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Community projects abroad often let volunteers work alongside the people they're assisting. Some placements focus on education and share practical skills such as horticulture or small business advice, as well as English conversation and sports coaching. Other placements can include healthcare roles, while unskilled volunteers can make a valuable contribution by renovating classrooms, planting trees, and constructing freshwater facilities.
Volunteering in Zambia, reading with children
Reading books with children near Victoria Falls, Zambia, from £990 (14 days) ex flights
Volunteering in Malawi, reading with children
Reading books with kids in Malawi: the warm heart of Africa, from £990 (14 days) ex flights
Community water project & safari in Uganda
Experience a unique water safari with a local water project, from £1299 (7 days) ex flights
Malawi volunteering holiday
Volunteer at Malawiís only wildlife sanctuary, from £1244 - £3946 (14 days) ex flights

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Community volunteering in Fiji
Volunteer on construction programs in Fiji, from £1145 - £2895 (14 days) ex flights
Teaching & community project in Malaysia
Community & Envrironmental work on the Perhentian islands, from £145 - £500 (7 days) ex flights
Kenya Community & Wildlife Volunteer Program
A unique glimpse into authentic African life, from £1595 (4 weeks) ex flights
Madagascar charity volunteer programme
Transform Lives in Madagascar, from £1995 (10 weeks) ex flights
Community projects in South Africa
Take part in a project which increases employment opportunities, from £1310 (4 weeks) ex flights
Conservation & community volunteering in Uganda
Customised volunteer project impacting Uganda national park, from £995 (16 weeks) ex flights
Volunteering holiday in Ghana
Adventure and volunteer in our amazing community, from £600 - £2100 (4 weeks) ex flights
Madagascar school building project
Support an award-winning NGO building rural schools in Madagascar, from £795 - £995 (14 days) ex flights
Tanzania Community & Wildlife Volunteer Program
Help repair classrooms in Tanzania, from £1650 - £2995 (4 weeks) ex flights
Community development in rural Nepal
immerse yourself in Nepali village life, from £1070 (4 weeks) ex flights
Health development volunteering in Ethiopia
Volunteer with remote tribe - sustainable health development, from £1150 - £2460 (9 weeks) ex flights
Volunteering abroad in Madagascar
Support grass root community development work in Madagascar, from £1395 (4 weeks) ex flights
Colombia small group holiday, Pacific Coast
Discover Colombia's beauty, embrace a community project, from £2328 - £2628 (9 days) inc UK flights
Volunteering in Madagascar, community building project
Community building in beautiful Madagascar, from £795 (14 days) ex flights
Ghana community volunteering
Community building in tropical Ghana, from £895 (14 days) ex flights
Volunteer in Ethiopia with traditional tribe
Remarkable volunteer experience with Ethiopia's Hamar Tribe, from £1150 (12 weeks) ex flights
Teach English in Madagascar
Teach alongside an award winning NGO in Madagascar, from £695 - £1455 (14 days) ex flights
Mt Kilimanjaro charity climb, Lemosho route
Climb Kilimanjaro and help build teachers accommodation, from £1899 (11 days) ex flights
Education volunteering with remote tribe in Ethiopia
Volunteer teaching - Hamar Tribe in Ethiopia Omo Valley, from £1150 - £2350 (9 weeks) ex flights
Education volunteering in South Africa
work with local educators & learners in township schools, from £1447 (4 weeks) ex flights
South Africa house building volunteering
Build a Future Swaziland, from US $1801 - US $3671 (14 days) ex flights
Teach disadvantaged children in Quito, Ecuador
Fantastic teaching project with underprivileged children, from £650 (7 days) ex flights
Scotland volunteering holiday
'Half & Half holidays' in a sustainable community, Scotland, from £225 - £295 (7 days) ex flights
Community volunteering in Siem Reap, Cambodia
work with a local NGO to support communities near Angkor Wat, from £1218 (4 weeks) ex flights
Chile and Easter Island cultural holiday
culture, community and sights of Chile & Easter Island, from £2749 (9 days) ex flights

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Community projects in South Africa
Memorable parts? On my last day in the village where I had been with children developing a bike track and teaching them to cycle, we had a special Olympics race day! About 100 of the locals turned up to compete! It was a load of fun and very special (and my 30th birthday). Tips? Be prepared for the impact of coming back! You'll have an amazing time, really connect with the community and things in your head will shift, just a little ... but when you get home, nothing will have changed... (more)Emma Finlay
From £1310 excluding flights
Madagascar school building project
Memorable parts? Going somewhere so completely different, being looked after by friendly, funny, knowledgeable and entertaining local staff. Sharing an experience like that with total strangers who become friends for life. Meeting the kids who will directly benefit from the work you are doing. Hosting a party and dinner for the village. Cramming all of us and all our kit into a truck for hours. The list is endless. Tips? Get in touch with the other volunteers in your group before... (more)Alexis Liming
From £795 - £995 excluding flights
Madagascar charity volunteer programme
Memorable parts? Wow, where do you start? That first lemur you spot after trekking for miles through a remote forest. The warm welcome from the local people and all the kids waving to you every day. Having so many laughs each day. Meeting so many different and interesting people and feeling like you have a second family by the end of it. The sense of achievement as you see the school you're building start to take shape. The food is so good, the scenery is breathtaking, the sun rises stunning,... (more)Travis Armstrong
From £1995 excluding flights
Conservation & community volunteering in Uganda
The most memorable part of the holiday was being in a community without feeling like an outsider. Everyone was willing to help and also be open about their lives. I loved everything about the experience. (more)Christina Hanazawa
The most memorable parts were the women I met and worked with as a volunteer in Uganda. The women were strong, resilient, courageous, determined and inspirational. They were also welcoming of a white woman from Australia - making me feel one of them as we walked or sat in a circle to meet and explore opportunities. (more)Cheryl Phillips
Our two weeks voluntary work in Uganda flew by with so many highlights, it is impossible to name even a few. The people, their positive attitudes and their willingness to learn, the scenery and of course the gorillas. (more)Jennifer Soddy
From £995 excluding flights
Malawi volunteering holiday
A great experience. I got to know some local people and volunteers from different countries and I learned about animal conservation and the social/ economic situation in Malawi. (more)Steve Boud
The most memorable part of the holiday has got to be the people. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly throughout my stay. You were made to feel at home as soon as you arrived which is just what you need after a long flight and arriving in a new country! The most exciting part was riding in the local buses, you get to see the city, meet local people and really immerse yourself in Malawi! (more)Emma Daw
It was so good to get the chance to meet so many local people and the most exciting part of the whole thing for me was helping to bring in an orphaned yellow baboon who was being sold on the street, and she was later named after me! (more)Diana Fentiman
From £1244 - £3946 excluding flights
Community volunteering in rural Uganda
The best part of my holiday was meeting the local people. I was inspired by the vision that many of the local people had, and their commitment to helping the community climb out of poverty. It was amazing to see first hand how a micro credit project can empower people to develop a profitable business. (more)Peter Harrison
Amazing holiday. It felt like such a privilege to be able to get to know the local community in this way. The people of Uganda are so warm and welcoming - and this family and community are a great example of this. (more)Liz Charsley
From £200 - £500 excluding flights
Teaching & community project in Malaysia
Memorable parts? The friendliness of the children and other volunteers, club activities with the students, snorkelling and the traditional Malay dinner. Tips? Take light weight clothes (including swimming costumes) that cover knees and shoulders. Be aware that it will be very hot and there is no air conditioning. Local benefits? The students seemed to enjoy the club activities but only time will tell whether attitudes to the environment change. It was good to see English club... (more)Ann Daly
From £145 - £500 excluding flights

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