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Cuba holidays

We offer 50 Cuba holidays. Cuba has a vibrancy and culture all of its own, with its world famous music and dance becoming the voice and pulse that has captivated generations around the globe. Our Cuba holidays take in all that this idiosyncratic and fascinating country has to offer, from the swinging streets of Havana to the cobbled twists and turns of colonial Trinidad and the famous carnival in Santiago, Cuba is a passionate and truly unique country. With self drive holidays, cycling tours, homestays and stunning beach holidays, our Cuba holidays will help you discover the best of this remarkable Caribbean island.

Cuba holidays
Self drive Cuba family holiday
Family holiday Cuba for parents & children, from €1598 - €3379 (15 days) ex flights
Holidays to Cuba
A comprehensive and intriguing tour, from £1699 - £2393 (15 days) inc UK flights
Cuba cycling holiday
Cycle the quiet country roads of Cuba, from £1579 - £2049 (9 days) inc UK flights
Cuba small group holidays
A unique blend of African and Spanish influences, from £1899 - £2459 (16 days) inc UK flights
Cuba tours
Tailormade holidays in the pearl of the Carribean, from €640 (15 days) ex flights
Cuba holiday, Salsa Cubana
An in-depth exploration of Cuba, from £1741 - £2209 (17 days ) inc UK flights
Discover Cuba holiday, 15 days
Experience the Real Cuba on this 15 day Cultural Adventure, from US $1299 (15 days) ex flights
Small group tour to Cuba
Discover the fascinating diversity of Cuba, from US $1940 (22 days) ex flights
Cuba cycling tour
The main sights & stunning scenery, from £2049 - £2599 (16 days) inc UK flights
Cuban adventure holiday
Cuban adventure, from £599 (8 days) ex flights
Cuba self drive holidays
A fascinating way to discover the vibrant Cuban culture, from £1025 - £1890 (15 days) ex flights
Cuba budget holiday
Visit this most fascinating island Caribbean, from £999 (15 days) ex flights
Cuba holiday, small group tours
Cuba grouptravel 19 days from West to East, from €1297 (19 days) ex flights
Cuba cultural holiday
Immerse yourself in Cuban culture on this 8 day adventure, from US $750 (8 days) ex flights
Cuba cultural tours
Experience authentic Cuba with home-stays and local guides, from US $1200 - US $1275 (15 days) ex flights
Cuba adventure tours
Explore authentic Cuba using homestays and local guides, from US $745 (8 days) ex flights
Cuba family holiday
Friendly island of Cuba, from £1669 - £1959 (12 days ) inc UK flights
Trekking holiday in Cuba
Hiking and exploring in the Sierra Maestra mountains, from £230 - £555 (3 days) ex flights
Cuba holiday, small group
The best of old-world Cuba, from £1008 - £1185 (15 days) ex flights
Tailor made walking & sightseeing tours in Cuba
Combine walks and touring to savour the delights of rural Cuba, from £1260 (10 days) ex flights
Small group backroads and beaches tours to Cuba
Explore off the beaten track locations, from £1198 - £1539 (8 days) inc UK flights
Western Cuba small group tour
Discover the highlights of western Cuba in style, from £0 (12 days) inc UK flights
Cuba walking holiday
16 Day Budget Cuba Walking Tours - Real Caribbean Experience, from £950 (16 days) ex flights
Cuba cycling holiday
Salsa, cycling, old cars and fat cigars, from £1845 - £1895 (15 days) ex flights

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192 reviews for Cuba holidays4 star overall rating

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Discover Cuba holiday, 15 days
Absolutely brilliant....We thought our tour was excellent - a comprehensive itinerary and good value. It was really packed with activities so we did enjoy a beach break at the end. (more)Karin Barrett
Outstanding! We will return to Cuba! (more)Sonja Stromdahl
From US $1299 excluding flights
Western Cuba small group tour
Memorable parts? Cuban Music, variety of venues. Tips? The daily outlay during the first eight days was under budget, on reaching the final destination in Havana it went over budget. Be prepared. Local benefits? Would agree that the use of Paladars fed money back into the community. No perceived heavy impact on the environment. Overall rating? Very highly. It was extremely varied always interesting. The tour guide, Bill Hill was exemplary, he provided excellent local... (more)Anthony Haugh
From £0 including UK flights
Cuba family holiday
Overall, a brilliant trip ! We enjoyed the beautiful unspoilt beach and sea at the end of our trip...The country is beautiful, the inhabitants are extremely friendly, our guide and the bus driver were both fantastic (more)Xavier Pujos
It was a great trip, despite a lot of bussing around: fascinating; frustrating; beautiful; run-down; bubbling with friendliness; yet often like a living corpse. Not a gourmet paradise but lots of great music. (more)Andrew James
For us day one was fantastic with the open top American cars coming to take us for a trip wow. The other highlight was swimming in the fresh water rivers. (more)Elizabeth Morgan
From £1669 - £1959 including UK flights
Self drive Cuba family holiday
There were many memorable moments on this holiday that I can not pick just one. Everything was far beyond our expectations. The people, culture, snorkelling and food were all fantastic! (more)Tania Kitchell
The most memorable parts of the holiday were the families, the excellent veggie food. The beautiful homes. (more)James Minney
Amazing. We loved it. Cuba is an incredible world or sunshine, music, history, culture, beauty, beaches and Havana is like no other city I have been to. (more)Sophie McGeoch
From €1598 - €3379 excluding flights
Cuba tours
It was our home whilst we were there - in each casa - we were made to feel we were really at home whilst still being free to come and go wherever and whenever we wanted. (more)Charles Butler
We loved the contrast between Havana and Trinidad, and the fact that both places are so different from anywhere else we have visited. The Sugarmill Valley near Trinidad has stunning scenery but we also got a real sense for the terrible treatment & hardship suffered by the slaves. (more)Hattie Siigers
I especially enjoyed our 4 nights in Trinidad as it offered a good blend of sights, beach and culture. Havana was amazing for its architecture and night life. (more)Janice Katelaris
From €640 excluding flights
Cuba holiday, Salsa Cubana
It was a great holiday and it was amazing how many sites and information we got to know in just 15 days. Trinidad was a marvellous place, also the Sierra Meastra. (more)Angelika Holtermanns
There were two particularly memorable parts of the holiday. One was the walk up to Castro's Revolution headquarters in the Sierra Maestra. The other was the day spent in the heritage town of Trinidad. (more)Andrew Mckay
Drinking a mug of homemade hot chocolate in a farmers kitchen in Baracoa and listening to them describe their daily lives whilst munching on freshly fried banana chips. (more)Samantha Mace
From £1741 - £2209 including UK flights
Cuba adventure tours
Excellent. Great homestays, great guide, met lots of friendly people, interesting excursions, plenty of opportunities to learn about Cuba and many many chances to enjoy Cuban food, rum and salsa. I can't wait to go back. (more)Naranee Ruthra-Rajan
This was a fantastic trip and I wish I had gone on the 15 day one. Our guide was superb, the levels of organisation were brilliant and the company is very efficient...For me, the most enjoyable evening was our tour and meal out at an organic market garden in the Vinales valley. The welcome was great, the food was fantastic and we played lots of dominoes and salsa-ed a lot whilst an enormous thunderstorm rolled round the hills. (more)Clare Morley
Excellent...Staying in the guest houses, observing local life/cultur and being part of life in Cuba made this holiday memorable. (more)Rachel Grubb
From US $745 excluding flights
Tailor made walking & sightseeing tours in Cuba
Very interesting and enjoyable trip, well organised so that everything ran smoothly. The guide was very good. The best part was meeting Cuban people, who were very friendly and keen to practise their English (more)Janet Galloway
The variety of the programme - the buzz of Havana - the Cuban people that we met - the guide that accompanied us all week could not be faulted - he made every effort to make sure we maximised our time in his country. The local guides we met were very knowledgeable, warm and open. (more)Christine Giles
We had a great time in Cuba, seeing a wide range of places in Havana old-town, the Mountains and tobacco farms in the north and a few Caribbean beaches along the way. (more)John Eykelenboom
From £1260 excluding flights
Cuba cultural tours
Amazing, fun, varied, good overall tour, we didn't want to come home. Five Star (more)Rowena Payne
The most memorable part was Xmas eve fireworks in Remedios. (more)Gina Lai
Fabulous holiday, without a doubt this is the way to see the real Cuba (more)Gordon Merryweather
From US $1200 - US $1275 including domestic flights only
Cuba holiday, small group tours
Visiting Santa Clara and seeing the Che Guevara Mausoleum and statue was the most memorable part of the holiday...10/10. Absolutely perfect. (more)Genevieve Isherwood
We really enjoyed this holiday. We had a fantastic range of experiences and met some wonderful people. We've travelled extensively, but Cuba is pretty much a unique destination. (more)Alan Shelton
From €1297 including domestic flights only
Cuba small group holidays
Excellent from start to finish. (more)Ian Roderick
Great - interesting country. Havana old city was the most memorable part. (more)Dorothy Woods
From £1899 - £2459 including UK flights
Small group tour to Cuba
Memorable parts? Too many to list, but the airport episode and the plane journey from Baracoa to Havana is up there with the most memorable and incredibly exciting! Hugging an iguana was pretty different, smoking Cuban cigars and drinking Havana Ron (and loving it) is very different to my everyday life. The scenery is spectacular, the homestays are excellent, and the availability of options for what you would like to do in particular areas is great. Tips? This is Cuba....don't expect... (more)Yvette Chambers
From US $1940 including domestic flights only
Cuba cycling tour
Memorable parts? Dancing salsa outside in Granada after a lovely meal, mojitos and cycling. Tips? Take a padded cycle seat but you don’t need to be cycle-mad. Read up about Cuba as it is a fascinating country and this tour offers a good chance to find out about this country as well as to explore on a bike. Take your dancing shoes. Be ready to accept the country with all its pros and cons. Local benefits? Yes provided local employment and local restaurants and hotels used.... (more)Melanie Jefferson
From £2049 - £2599 including UK flights
Cuba self drive holidays
Self driving out of Havana on the road to the South was the most memorable (more)Alastair Carmichael
The most memorable part of the holiday was bumping into a great Cuban band practising in the afternoon before their evening gig. They were joined by a large group of school children who immediately started to salsa. (more)Polly Perkins
Most memorable was Las Terrazas. Beautiful place and a fascinating experiment by the Cuban government - both in biological and social terms. Excellent hotel too. (more)Paul Chinnock
From £1025 - £1890 excluding flights
Cuba holiday, small group
The most memorable part of the holiday was the friendliness and openness of the people - in the street as well as ones we met more formally through homestays and tours. The music in every bar - some cheesy - some excellent. (more)David Jockelson
We had an excellent time and made some good friends. The leader was very good and did her best to advise, inform and enthuse us at every turn. She was honest, open and did her best to pass on her enthusiasm for her country, while being prepared to discuss its idiosyncrasies in an informative and thoughtful way. (more)Sarah Walker
Most memorable parts were being taught salsa, merengue and reggaeton by the locals, diving off the coast of Trinidad, having a barbeque on our own private beach and visiting our tour leader's farm and meeting his family and friends. (more)Suzy Gray
From £1008 - £1185 excluding flights
Cuban adventure holiday
Horse-back riding and galloping through the fields and valley of Vinales was the most memorbale part of the holiday (more)Felicity Hay
Cruising in the 1950's cars was absolutely amazing - this is a must in Havana!!! Also loved the horseback riding in Vinales - Che's monument - Trinidad was fun, lots of music/salsa dancing there. (more)Noula Contibas
The most interesting place on this tour was Trinidad. It had a lovely, chilled atmosphere and was a well maintained city, where the people were friendly. (more)Rebecca Clarkson
From £599 excluding flights
Cuba budget holiday
The whole experience was amazing. Cuba is a fantastic place to go and one which is going to change so dramatically in our lifetimes. The atmosphere across the whole island was so warm and vibrant, with live music being heard on every street corner. (more)Faye T
Wandering the cobbled streets of Havana and Trinidad. Jungle walks near Trinidad and Baracoa. Staying with friendly hosts in their own homes. (more)Helen Peake
Most memorable was swimming in a cave, with bats over head! Meeting people from completely different cultures (and dancing with them...) (more)Cheryl Cohen
From £999 excluding flights
Small group backroads and beaches tours to Cuba
Memorable parts? Definitely climbing Cuba's highest peak, Pico Turquino. It was a stunning walk to the refugio where we stayed the night and then a tough climb up to the peak before a leg wobbling descent - stopping for some great local food on the way down - I've never been so hungry and it was delicious! We all felt a real sense of achievement afterwards. The guides were great, and the hospitality at the refugio was really fantastic. The visit to Comandancia De Plata was absolutely fascinating,... (more)Jemima Headey
From £1198 - £1539 including UK flights
Cuba dance holiday
The most memorable parts were the dancing and meeting people. (more)Rebecca Naidis
Bring comfortable dance shoes and don’t expect much sleep....Fantastic experience!!! (more)Adriana Macovei
From £1295 excluding flights
Cuba cycling holiday
Most memorable were cycling 85 km along the coast road on the third day between the ocean and the mountains, the great music and dancing...Jazz in Camaguey, staying in the Casas. Fantastic fun and a great crowd of people. (more)Nuala Galazka
Cuba is a fantastic holiday destination and well suited to cycling. The trip was extremely well thought out and well organised. Superb! One of the best holidays I have been on. (more)Lauren Barker
The most memorable parts were the history of Cuba and the cycling. (more)Shirley Howdle
From £1845 - £1895 excluding flights
Cuba dance holiday, Rum & Rumba
Memorable parts? I have many memorable times from the trip. One of them was the surprise beach party at sunset not far from Trinidad: joined by 2 great musicians, we enjoyed mojitos, bbq and beach fire. The other one is when our guide invited us to his family house to share dinner and dancing in Camaguey. Tips? Don't hesitate, these guys are awesome! Local benefits? We stayed in casa particular for the whole trip and often ate in paladars. Overall rating? Perfect (more)marion chazotier
From US $799 excluding flights
Small group tours to Cuba
Memorable parts? Meeting the local people - they were genuinely warm and friendly. To be honest I was suspicious of their approaches at first, expecting the usual follow up request for money etc but they just wanted to chat, practice their English ... and help me with my Spanish! Tips? As with most holidays, I took old clothes with me that I would not normally wear in UK so that I did not have to return with them. Towards the end of the holiday I gave bags of clothes to those wanting... (more)Lloyd Martin
From £0 including UK flights
Scuba diving and tour in Cuba
The most memorable parts were: Being in Havana, and going to the carnival. Diving with sharks at Jardines de la Reina...It really has everything. (more)Sally Laurens
The holiday was fantastic as a whole! We had a good taste of the atmosphere in Cuban life. The cities were beautiful, with music on every corner, the rural villages were adventurous and the diving and snorkeling was phenomenal. (more)Brechtje Philipsen
Best experience was Caleta Buena diving centre near Playa Giron - beautiful place and very friendly staff. Fantastic holiday - we would definitely return and we have recommended Cuba to our friends. (more)Sheila Pratt
From €870 - €1420 excluding flights
Holidays to Cuba
A great introduction to the history and culture of Cuba... the best part was Meeting local people (farmers, doctor) during a leisurely morning spent at La Plata a village in the Sierra Maestra mountains, and the chance to talk about politics, agriculture, and history! (more)Audrey OSLER
There wasn't one highlight, the whole trip was a memorable experience (more)Lois Brassart
Walking and meeting the locals in the region of Viñales was the highlight. (more)Kwan Lee
From £1699 - £2129 including UK flights
Trekking holiday in Cuba
Memorable parts? Certainly interesting was the venture to see Castro's headquarters in Alta Naranjo. Tips? Ask cost of tour before accepting offered tours. The city tour of Holquin, was more expensive than I would have thought. It was not clear to me when we were dropped off, that it was/ was not included in our payments. Also, I definitely think the trek should be condensed into 2 days in the park and not 3. When we were there we met a large UK group who did it in 2 days, and... (more)Christina Parsons
From £230 - £555 excluding flights
Cuba tailor made holiday
Memorable parts? It is a beautiful interesting country and difficult to pick out one experience as standing out from the rest. Tips? See below. Local benefits? Our accommodation, meals and transport was almost entirely provided by local people - we mainly avoided the government run establishments. Overall rating? Cuba is an amazing country and we are glad we went, but it was made unnecessarily stressful by the failings of the Havana office. The two tours we went... (more)Howard Morrison
From US $500 - US $2500 excluding flights

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I am reborn! Simply the best holiday I have ever been on
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Some great stories to tell the grandchildren. Would recommend to a friend
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