Community project holidays and tours, 2014 and 2015

Make your gap year something really worthwhile and make a real difference to local communities. All the gap year holidays on this page let you become actively involved in community projects and contribute to supporting local communities so you can be sure of giving even more back when you travel.
Conservation volunteering in Uganda
Research and document Bwindi's topography and culture, from 995 (14 days) ex flights
Community projects in South Africa
Take part in a project which increases employment opportunities, from 1310 (4 weeks) ex flights
Community volunteering in The Gambia
help Gambian entrepreneurs to grow their income from tourism, from 1122 (4 weeks) ex flights
Teach children English in Thailand
Travel, teach and experience Thai culture, from 1045 - 3795 (12 weeks) ex flights
Gap year expedition in Borneo
Discover and help to preserve the beautiful island of Borneo, from 1595 (4 weeks) ex flights
Volunteering holiday in Mozambique
Build new classrooms and spend two weeks in paradise, from 1310 (14 days) ex flights
Volunteer teaching in the Indian Himalayas with the Lepcha tribe
A unique volunteer experience in India with the Lepcha tribe, from 2985 (12 weeks) ex flights
Uganda performing arts programme
Share your passion for art and make a difference, from 995 (16 weeks) ex flights
Tanzania gap year expedition
Help repair classrooms in Tanzania, from 1650 - 2995 (4 weeks) ex flights
Book bus project in Malawi and Zambia
Volunteer as reading mentor in South Luangwa, Zambia, from 749 (14 days) ex flights
Community volunteering in Peru, Amazonian Manu
work with local people - in a rainforest bio-hotspot, from 1320 (4 weeks) ex flights
Gap year expedition in Ecuador
Work on a wide range of vital projects in Ecuador, from 1795 (4 weeks) ex flights
Community building project in Thailand
Leave your mark in a small Thai town, from 499 (7 days) ex flights
Community gap year volunteering in Kenya
Full immersion Community Volunteering in rural Kenya, from 2985 (12 weeks) ex flights
Teach disadvantaged children in Quito, Ecuador
Fantastic teaching project with underprivileged children, from 1175 (21 days) ex flights
Community building holiday in India
Help renovate run down schools or build toilets in India, from 700 (14 days) ex flights
Book bus project in Malawi
Help promote reading on the Book Bus in Malawi, from 749 (14 days) ex flights
Community project in Northern India
Volunteers to helpout in various fields in an Indian village, from 410 - 600 (14 days) ex flights
Community development in rural Nepal
immerse yourself in Nepali village life, from 1070 (4 weeks) ex flights
Education volunteering in South Africa
Work with township schools from, from 1447 (4 weeks) ex flights
Maldives community volunteering holiday
Experience authentic island life in the Maldives, from US $1600 - US $3400 (4 weeks) ex flights
Community & wildlife volunteering in Malawi
Volunteer with wildlife and communities in Malawi, from 935 - 2965 (12 weeks) ex flights
Gap year volunteer teaching in Uganda
Full cultural immersion volunteer projects in rural Uganda, from 2985 (12 weeks) ex flights
Nicaragua volunteering holiday, renewable energy
Learn sustainable engineering in rural north Nicaragua, from US $1550 (8 weeks) ex flights
Volunteering placements in Zambia
A range of volunteering placements available, from 2295 (3 months) ex flights
Events management volunteering in Uganda
Immerse in Uganda and promote cultural and education events, from 995 (16 weeks) ex flights
Community volunteering in Uganda
Help local people build sustainable businesses, from 995 (12 weeks) ex flights
Turtle Conservation in Sri Lanka
Turtle conservation and community development in Sri Lanka, from US $1600 - US $3400 (4 weeks) ex flights
Amazon Rainforest Internship
Unique jungle conservation internship in heart of the Amazon, from US $6500 (16 weeks) ex flights
Volunteer at The Shamwari Wildlife Reserve, South Africa
Conserve and protect species on a South African game reserve, from 795 - 1495 (14 days) ex flights

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Community projects in South Africa
Memorable parts? On my last day in the village where I had been with children developing a bike track and teaching them to cycle, we had a special Olympics race day! About 100 of the locals turned up to compete! It was a load of fun and very special (and my 30th birthday). Tips? Be prepared for the impact of coming back! You'll have an amazing time, really connect with the community and things in your head will shift, just a little ... but when you get home, nothing will have changed... (more)Emma Finlay
From 1310 excluding flights
Book bus project in Malawi and Zambia
Memorable parts? The morning at the schools, reading books with the students, enjoying the atmosphere and their enthusiasm. Tips? For the schools: bring with you: a) lots of drawings to color, balloons (kids love them), an inflatable world globe may also be useful. For yourself: a pen drive to share photos with the other volunteers and earplugs for a comfortable sleep while camping. A good hat to repair from the sun during the day. Local benefits? I think that The Book... (more)Federico Spinucci
From 749 excluding flights

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