoyed meeting the group, the tour guide and also the different part of the holiday. The killing fields were thought provoking. The temples of Angor amazing in so many different ways. (more)Elizabeth Carmichael
Our group leader was very conscientious and knowledgeable, and was really keen to introduce us to his country. (more)Eleanor Attridge
From £576 - £830 excluding flights
Cambodia holiday, beyond Angkor
The most memorable part of the holiday was the early morning visit to Angkor Wat temple to see the sun rise. (more)Rabea Khan
Most memorable werer the Jungle walks, sleeping in a temple on a sacred mountain and travelling by boat past floating villages... (more)Martin Smith
From £2100 - £2300 including UK flights
Cambodia travel photography tour
The perfect holiday. (more)Susanne Kempf
Excellent, memorable, wonderful. (more)liz mcmanus
From £2325 excluding flights
Cambodia, Laos and Thailand, Mekong adventure
Memorable parts? Angkor in Cambodia, but the Vespa tour in Ho Chi Min. Tips? The train is hardly luxurious! Local benefits? Definitely supported local people Overall rating? (more)Elizabeth Mapstone
From £1850 - £2950 excluding flights
Cambodia small group tour, a food adventure
Memorable parts? There were so many! The walks through food stalls, the cooking lessons, the impromptu stops of the bus to get more street food and going to a BBQ with locals at Siem Reap. Tips? Its a jam packed itinerary so if you need lots of downtime, it's probably not for you. Local benefits? Yes Overall rating? It was really great. The only recommendation I'd have is to add in an Angkor beer tour in PP. (more)Lauren Supplee
From £775 - £920 excluding flights
Cambodia holidays, Phnom Penh & Angkor
Tourism is an important employer in Cambodia so our staying in small hotels and using local guides, river boats, the bamboo train etc were all supportive. (more)Andrew Whitrow
Fantastic window into cambodia. we needed a few days on a thai beach to assimilate it all. (more)Anna Bradley
So many things were amazing. Seeing the sun rise at Angkor Wat, trekking in the Kulen mountains and camping overnight at the monastery at the top. My daughter would say it was riding on an elephant, something she has always wanted to do. (more)Janet Potts
From £1850 - £2050 including UK flights
Cambodia country tour, temples & sea
Truly amazing holiday. Great, knowledgeable guides. Lovely people...All memorable, an amazing country. (more)Trisha Burdett
Great holiday that included history, temples, people, animals and as little motorized travel as possible. (more)Elke MacGregor
From £995 excluding flights
Cambodia tailor made holiday
Memorable parts? How to decide between so many great moments. It must have been either the cooking class or the circus. But generally, as cliched as it is, the best part were the people. Both our wonderful guides and the others we met. So friendly and releaxed, not as in your face as in other Asian countries I visited. Tips? When you visit the Killing Fields, also visit the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. The two sites belong together to grasp the history of the country, and can easily... (more)Gerhard Kordmann
From £790 - £1650 excluding flights
Angkor Wat tour
Memorable parts? First sight on Angkor Wat before sunrise, silhouetted against a dark sky. Tips? Bring sunscreen! Local benefits? We had a great local guide, but I was concerned about the impact of our big, air-conditioned bus & noisy diesel longtail boat during the trip up Tonle Sap. I'd like to know more about how money from tourism actually infiltrates the local economy. I'm concerned that tourism is creating a dependent, vassal class of native servants & merchants. (more)Diane Pittman
From £695 - £855 including domestic flights only
Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City
I was very pleased with my vacation. It was non-stop activity, but our guide made sure it was worry-free. (more)Cristi Combe
Excellent...Angkor Wat was the memorable part. (more)Elodie Maria Sube
Superb! Guide was excellent and itinerary was perfect. Sunrise at Angkor Wat will take your breath away! (more)Ian Young
From £442 - £600 excluding flights
Thailand, Laos and Cambodia holiday
Memorable parts? The train Journey from Bangkok, the days on the Mekong and the guided tour of Bangkok. Tips? There are not too many high spots on this holiday, as it misses out the main sights. This is a rather low key trip and some of it is very beautiful. It does take you to less visited areas. Prepare for two full days of travelling at the end to get to Phenom Phen. Local benefits? Definitely relations with local people were respectful and brought benefits to them. Overall... (more)Lesley Holly
From £2160 - £2360 including UK flights
Cambodia & Vietnam classic tour
Memorable parts? It is hard to be specific as everything was memorable, from the chaotic city of Hanoi to the tranquil waterways of the Mekong. The Killing Fields is a very moving experience and makes you realise how lucky we are in the UK. The local people we met in our accommodation were delightful they made our holiday. Angker Wat was spectacular at sunrise, the serene majesty of Halong Bay. Out itinerary was busy but enjoyable we experienced a fantastic culture unlike anything experienced... (more)John Finneran
From £2000 - £2600 including UK flights
Cambodia and Thailand holiday
Angor Wat temple is beautiful. It was amazing to see that almost one thousand year building in such a good shape. (more)Iwona Warszawska
The whole trip was brilliantly planned as we traversed through Cambodia, to a Thai Island, then to Bangkok without any hiccups anywhere. (more)Greg Bartlett
A few memorable moments are the temples at Angkor which revealed something new each day, the somewhat sobering experience of Tuol Sleng. (more)Michael Robinson
From £2365 - £2565 including UK flights
Cambodia & Vietnam holiday
I would definitely recommend this tour and intend to do another one with this company....As a single traveller I particularly appreciated the fact that all the other members of the tour were extremely friendly and easy to get on with. (more)Marian Jenkins
Loved cycling in Hoi An and seeing the locals and water buffalo in the fields. The cookery class was hilarious and memorable for all the right reasons. (more)Loretta Ahmed
Most memorable part of the holiday was...everything. (more)Jack Kitchener
From £1054 - £1435 excluding flights
Cambodia adventure holiday
Excellent value for money; Cambodia tugs at the heart strings and makes you want to help in some way. (more)Jacqueline Driver
Temple visits in Siem Reap and the moto trip to Battambang villages were the most memorable parts. (more)Judy Dhanraj
Memorable parts? 1. Angkor Wat & other temples in the area & 2. Motor bike ride outside Battembang (more)Patricia Goldberg
From £742 - £950 excluding flights
Cambodia & Vietnam explorer holiday
Loved tasting the local foods and the lunch in the jungle. Some lovely lunches and evening meals shared in local restaurants that we would never have found on our own. (more)Helen Scholes
Fabulous! All was great. Cambodia's temples were amazing. (more)Dana Harland
It was a wonderful experience and gave me an insight to the beauty of countries of Indochina as well as its warm and delightful people...we visited local projects where we were able to either contribute financially or support by buying their produce. (more)Pat Alexander
From £2040 - £2770 including domestic flights only
Cambodia adventure holiday, small group
Memorable parts? day trip on the back of a motorbike, snorkelling off Nha Trang Tips? budget more money than the trip notes say for food not included in the trip costs pack lots of sunscreen Local benefits? definitely benefited local people, some benefits to the environment, not sure about supporting conservation Overall rating? excellent trip with a diverse range of experiences a lots of optional extras (more)Anna Haigh
From £464 - £605 excluding flights
Exciting family holiday in Cambodia
Memorable parts? Loved hotels Tamu and Sala Lodge and also our Ankwor Wat guide. Tips? Do not snorkel unless far out to sea at an island. Don't go to Sihouknaville Local benefits? Local guide and drivers only Overall rating? Great (more)Sarah Codacci
From £1025 - £1075 excluding flights
Cambodia holiday, culture & coast
Memorable parts? There were many memorable moments but the temples were definitely a high point. Tips? Definitely go for the option of having your own driver - makes everything much easier. Local benefits? Yes as tourism is putting much needed money into Cambodia and local people were used by the company as guides etc. Overall rating? 8 out of 10. (more)Pauline Sieler
From £3650 including UK flights
Highlights of Indochina tour
Very good...I appreciated the variety - everything from overnight in a village in Vietnam and being entertained by the locals in that beautiful place, to crawling through Cu Chi tunnels (very dark)to Silk production, making rice paper ... also liked Angkor Wat and associated temples, fascinating. (more)pamela taylor
Luang Prabang - such a pleasant place. The quality of orgaisation ranged from good to excellent. (more)Rosemary Napper
From £1995 - £2645 including domestic flights only
Cambodia and Vietnam holiday, Siem Reap to Hanoi
Memorable parts? Back of bike tour Ho Chi Minh City Halong Bay Cruise Tips? Travel light, mosquito spray Obtain a map of the city and ask about the best places to eat Local benefits? Benefited local people only by contributing to tourism Overall rating? Excellent (more)Beverley Ashurst
From £1450 - £2250 excluding flights
Indochina overland tour, Saigon to Angkor
Joining crowds of people and the sense of anticipation felt when waiting for the sunrise over Ankor Wat. Being taught to create and cook my own wrap was the most memorable part of the holiday (more)Sara Page
The sampan ride through the jungle at Xe Quit and coffee in the floating market in Vietnam were the most memorable parts of the holiday. (more)Yvette Etcell
Most memorable were Angkor Wat and the other temples around Siem Reap. Home Stay near Vinh Long. (more)Graham Dalby
From £2450 - £2650 including UK flights
Indochina small group adventure holiday
Memorable parts? The Angkor temples - If this was just one temple it would probably not be as majestic, but the plethora of temples, their architecture and engineering and the area they cover is simply breathtaking! Tips? It's a trip easily coordinated on your own and you do not need to pay an agency premium for it, unless you are pressed for time. Allow at least 3 days in Angkor. Try flying as much as you can and avoid road travelling as the roads and driving are rather bad - spoiling... (more)Yianna Loizou
From £2399 - £2899 including UK flights
Indochina holiday adventure
We did visit organisations that supported the local community and hilltribes (more)Katherine Aucott
Thoroughly enjoyable, we had a variety of very stimulating and interesting experiences. We felt we were in the company of likeminded fellow travellers, which obviously added to the enjoyment. (more)Joyce Godfrey
From £2500 - £2700 including UK flights

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