China holidays and tours, 2015 and 2016

China tours, Beijing to Hong Kong
A fantastic journey into the Middle Kingdom, from £892 - £1049 (18 days) ex flights
Great Wall of China walking holiday
Trek along various contrasting sections of the wall, from £1379 - £1669 (10 days) inc UK flights
The Essence of China vacation
Explore cultural & religious heritage, from £2110 - £2370 (21 days) ex flights
Exciting family holiday in China
An exciting family holiday taking in the highlights of China, from £1320 - £1380 (12 days) ex flights
South East China photography holiday
Discover ethnic minorities and natural wonders of China, from €2200 - €2250 (10 days) ex flights
Tailor made holiday in China
China's iconic historical sights, from £2800 - £3500 (14 days) inc UK flights
China and Japan holiday, Beijing to Tokyo
Incredible journey showcasing the best of two ancient cultures, from £2849 - £2899 (18 days) ex flights
Discover Yunnan holiday, China
Be challenged by this active trip, from £710 - £765 (13 days) ex flights
China highlights tour, tailor made
Walk along the Great Wall and relax in the stunning LiRiver, from US $2202 - US $2294 (11 days) ex flights
China biking holiday, Guilin and Guangxi
An amazing biking adventure to South West China, from £1195 (14 days) ex flights
Small group tours to China
A popular small group journey through the best of China, from £2111 - £2690 (15 days) ex flights
Small group tour to China
Visit the Great Wall & Tiger Leaping Gorge, from £1440 - £1899 (21 days) ex flights
Hong Kong to Beijing overland tours
Hong Kong Yangtze River Boat trip Shanghai & Beijing, from £935 - £1149 (18 days) ex flights
China holiday, discover imperial China
Exploring Eastern China, from £2099 - £2529 (14 days) inc UK flights
China tailor made holiday, from Beijing to Shanghai
Highlights of China private tour from Beijing, from US $1347 - US $2038 (8 days) ex flights
South East China holiday, culture & nature
Discover ethnic minorities and natural wonders of China, from €1700 - €1950 (10 days) ex flights
China holiday and Yangtze river cruise
A comprehensive China itinerary covering its length and breadth , from £2599 - £3029 (20 days) inc UK flights
Trans-Mongolian Express, Eastbound
Russia to China on the Trans-Siberian Railway, from £2510 - £2645 (21 days) ex flights
China Express adventure holiday
A fast-paced tour of China’s highlights, from £680 - £849 (8 days) ex flights
Yangshuo adventure holiday, China
Be active & adventurous, see Yangshuo's best, from US $425 - US $695 (5 days) ex flights
Great Wall of China cycling holiday
Biking and hiking adventure along the Great Wall, from US $699 - US $1699 (5 days) ex flights
Honeymoon in China, Beijing and Guilin
A sweet honeymoon travel in Beijing and Guilin, from US $1577 - US $1942 (8 days) ex flights
Silk Road adventure holiday
Follow in the footsteps of the Silk Road, from £2399 (14 days) ex flights
Shanghai to Beijing tour in China
Discover the delights of China's north, from £885 - £965 (12 days) ex flights
China small group holiday, a food adventure
Search out some of the city’s best street food & more, from £1490 - £1690 (12 days) ex flights
Trans Siberian railway journey, tailor made
Linking Europe and Asia on this epic Trans-Siberian journey, from £3500 (19 days) inc UK flights
Yunnan tailor made holiday, China
Distinctive ethnic culture and magnificent Tiger Leaping Gorge, from US $1199 - US $1499 (7 days) ex flights
China relaxed walking holiday
A relaxing view of China walking the Guilin area and see Xi'an, from £999 (10 days) ex flights
Photography holiday in Tibet & Yunnan, China
Extraordinary photograph holiday in Tibet and Yunnan, from US $2409 - US $5799 (14 days) ex flights
China strenuous walking holiday
Walking in China for those looking for a challenge, from £2110 (14 days) ex flights

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China tours, Beijing to Hong Kong
Memorable parts? One evening after a show we needed to get a snack, our CEO was going to get noodles an she let us join her we sat in the street with local people and enjoyed a supper of noodles. The local children tried to speak English and the adults were very friendly it was a lovely atmosphere. Tips? If they are travelling in summer they need to understand how exceptionally hot it will be, thy will need enough thin clothing to have two outfits a day and they will need lots of... (more)Laura McKenna
From £892 - £1049 excluding flights
Great Wall of China walking holiday
Five stars: Themost memorable parts were walking on the Great Wall, interacting with ordinary Chinese people in theTemple of Heaven Park and seeing Red & Giant Pandas. (more)Sally Payne
I LOVED every minute of my stay in China, and the tour was very efficiently run. Our tour guide, Jerry was really great. (more)Phyllis Ryan
Great organisation, exactly what I was looking for and far exceeded my expectations. (more)Lynne Oakerbee
From £1379 - £1669 including UK flights
South East China photography holiday
It was a fantastic trip, well balanced and well organised. (more)Garron Hilton
Highly recommended photographic trip. (more)Robert Hoorn
Oktay gave me a wonderful introduction to China from all his (and his assistant Sandy's) experience. He knew just the right places to go for photography and the right people to meet. Oktay is a great professional and I had an excellent and instructive time with him. (more)John Stork
From €2200 - €2250 excluding flights
Exciting family holiday in China
Memorable parts? The itinerary planned by our operator worked out beautifully for my family of 8. A couple of the guides, especially Johnnie in Beijing and Susan in chengdu engaged with the children and helped make our time in those cities very enjoyable. we loved that logistics were taken care of by our guides n drivers. The children loved the ice skating, the time at the Great Wall, learning to cook their own dishes, spending Christmas day at the panda research center, biking in town... (more)Kristin Baker
From £1320 - £1380 excluding flights
Silk Road holidays, Central Asia
Most memorable? It has to be Kyrgyzstan. The landscape, the people, sleeping in yurts - even the food. All fantastic. (more)Sue Noble
Seeing the breathtaking mountain views in Kyrgyzstan was the most memorable part of this holiday. (more)Jayne Hanlin
The most memroabel part of the holiday was the yurt stay in Son Kul and Tash Rabat and Samarkand. (more)Karen O'Driscoll
From £3295 including domestic flights only
The Essence of China vacation
The Great Wall walk was the most memorable part of the holiday (more)Colin Nelson
The overall holiday was excellent, and the group we travelled with were very nice. We thought that the trip itinerary was well designed and we thank the operator management and staff for the opportunity to have this wonderful experience. (more)Michael Barnes
I had a brilliant time, the tour was amazing, I got to see some really different parts of China and loved every day of it. (more)Lisa Calmiano
From £2110 - £2370 excluding flights
The Silk Route, Beijing to Tashkent
Memorable parts? The sights and experience was truly magnificient, hard to pinpoint as there were so many. Had the most wonderful travelling companions, and though we got stuck in no man's land between China and Kyrghistan, nobody complained. Tips? To travel as light as possible, to keep an open mind in case something unforeseen happens and to enjoy all the wonderful people you come across everywhere. A smile goes such a long way and gives so much in return ! Local benefits? We... (more)Gunilla Westerlund
From £3590 excluding flights
Discover Yunnan holiday, China
Hmmm, hard to choose just one most memorable part since the whole trip was so great!...Overall my trip to China was one of the best vacations I've ever had. (more)Ethan Meyers
The highlight was hiring bikes in Dali and spending the day cycling through villages by the lake. It was great to get away from the touristy spots for a few hours and get a glimpse of the local lifestyle. (more)Juliet Hewish
From £710 - £765 excluding flights
Trans-Mongolian Express, Eastbound
The Lake Baikal Homestay and the Mongolian Ger Camp... both have incredible memories for me that will stay with me for life! (more)Heidi Hosgood
I loved the train journey, chatting to the locals, making food, using the hot water urns at the end of the carriage and having the wheels changed on the Mongolia/China border was a fantastic experience. (more)Sally Foote
The most memorable was staying in a ger at Terelj National Park [Mongolia] and walking in the park... The most exciting was seeing the cosmonaut memorial in Moscow and balancing a Kazakh hunting eagle on my arm outside Terelj. (more)Christine Johnstone
From £2510 - £2645 excluding flights
China tailor made holiday, from Beijing to Shanghai
The parks were my favourite part of the trip, I also really enjoyed walking on the Great Wall and the live show in Xian. (more)Leigh McGlone
Overall this was a fantastic trip and we feel very honoured to have been able to see all that we did, especially the Forbidden City, the Great Wall and the Terra Cotta Warriors. (more)Ewen Macnair
From US $1347 - US $2038 including domestic flights only
Budget holiday to China
The Great Wall was the most memorable part. None of the pictures really do it justice, the views are amazing. We went about 60KM away from Beijing and set off early. It was really worth it as it was not crowded at all and we almost had the Wall to ourselves. (more)Darren Grubb
It was great! The tour was well organized and the guide was awesome. China is a huge country, but you get to see a nice bit of it in this tour. (more)Candy Owens
From £1499 excluding flights
China holiday, Beijing to Hong Kong
Memorable parts? The terracotta warriors at Xi'an and the Great Wall. Cherry, our guide although very young, was dedicated and gave us great tips and help when choosing restaurants and outings. Our group integrated very well and everyone was on time for going places. Tips? Travel light, but do take toilet paper!! Local benefits? We certainly used local transport (busses, trains and only once taxis). Overall rating? Most enjoyable. The only thing that didn't work out... (more)Sheila Taylor
From £1730 - £1890 excluding flights
Hong Kong to Beijing overland tours
The Great Wall and toboganning were the most memorable parts of the holiday (more)Lourdes Macias
The "Guilin/Yangshuo" segment was the most enjoyable, the place was scenic and relaxing, and we had lots of options for activities from kung fu to cooking class. (more)Christine Frank
From £935 - £1149 excluding flights
Beijing to Kathmandu tours, Mountains & Monasteries
All of the holiday was fantastic. I particularly enjoyed the train journey from Beijing to Lhasa. The visit to the nunnery was fun. There was nothing on my trip that I didn't enjoy so it's hard to choose 1 thing I enjoyed most. (more)Jules Palmer
Excellent....Go with an open mind, an attitude of adventure. It is a different country. You will not find the same facilities as at home. The food is different. But it's all part of the adventure. (more)Yoginee Patel
It was very memorable and exciting, and a good idea to go on a tour through a country that would be difficult to navigate alone. (more)Laura Tomlinson
From £2310 - £2805 excluding flights
Shanghai to Beijing tour in China
The best part of my holiday came unexpectedly on the last day, when I found myself gazing at the roofs of the Forbidden City from the top of Jingshan Temple. (more)Jennifer Jenkins
I feel that every part of the journey is memorable - I enjoyed it throughout. It is very difficult to pick a few highlights, as I feel this trip includes most of China's highlights....It was a great holiday - a lot of interesting sights, fascinating history and great people (more)Pamela Krueger
I have been on quite a few trips around the world but this has certainly been the best, largely due to the unrelenting quality of the tour leader. (more)Thomas Webb
From £885 - £965 excluding flights
Northwest Yunnan holiday, China
It's always the way when you know that you really should do something to highlight the good work that someone's doing; more mundane, and far worth while things get in your way. And so, I've been meaning to write for over a month now to let you all know how much we appreciated the link that Responsible Travel gave us to a small ecotourism company in China. We would never have found them without Responsible Travel - and it was the highlight of a trip to China, which was otherwise hot, humid, and at... (more)Claire and Paul Cowie
From US $25 excluding flights
Tiger Leaping Gorge cycling holiday, China
Memorable parts? The most memorable part of the holiday for me was staying in a beautiful old-style Chinese town, Shaxi, currently only reachable by cobblestone road. It hadn't made it into the guidebooks at the time we were there (April 2008) even though it is on UNESCO's list of the world's 100 most endangered historical sites. It was a complete joy to stay in a traditional Chinese house with the rooms set around a courtyard and to wander through the narrow car-free streets with intricate... (more)Ceinwen Jones
From US $2650 excluding flights
Yunnan cycling holiday in China
Memorable parts? Great trip, I enjoyed Lijiang, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Shangri-La then on 16th September I was cycling and got hit by a car. Luckily there was a doctor on the trip Chris, who checked that I was moved safely. I was taken to a local hospital and then Lijiang People's Hospital. Tests revealed some damage to the lower back and It was recommended that I was moved to an alternative hospital which could provide treatment. Sam our guide on the trip was fantastic, he went out of his... (more)Karen Harding
From US $2250 excluding flights
China holiday, discover imperial China
Memorable parts? Visiting the Panda Breading centre and watching a panda mum and baby 'playing' together. Then watching the baby slipping off the platform and mum rolling over to join her baby on the ground. So special. Tips? Be prepared to carry your luggage, particularly at the train stations. The coach is often not able to park close to the station, so you have to carry your luggage across busy streets and negotiate steps and escalators that aren't working!!! Be prepared for... (more)Penelope Parker
From £2099 - £2529 including UK flights

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