Small group holidays in Canada. Tours & holidays in 2016 & 2017

Canada small group holidays

Canada small group holidays

It is so big it is hard to get your head around sometimes so, by joining a Canada small group holiday and like-minded tourists, it takes the pressure off the organisation front. They are perfect if you want a short cut to Canada’s cultural and natural highlights, such as hiking in the Rockies, going on a polar bear expedition, or dog sledding in the Yukon.

Canada family adventure holiday
The perfect outdoor adventure for the whole family, from £1049 - £1159 (11 days) ex flights
Canadian Rockies activity holiday
Adventure through the Canadian wilderness, from £1470 - £1725 (15 days) ex flights
Canadian Rockies adventure holiday
Walk, bike and canoe in the Canadian Rockies, from £1679 - £1809 (11 days) ex flights
Canadian wildlife & Vancouver Island holiday
Off the beaten track adventure into the Canadian Rockies, from £2339 - £2489 (14 days) ex flights

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British Columbia small group holiday, Canada
Glorious chance to delve under the skin of British Columbia, from £1899 - £2099 (10 days) ex flights
Algonquin Park tours in Canada, canoeing & moose
Canoe Algonquin Park, see wildlife such as moose, wolves, from CA $599 (4 days) ex flights
Canadian Rockies and Vancouver Island holiday
Valleys rich with wildlife, bear, deer & moose, from £3399 - £3899 (15 days) inc UK flights
New England and Canadian east coast tours
Rugged, unspoiled and off the tourist trail, from £2419 - £2549 (13 days) ex flights
2017 solar eclipse holiday in the Rockies, USA & Canada
For those who seek a true wilderness experience, from £2699 (18 days) ex flights
Alaska and Canada adventure holiday, Gold Rush Trail
Wildlife and historic gold towns in a retrofitted school bus, from US $2390 - US $2490 (17 days) ex flights
Arctic wildlife holiday in Canada
Musk-oxen herds & intriguing history in Canada's Far North, from CA $3995 (5 days) ex flights
Yukon canoe adventure, Canada
hh, from £899 - £949 (8 days) ex flights
New England and Canadian east coast holiday
Colonial New England and French Canadian culture, from £2389 - £2509 (13 days) ex flights
Canadian Rockies camping holiday
Explore pristine British Columbia & Alberta in the Rockies, from £1189 - £1429 (12 days) ex flights
Canadian Rockies walking holiday
Experience breath-taking scenery in the Canadian Rockies, from £1229 - £1339 (12 days) ex flights
Tundra wildlife holiday in Canada
Northern lights & musk-oxen herds in Canada's Far North, from CA $3995 (5 days) ex flights
Newfoundland holiday adventure
Largest gathering of playful humpbacks join the puffins, from CA $2950 (8 days) ex flights
Sailing holiday in British Columbia, Canada
Unique coastal adventures, from CA $4250 (7 days) ex flights
Algonquin Park tours, Explorers cabin escape
Discover Wildlife, Dine on Local Food, Stay at Log Cabin, from CA $499 - CA $699 (4 days) ex flights
Northern Lights holiday, Yukon
Explore the Yukon wilderness and see the Northern Lights, from £1795 (8 days) ex flights
North America overland tour, Las Vegas to Anchorage
58-Days North America Overlanding: Las Vegas to Anchorage, from US $6290 - US $6440 (8 weeks) ex flights
Churchill polar bear tour in Canada
An amazing opportunity to encounter polar bears, from £3995 (7 days) ex flights
Arctic wildlife cruise holiday, heart of the Arctic
Immerse yourself in Arctic culture and landscape, from US $3995 - US $15395 (13 days) ex flights
Wolf watching holiday in Canada
See wild wolves during the den cycle in Canada's Far North, from CA $3800 (7 days) ex flights
Polar Bear watching in Canada
Live on the Arctic Tundra among polar bears, from £4465 (7 days) ex flights
Newfoundland holidays, Viking trail
Journey through time along the Arctic's southern edge, from CA $3100 (8 days) ex flights
Canadian Rockies hiking holiday
Mountain and glacial scenery with flowers and wildlife, from £2649 - £3099 (14 days) inc UK flights
Canadian Rockies & wilderness walking holiday
Prepare for a journey deep into the Canadian Rockies, from £1569 - £1699 (13 days) ex flights
Las Vegas to Calgary adventure holiday
Camping trip: Explore the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, from US $2390 - US $2490 (20 days) ex flights

14 reviews for Small group holidays in Canada4 star overall rating

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Algonquin Park tours in Canada, canoeing & moose
It was great fun to be out on the water in the sunshine, paddling along the lakes and rivers. It was a beautiful, peaceful trip in which time did not exist. (more)Annemarieke de Bruin
Learning how to track animals, brew pine needle tea, make rope out of bark, start a fire in the rain and read weather patterns were the most memorable parts. (more)Jane Lucken
From CA $599 excluding flights
Canada family adventure holiday
Memorable parts? The camping trip was so wonderful, it is very difficult to name only one thing. Having said that, the walk to the Plain of Six Glaciers was truly spectacular! Tips? Be flexible, respect other travellers and the tour guide and make the most of opportunities available. Local benefits? Possibly. Overall rating? A wonderful experience. The parts of Canada we visited were spectacular and our tour guide Jayko is worth his weight in gold. (more)Lynda Wilson
From £999 - £1159 excluding flights
Canadian Rockies adventure holiday
Memorable parts? Wildlife encounters:Black Bears up close.The vista of the Rockies Tips? Travel between some points was extensive.The Inner passage ferry trip took from 0530 hrs to 2345hrs. Travel took up at least 2 days of the trip once on the tour ie it was an 11 day tour not 13 in our opinion. Some of the hotels were poor eg Ucluelet was paticulary bad v. noisy and outside Tofino which was the attraction part of the trip ie couldn't get to Tofino under own steam.You will spend... (more)George Hammett
From £1599 - £1809 excluding flights
Canadian Rockies activity holiday
Memorable parts? The most memorable part was meeting up with 11 other like minded people to enjoy the whole experience, a real once in a lifetime holiday. Tips? Be prepare to open your imagination, experience new challenges everyday, and leave with some incredible memories. Local benefits? Yes absolutely, from the trekking with local guides, and use of individual campsites. To the style of group activities chosen, and group involvement with meals, cooking and cleaning. Overall... (more)Iain Buchanan
From £1470 - £1725 excluding flights
Alaska and Yukon classic camping tour
Memorable parts? We travelled a great distance, saw tons of great scenery and was able to do a variety of activities so I can't really say that one thing stands out however Dawson City (both times) was great. Tips? Bring a bug hat/jacket and some good bug spray. Bring a variety of warm clothes (e.g. mitts, wool hat...) even in the summer months - you never know what the temperature will be like. It really is an active tour and to be ready for this. You do no have to be an athlete... (more)Mary Ellen Ruddell
From £3239 - £3619 excluding flights
Canadian wildlife & Vancouver Island holiday
Memorable parts? The group was excellent and we are keeping in touch, great camaraderie. Alex the guide was superb. Knowledgeable but above all friendly. A huge asset to the organization. Having seen Polar Bears and Brown bears before I was excited at the chance of seeing a Black Bear close up. The trip did not disappoint. We saw about ten including several within camera range. We also saw Elk, Orcas and a range of other interesting mammal and bird species. Tips? Be prepared for... (more)Paul Butler
From £2219 - £2489 excluding flights
Vancouver to Alaska tour, by ferry & rail
Memorable parts? The optional ferry ride from Juneau to the fjord. Wonderful experience. Also optional ice climbing on Exit Glacier...scary, exciting,mouthed my boundaries like nothing else. Great patient and encouraging guides who were very safety conscious. Tips? Be prepared for early mornings and late nights. The ferry schedule rules everything. You will spend a lot of time travelling so be sure to take on the optional activities so you have a balance. Local benefits? It's... (more)Alison Horch
From £2720 - £3399 excluding flights
Canadian Rockies & wilderness walking holiday
Memorable parts? Hiking the Iceline trail in Yoho National Park. Seeing grizzly and black bears by the roadside. Tips? The pace of this holiday is a bit frenetic and there was very little 'down time'. Days started early and every minute was taken up with hiking, cooking for the group (of 16 in our case) and washing up, putting up or taking down tents and travelling between destinations, but, despite the hard work, it was one of the best holidays I've ever had. Truly fabulous group... (more)Christabel Owens
From £1519 - £1699 excluding flights
Queen Charlotte Islands sailing holiday, Canada
Learning of the culture of the people of Haida Gwaai was the most exciting part. (more)Jill Brasch
Another highlight was the incredible smell of food each time we returned to our mother boat: of superb quality and variety. And believe me, that kayaking makes you real hungry! (more)Sue Lorraine
From CA $4850 - CA $5350 excluding flights
Canadian Rockies walking holiday
Memorable parts? The glaciers Tips? Always consider that temperature could get lower than expected and same for the rain, it rains frequently but a rain coat is enough to deal with the rain. Local benefits? Yes, we purchased food from locals Overall rating? It was enjoyable (more)Luis Marrero
From £1229 - £1339 excluding flights
Churchill polar bear tour in Canada
Memorable parts? From the moment we arrived in Churchill until we left! We saw a polar bear being released from the holding facility and flown off back to the wild, mothers and cubs, young bears 'play-boxing, a large male bear falling through the thin ice and the Northern Lights. All the staff were fantastic, particularly our wonderful free-spirited guide Leah Okin Magowan. It could not have been better!! Tips? Go go go! Local benefits? The local company have worked, and... (more)Liz Green
From £3995 excluding flights
Newfoundland holiday adventure
Memorable parts? Close up views of the icebergs and lots of encounters with humpback whales. It was fascinating to see the Caplin rolling on the beaches. Tips? Make sure you have warm clothing as well as cool clothing , the weather can be unpredictable . Local benefits? We stayed a small hotels run by locals and ate at very interesting local restaurants. The driver and the guide were genuine Newfoundlanders so they knew all the best places to go. Overall rating? It... (more)Stephen Clements
From CA $2950 excluding flights

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