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If Turkey’s west coast is a little too developed for your tastes, then you’ll love the unspoilt beauty of Cirali Beach. An idyllic, concrete-free paradise, with thick forested valleys, sparkling clear seas, and outstanding views of Mt Olympus, this region is a wonderful treat for responsible travellers. A Cirali Beach holiday is also a rare opportunity to visit one of the Med’s few remaining nesting sites for loggerhead turtles.
Beach holiday in Cirali, Turkey
A boutique beach front hotel with rustic charm, from £495 - £550 (7 days)
Cirali beach self catering wooden chalets, Turkey
Self catering beach chalets near the beautiful Cirali Beach, from £1100 - £1250 per week (sleeps 2-4)
Cirali villa holiday in Turkey
5 self-catering houses located in an eco-garden in Turkey, from £700 - £1030 per couple per week
Cirali beach accommodation, Turkey
Luxurious beach bungalows on Cirali's stunning beach front, from £650 - £700 per person per week
Cirali Beach hotel, Turkey
Cirali beach holiday Antalya,Turkey, from €65 - €115 per accommodation per night
Boutique hotel in Cirali beach, Turkey
Boutique family run hotel just off Cirali beach, Turkey, from £450 per week
Cirali beach holiday, Turkey
Rustic beach chalets just 250m from Cirali's stunning beach, from £570 - £630 (7 days)
Cirali accommodation, Turkey
Relax in nature reserve, swim, enjoy adventure is nice, from €72 - €92 per accommodation per night

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Beach holiday in Cirali, Turkey
It's a very special place and we had a fabulous holiday - it will be hard to beat. (more)Su Winsbury
Exceptional, unforgettable...The people at the hotel, the peace and solitude of the place, nature (more)Olga Coulton-Shaw
Probably one of the best holidays we have ever had. If you're looking for somewhere to relax, good food, wonderful people, as little or as much to do and see as you like then book now! (more)Kathryn Spalding
From £495 - £550
Cirali villa holiday in Turkey
Total delight. Super bungalow, charming people the most beautilful bay in the world, excellent food reasonable prices. Who could ask for more (more)Boris Sackville
It was a really special holiday! We highly recommend staying with the family and also Cirali as a great destination to relax in and enjoy. (more)Becky Moden
Perfect...A wonderful relaxed atmosphere (more)susan langford
From £700 - £1030 per couple per week
Cirali beach accommodation, Turkey
Really excellent...The best thigs were the warm sea. the quiet. the beautiful mountains above the beach. Great food, reading books in the shade. (more)Sarah Gray
The beach, accommodations, food and friendly people were outstanding. (more)Joanne Albright
The absolute peace & tranquillity of the destination was the most memorable part of the holiday..Superb. (more)Doris Monsell
From £650 - £700 per person per week
Cirali beach holiday, Turkey
Excellent. Just what we needed and wanted. (more)Ruth Bond
One of the main reasons we picked Cirali as our holiday destinations was to see the sea turtles, or as the locals know them, the Caretta...We were honoured to watch the turtle's arduous journey down to the sea, just as the sun was beginning to rise. It was exactly like the natural history documentaries, only without the commentary from David Attenborough! (more)Amy Pickard
Most memorable was sitting in the shade having a fantastic breakfast looking straight out onto the beach in glorious sunshine and swimming with turtles on a day out in a local fisherman's boat (more)Anna Bradley
From £570 - £630
Cirali beach self catering wooden chalets, Turkey
Memorable parts? Chimera, and the general feeling in Cirali Tips? Get cash out before you arrive in Cirali Local benefits? Yes, and we appreciated that the room wasn't cleaned every day Overall rating? The best we've ever been on, the memories will last a life time. (more)Sam Mason
From £1100 - £1250 per week (sleeps 2-4)
Boutique hotel in Cirali beach, Turkey
Cirali was quite the best trip I've had since India 13 years ago... The laid back vibe and lots of natural surroundings, unhurried and friendly. The resort was quiet and comfortable and Sinan and all his team friendly and welcoming (more)Sophie Jacobson
The most memorable part of the holiday was probably cooking marshmallows in the blazing heat of the Chimera based on the side of a mountain with a view back down towards Cirali beach...Excellent. (more)Lisa Joanes
Cirali is wonderful for people looking for a laid-back undeveloped location. The scenery is spectacular, the beach great and everything is in walking distance. (more)Erica Gillard
From £450 per week

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I am reborn! Simply the best holiday I have ever been on
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Some great stories to tell the grandchildren. Would recommend to a friend
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Very enjoyable
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It was OK
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A bit disappointing really

Cirali Beach holidays

By Anne Wordsworth, Friends of Cirali

Over the last few decades tourism has become a major industry in Turkey. But Turkey is in danger of going the same way Spain has gone – over development, too much concrete, water shortages, and degradation of the environment. Until very recently, the Turkish Mediterranean was a jewel of unspoiled beaches and coastline. Now from Iskenderun to Antalya, the coast is lined with big hotels and condominium developments. Yes, tourism brings revenue but, as Spain and other countries have learned, mass tourism is cheap tourism, not necessarily good for the surrounding communities and not sustainable in the long run.

There is an alternative to this mass tourism. It brings value, and it supports the economy of smaller communities. It is not siphoned off to big corporations and anonymous hotel owners. The alternative is small-scale tourism where the owners and their families run pensions, small restaurants and do their own boat tours. Where the local farmers sell fruits and vegetables – in Cirali much of it organic – to the same pensions and restaurants.

Now, there are only a few places like this left along the coastline from Antalya to Fethiye. These are the beautiful beaches of Cirali, Adrasan, Patara and Dalyan. They have been left natural despite all the development pressures because they have been protected as special turtle beaches. In 1989 Cirali was given this protection.

Because of this, the beach is free of bright lights, electronic music and water sports. The atmosphere is attractive to many people who want to spend their holidays in peace surrounded by natural beauty. Cirali has many different types of accommodation – from some of the most exquisite small hotels in Turkey to simple wooden bungalows and campsites. No one is excluded from staying here because of the price. There are no large hotels and very little concrete. Many restaurants and pensions are built with wood and imagination, and give Cirali a unique character.

The natural beauty around Cirali is exquisite – on one side, the shimmering turquoise blue of the Mediterranean; on the other, the rocky pine-covered mountains with the miracle of the Chimera’s flames visible in the background for those who know where to look. There are the endangered sea turtles, of course, which crawl out of the sea to lay their eggs on the shore in the summer. We even see them sometimes when we’re snorkeling. But birds, like crested larks, small owls, finches, wildflowers including rare ones like the sea lilies or bee orchids, and the Ottoman parasol pines -- all are still here in Cirali, but getting more and more difficult to find in Turkey and in the world.

However, as we very well know, they always want to “pave paradise, put up a parking lot”. At the moment, we don’t know who wants to develop these beaches. In 2005 Turkey built more than 500 so called five star hotels on beaches around the Mediterranean and the Aegean.

We want to keep Cirali and the other beaches protected. We have established a new organization called the Friends of Cirali or Cirali’yi Sevenler Dernegi. If there is any threat to Cirali, we will tell the world and this website will be one of the first places where you will find this information. We invite your support, and if you would like to be on our mailing list, please send us your email. If the government tries to give Cirali to developers, we will also need your help and we will ask for it then. Cirali is not only a treasure for us who live here but a treasure for the world.

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