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Chile adventure holiday
Chile's best: the Atacama Desert, Lake District and Patagonia , from £3349 - £3849 (15 days) inc UK flights
Rio Futaleufu rafting holiday in Chile
Raft deep canyons and pristine wilderness of Patagonia, from £2654 (9 days) ex flights
Tour of Patagonia, El Calafate & Torres del Paine
Patagonia's best - Torres del Paine and Perito Moreno Glacier, from US $620 - US $2665 (5 days) ex flights
Torres del Paine tour
5 day tour in the incredible Torres del Paine National park, from £1055 (5 days) ex flights

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Small group adventure holiday to Patagonia
Explore the spectacular wilderness and mountains of Patagonia, from £3208 (21 days) ex flights
Patagonia small group holiday
Explore Patagonia's National Parks by foot and small-ship, from US $3995 - US $7215 (11 days) ex flights
Antarctic cruise and hiking in Chile
Walk in Atacama and Patagonia before cruising Antarctica, from £11075 (4 weeks) ex flights
Patagonia luxury adventure holiday
Luxury hotels and adventure in Patagonia, from US $3644 - US $3883 (11 days) ex flights
Patagonia trekking adventure holiday
Trek Fitzroy, Paine and visit Ushuaia, Patagonia Highlights, from £2400 - £2533 (15 days) ex flights
Photography holiday on Easter Island
Photograph one of the world's most isolated inhabited islands, from £3965 (7 days) ex flights
South America overland expedition
South America as few others will experience it, from £2595 (12 weeks) ex flights
Highlights of Patagonia holiday
Explore the wild, mountainous south of Argentina and Chile, from £3499 - £3999 (15 days) inc UK flights
Chile tailor made holiday, north to south
Highlights of Chile in wine country, Atacama, and Patagonia, from US $3445 - US $3775 (13 days) ex flights
Patagonia tailor made tour, self guided
Self-guided holiday in stunning Patagonian mountains, from US $2428 (13 days) ex flights
Sea kayaking in Patagonia, Chile
Seakayaking adventure holiday in Pumalin, Patagonia, Chile, from £1441 (6 days) ex flights
Paine and Fitz Roy trek, trekking holiday
Spectacular Andes scenery from glacial lakes to towering granite peaks, from £3490 (15 days) ex flights
Lima to Santiago overland holiday
Travel through Peru Bolivia & Chile, from £2499 - £2699 (21 days) ex flights
Patagonian holiday
Explore the mountain scenery of Chilean & Argentine Patagonia, from £2910 - £3295 (15 days) ex flights
Cycling holiday in Chile
First class bike tour in Chile's Lake & Volcano District, from US $4250 - US $4950 (12 days) ex flights
Peru to Argentina holiday
Travel from the High Andes to the Pampas of Argentina, from £3039 (21 days) ex flights
Chile activity tour
Active adventure holiday in Chile's Lake District, from £809 (4 days) ex flights
Patagonia trekking tour, end of the earth
Pristine wilderness adventure in Torres Del Paine, Patagonia, from £2499 - £2699 (15 days) ex flights
Patagonia and Brazil adventure holiday
A fully escorted luxury group tour of Patagonia, from £4608 (18 days) ex flights
Patagonian photography tour
Patagonia photography and wildlife luxury tour, from £2113 (6 days) ex flights
Patagonia walking holiday in Chile
Discover Chile's deserts, lakes, volcanoes and glaciers on foot , from £3499 - £3899 (15 days) inc UK flights
South America grand tour, Peru to Brazil
Experience South Americaís cultural and natural diversity, from £5000 (5 weeks) ex flights
Chile and Easter Island holiday, community & culture
Experience the culture, community and sights of Chile & Easter Island, from £1249 (8 days) ex flights
Argentina, Bolivia and Chile holiday
Explore the amazing landscapes & culture of this 3 countries, from US $1245 - US $1595 (9 days) ex flights
Argentina & Chile holiday, crossing the Andes
Experience the stunning landscapes of Argentina and Chile, from US $2443 (13 days) ex flights

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Antarctic cruise and hiking in Chile
The entire trip was magical and I loved almost every moment. The landings were supplemented with presentations that helped me to put my experiences into the perspective of wider Antarctica issues. (more)Christine Gordon
Respect where you are and its beauty. (more)Edmund Raczkowski
From £11075 excluding flights
Tour of Patagonia, El Calafate & Torres del Paine
Memorable parts? I loved traveling around Patagonia, visiting blue and greenish blue lakes, the steppes, the glaciers, the snow capped mountains, the unusual wildlife. An extra bonus was the view out of my hotel window directly in front of Lago Argentino, over which the skies constantly changed. For me, Patagonia was pure magic. Tips? The holiday company provides you with many options so take advantage of their services. They are also on standby should you need help, want to make... (more)Joanna Drzewieniecki
From US $620 - US $2665 excluding flights
Patagonian adventure holiday in Chile and Argentina
Memorable parts? Torres Del Paine national park, with itís beautiful scenery. I could have stayed forever. And the most memorable bit was when we saw a puma! Every day had a memorable event though, I canít believe how much was packed into two weeks. Tips? Try to buy your own international flights to save money, although going into Santiago and leaving from Buenos Aires this may be expensive to do without the agent. Make sure you are used to mountain walking as some treks are 8... (more)Beth Barnes
From £2518 excluding flights
Patagonian holiday
Memorable parts? Hiking to Torres Del Paine. Tips? Just enjoy it. Local benefits? I hope it. Overall rating? 8 out of 10. (more)Andrea Fregoni
From £2910 - £3295 excluding flights
Overland tour to South America, Andes to the Amazon
Memorable parts? Hiking on a glacier, coming face to face with penguins in Punta Tomba, canyoning down a 40 metre waterfall, meeting all my new friends Tips? We had a great time, and made 21 new friends... but it is quite intense being with other people for such a long time... bring earplugs and ipod and a very very warm sleeping bag. Local benefits? Yes, we always took our rubbish with us, and were careful not to make a mess. Overall rating? Had an amazing time,... (more)Caroline Eccles
From £1785 excluding flights
Lima to Santiago overland holiday
Memorable parts? Machu picchu and the Uyuni salt flats. Tips? Pack well, all types of clothing are necessary and be prepared for the unexpected. Local benefits? Yes. Overall rating? Exciting. (more)Michelle Zammit
From £2499 - £2699 excluding flights
Atacama and Patagonia hiking holiday
Memorable parts? Trekking with the most amazing mountain backdrop for several days, in Torres del Paine, culminating in the climb up to Las Torres themselves; there just aren't the words to do this place justice. Tips? Do some walking beforehand, if you want to get the most from it. Also, don't forget a camera, or you will be truly sorry! Local benefits? Since we stayed, ate and drank locally, this should be a positive thing. Minimized environmental impacts is a bit tricky,... (more)Chris Senior
From £3685 - £4235 excluding flights
Patagonian adventure holiday
The tour has been a full success from Asuncion to Encarnacion and the visit of the Jesuit Missions a special highlight (more)Paul Thibor
Excellent, a great trip, a very nice group, greate guides. the trek to the Torres was the most exciting part. (more)Andrew Robinson
The most memorable part of our holiday was camping in Mt Fitz Roy National Park; it was so beautiful and the walking was excellent. We had some really good mountain guides; lots of fun. (more)Karen Simecek
From £2380 excluding flights
Patagonia trekking adventure holiday
I would give it 5 stars, it was a truly amazing trip! (more)pam hall
Overall, was pleased with our decision to do this part of our travels as a tour. Appreciated all the bookings, transfers, box lunches ie logistics as well as the different tour options that were arranged. (more)Terry Brannigan
From £2400 - £2533 excluding flights
Chile cycling holiday
Memorable parts? Views of snow topped volcanos whilst cycling around huge lakes. Tips? It can be very cool until lunchtime. Long sleeves essential. Local benefits? Yes as we used local staff & facilities. Overall rating? Excellent itinerary. Good pace. Our guide Ernesto was particularly helpful & informative. (more)Jan Lawson
From US $3350 excluding flights
Torres del Paine tour
Memorable parts? So many. Our great group & superb guides. First site of the mountains from Lake Pehoe & climbing to the Torres. Tips? Make sure you're in good shape for long & sometimes challenging hikes. Local benefits? Not sure of benefit to locals other than some employment. Tour was very good on minimizing environmental impacts including reminders from guides. Overall rating? All my expectations were met. Great accommodations, food, guides, activities, etc. I... (more)Karen Cutler
From £1055 excluding flights
Andes overland journey, Atacama desert to Machu Picchu
Memorable parts? Visiting Machu Picchu. Tips? Be prepared for the effects of altitude. We didn't get altitude sickness but suffered from tiredness, headaches and shortness of breath, especially when walking up hills. You need to give yourself longer to do things requiring physical effort. Local benefits? Yes, all guides, drivers and hotel staff were locals and we stayed with a local family on Lake Titicaca. There was an emphasis on conservation and reducing environmental... (more)Dianne Margaret Reidy
From Ä3280 including domestic flights only
Small group adventure holiday to Patagonia
Most memorable was Torres del Paine national park and climbing to the base of the granite peaks - something I'd dreamed about doing for years. Battling the Patagonian winds to stand on the beach photographing icebergs. Clinging on for life as we raced down the rapids white water rafting in the Lake District. (more)Ruth Edwards
The leader of the group was very well organised and had the patience of a saint. He got to know each of us and worked hard to ensure we had the holiday we expected (more)Elizabeth Caldwell
From £3208 excluding flights

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