Small group holidays in Cuba. Tours & holidays in 2016 & 2017

Cuba Small group holidays

Cuba small group holidays

Enjoy the luxury of having all your trip planning taken care of with a Cuba small group holiday. Your group leader can navigate and translate, leaving you free to enjoy the remarkable scenery, crumbling architecture and infectious culture of Cuba alongside a small groups of likeminded travellers. Trips explore the culture or the nature, the beaches or the activities ,from walking and cycling to dancing and homestays.

Cuba adventure tours
Explore authentic Cuba using homestays and local guides, from US $390 - US $490 (8 days) ex flights
Cuba cycling holiday
Cycle the quiet country roads of Cuba, from 1769 - 2329 (9 days) inc UK flights
Western Cuba small group tour
Discover the highlights of western Cuba in style, from 1672 - 1816 (12 days) ex flights
Cuba cultural holiday
Immerse yourself in Cuban culture on this 8 day adventure, from US $650 (8 days) ex flights

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Cuba tour, small group
Discover the old and new faces of Cuba, from 1765 - 2140 (22 days) ex flights
Cuba dance holiday
Salsa dance holiday of a lifetime in Cuba, from 1345 (15 days) ex flights
Mexico & Cuba Tour
Fun, sun, history and culture in Mexico and Cuba, from 3095 - 3505 (22 days) ex flights
Small group tour to Cuba
Discover the fascinating diversity of Cuba, from US $1165 - US $1325 (20 days) ex flights
Cuba cycling tour
The main sights & stunning scenery, from 2239 - 3149 (16 days) inc UK flights
Discover Cuba holiday, 15 days
Experience the Real Cuba on this 15 day Cultural Adventure, from US $1195 (15 days) ex flights
Cuba cultural tours
Experience authentic Cuba with home-stays and local guides, from US $915 - US $1050 (15 days) ex flights
Camino de Cuba walking holiday
Rustic farmlands, underground caves in lush Vinales Valley, from 2059 - 2849 (16 days) inc UK flights
Small group holiday to Cuba
Small group tour throughout Cuba, from 1975 (15 days) ex flights
Cuba small group holiday, 9 days
Experience the best of Cuba's beaches, cigars and '50s cars, from 1549 - 2149 (9 days) inc UK flights
Cuba walking holiday
16 Day, 4 Centre,Cultural & Walking in Cuba, from 1050 (16 days) ex flights
Cuba tour and horse riding holiday
Ride though Cuba's land of fascinating contrasts, from 3115 (12 days) ex flights
Cuba small group tour
Cuba escorted Last chance to see present community, culture, from 1882 - 2375 (10 days) ex flights
Christmas & New Years Cuba tour
Bring in the new year - Cuba Style, from US $975 (11 days) ex flights
Cuba music holidays
Music holiday of a lifetime in Santiago de Cuba, from 1295 (15 days) ex flights
Yoga & salsa holiday in Cuba
Salsa and Yoga small group holiday in Cuba, Oct 2015, from 1445 (14 days) ex flights
Cuba holiday, small group
The best of old-world Cuba, from 1195 - 1415 (15 days) ex flights
Cuba tour, on a shoestring
Explore Cuba's exciting hotspots, from 1999 - 2375 (10 days) ex flights
Cuba Christmas & New Year tour
Rumba in Cuba = the ideal way to party in the festive season, from US $1235 (11 days) ex flights
Small group tour to Western Cuba
Tour the 'Garden Province' of Cuba, from US $325 (6 days) ex flights
Cuba music & dance holiday
Delve into the vibrant musical culture of Cuba, from 1055 - 1195 (9 days) ex flights
Cuba holiday, small group tours
Cuba grouptravel 19 days from West to East, from 1695 (19 days) ex flights
Cuba budget holiday
Visit this most fascinating island Caribbean, from 999 - 1249 (15 days) ex flights
Family cycling holiday in Cuba
The best of Cuba on two wheels, from 1769 - 2349 (9 days) inc UK flights
Cuba family holiday
Friendly island of Cuba, from 1708 - 2008 (12 days ) inc UK flights

103 reviews for Small group holidays in Cuba4 star overall rating

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Discover Cuba holiday, 15 days
The most memorable part of the holiday was to see the real Cuba and get a true flavour of its culture and the history and people. (more)ian corby
I greatly enjoyed hearing the wonderful music found in Cuba. We heard salsa, flamenco, and jazz. (more)Becky Redford
Absolutely wonderful. Visiting Cuba is like visiting a time capsule: it has so much charm. (more)Carrie Whiting
From US $1195 excluding flights
Cuba cycling holiday
Fantastically interesting & fun - very memorable & highly recommended. (more)Philippa Clark
The most memorable part of the holiday was the cycling, the music, the people and the island...Excellent. (more)Ruth Murnane
Exciting, challenging, warm and friendly. Unforgettable! (more)kathryn gow
From 1769 - 2329 including UK flights
Cuba adventure tours
Both of us have confirmed its been our best holiday ever! (more)Rosie Sperring
Do it!! It's so much fun! (more)Georgia Talbot
Highlights were Havana, the various excursions in Baracoa and the historic centre of Trinidad...One of the best trips I've been on. (more)Anthony Madison
From US $390 - US $490 excluding flights
Cuba cycling tour
I thought it was excellent, really well organised with the right balance of culture, history, cycling and relaxing. (more)Kirstin Carmouche
Most memorable was dancing salsa outside in Granada after a lovely meal, mojitos and cycling... Brilliant and a great way to explore the country as a solo traveller. (more)Melanie Jefferson
From 2239 - 3149 including UK flights
Cuba cultural tours
The homestay accommodations, which allowed us to meet and interact with local Cubans in personal and meaningful ways, was one of the best things about this trip for me. Cubans are so warm and friendly getting to know the people a little bit made this a very special holiday. (more)Colleen Schalm
Amazing, fun, varied, good overall tour, we didn't want to come home. Five Star (more)Rowena Payne
The most memorable part was Xmas eve fireworks in Remedios. (more)Gina Lai
From US $915 - US $1050 including domestic flights only
Cuba dance holiday
Fabulous - loved Cuba, my first visit, but I will be back, and might even do this trip again! (more)Jerry Fenner
I had an absolutely fantastic time. Our group was so lovely and I am sure we will stay in touch. Our homestay was perfect. (more)Sharon Ahern
The most memorable parts were the dancing and meeting people. (more)Rebecca Naidis
From 1345 excluding flights
Cuba holiday, small group tours
Visiting Santa Clara and seeing the Che Guevara Mausoleum and statue was the most memorable part of the holiday...10/10. Absolutely perfect. (more)Genevieve Isherwood
We really enjoyed this holiday. We had a fantastic range of experiences and met some wonderful people. We've travelled extensively, but Cuba is pretty much a unique destination. (more)Alan Shelton
From 1695 including domestic flights only
Small group tour to Cuba
Some of the most memorable parts of the holiday were BBQ suckling pig dinner 'al fresco' in Baracoa and the Cuban cabaret in Havana ('live' Cuban band and 'living legends' singing). (more)Lisa Loh
Absolute blast! Learnt so much, laughed so hard, appreciated the music and the cars....there is no other place like Cuba. (more)Yvette Chambers
From US $1165 - US $1325 including domestic flights only
Cuba cultural holiday
I loved all of it. Outstanding. (more)Mary Walters
Although the architecture and scenery were spectacular, the people were clearly my favorite part of the trip. The friendly, warmth they exude is intoxicating, and refreshing. (more)Scott Belding
The tour guide was very personable and tried hard to make us comfortable. and shared a lot of good information with us about what it is like to live in Cuba. (more)Kristina Joie
From US $650 excluding flights
Cuba small group holidays
It was all fantastic - it's impossible to identify one particular aspect as Cuba is such a diverse and fascinating country, from the landscape to the architecture and the people. It was an excellent holiday. Go to Cuba as soon as you can - it's marvellous! (more)Katherine Fisher
Being let loose in Havana was the most memorable part of the holiday (more)Ian Macbeth
Excellent from start to finish. (more)Ian Roderick
From 1999 - 2799 including UK flights
Cuba budget holiday
The whole experience was amazing. Cuba is a fantastic place to go and one which is going to change so dramatically in our lifetimes. The atmosphere across the whole island was so warm and vibrant, with live music being heard on every street corner. (more)Faye T
Wandering the cobbled streets of Havana and Trinidad. Jungle walks near Trinidad and Baracoa. Staying with friendly hosts in their own homes. (more)Helen Peake
Most memorable was swimming in a cave, with bats over head! Meeting people from completely different cultures (and dancing with them...) (more)Cheryl Cohen
From 999 - 1249 excluding flights
Cuba holiday, small group
10 out of 10 (more)Yvonne Manuel
The most memorable part of the holiday was the friendliness and openness of the people - in the street as well as ones we met more formally through homestays and tours. The music in every bar - some cheesy - some excellent. (more)David Jockelson
We had an excellent time and made some good friends. The leader was very good and did her best to advise, inform and enthuse us at every turn. She was honest, open and did her best to pass on her enthusiasm for her country, while being prepared to discuss its idiosyncrasies in an informative and thoughtful way. (more)Sarah Walker
From 1195 - 1415 excluding flights
Small group tours to Cuba
Memorable parts? Meeting the local people - they were genuinely warm and friendly. To be honest I was suspicious of their approaches at first, expecting the usual follow up request for money etc but they just wanted to chat, practice their English ... and help me with my Spanish! Tips? As with most holidays, I took old clothes with me that I would not normally wear in UK so that I did not have to return with them. Towards the end of the holiday I gave bags of clothes to those wanting... (more)Lloyd Martin
From 2095 excluding flights
Western Cuba small group tour
Excellent and very memorable! (more)Mark Pitt
It was extremely varied always interesting. The tour guide was exemplary... The selected itinerary gave a varied look at central and west Cuba. I found it well paced and fascinating. Well done to the tour operator. (more)Anthony Haugh
From 1672 - 1816 excluding flights
Camino de Cuba walking holiday
Memorable parts? Havana - most exciting. Trekking through brown/red mud - most memorable. Walking was generally in woods without much in the way of views and always on narrow slipperey paths - no "dirt vehicle width roads" as the first item listed in the trip notes. Unfortunate that the "Two nights guaranteed in a hotel in Old Havana..." didn't materialise. Tips? Read the trip notes carefully and research the country with material outside tour operator's description. Take extra stuff... (more)Sean Kavanagh
From 2059 - 2849 including UK flights
Cuba walking holiday
Memorable parts? Watching an amazing couple dancing to a buena vista band in the casa de cultura in Vinales. They were unbelievable and the music was so good. It was much better staying in casa particulares rather than the government hotels which were out of town. Also visiting a little village school in Soroa and seeing how the teachers and children manage with so little resources. Tips? Be flexible and make allowances for being in Cuba - Cuba e Cuba - and things don't work like... (more)Jayne Harnett
From 1050 excluding flights
Christmas & New Years Cuba tour
Cuba is an amazing country, unlike anywhere on earth. Trinidad was a great place to visit, with everything you'd need - museums, restaurants - even a disco in a cave... (more)Bryan Manley-Green
100% for Tour Guide, Coach and Driver. (more)Gerry Kennedy
From US $975 excluding flights
Cuba family holiday
Overall, a brilliant trip ! We enjoyed the beautiful unspoilt beach and sea at the end of our trip...The country is beautiful, the inhabitants are extremely friendly, our guide and the bus driver were both fantastic (more)Xavier Pujos
It was a great trip, despite a lot of bussing around: fascinating; frustrating; beautiful; run-down; bubbling with friendliness; yet often like a living corpse. Not a gourmet paradise but lots of great music. (more)Andrew James
For us day one was fantastic with the open top American cars coming to take us for a trip wow. The other highlight was swimming in the fresh water rivers. (more)Elizabeth Morgan
From 1708 - 2008 including UK flights
Cuban adventure holiday
Horse-back riding and galloping through the fields and valley of Vinales was the most memorbale part of the holiday (more)Felicity Hay
Cruising in the 1950's cars was absolutely amazing - this is a must in Havana!!! Also loved the horseback riding in Vinales - Che's monument - Trinidad was fun, lots of music/salsa dancing there. (more)Noula Contibas
The most interesting place on this tour was Trinidad. It had a lovely, chilled atmosphere and was a well maintained city, where the people were friendly. (more)Rebecca Clarkson
From 649 - 729 excluding flights

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