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Swimming with wild dolphins in the Azores
Live a dream and swim with wild dolphins, from 580 (8 days) ex flights
Whale & dolphin research in Ligurian Sea, Italy
Whale and dolphin conservation trip, from 799 (6 days) ex flights
Mull wildlife holiday in Scotland
Ultimate week of wildlife spotting on the Isle of Mull, from 675 - 755 (7 days) ex flights
Dolphin conservation in Greece
Dolphin research and conservation in western Greece, from 825 (6 days) ex flights
Azores whale and dolphin watching holiday
A true paradise for nature lovers, from 1449 (8 days) inc UK flights
Whale & dolphin watching in La Gomera
Respectful Whale Watching on the Canary Islands, from 595 (7 days) ex flights
Madeira whale watching and wildlife holiday, Portugal
Discover the Flower Island, from 1299 (7 days) ex flights
Marine conservation holiday in Mauritius
Study dolphins and whales in beautiful Mauritius, from 1675 (21 days) ex flights
Swim with dolphins in Egypt
Swimming with wild dolphins in the Red Sea, Egpyt, from 474 (8 days) ex flights
Swim with dolphins in Koombana Bay, Western Australia
Swim with Dolphins in their natural environment, from AU $185 per day (1 day)
Caribbean nature tour, Lesser Antilles
Bespoke nature holiday on five idyllic Caribbean islands, from 2650 - 2975 (14 days) inc UK flights
Cruise and swim with dolphins in Egypt
Swimming with wild dolphins in the Red sea, Egypt, from 474 (8 days) ex flights

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Mull wildlife holiday in Scotland
Mull is a wonderful island where you will not find a disappointing view. The wildlife trips organized as part of the holiday package were excellent. Each trip was conducted by very professional and knowledgeable experts covering all aspects of the local flora and fauna. (more)David Hayers
Excellent...All accommodation was situated in the best possible place for fantastic views and access to wildlife tours (more)janet kelly
From 675 - 755 excluding flights
Caribbean nature tour, Lesser Antilles
Fantastic, just wish we had had more time on both islands. (more)Jacqui Smith
The whales put on a great display for us, and a huge rainbow curved along the coast while we were at sea. On Antigua we swam with rays, not included in the holiday, and a great experience. On the rainforest walk on St Lucia we were lucky enough to see the St Lucia parrot. (more)Jenny Campbell
From 2650 - 2975 including UK flights
Whale & dolphin watching in La Gomera
We had three boat trips to see the whales and dolphins. All 3 were great we saw animals every time and different ones each day. The crew were friendly and gave lots of information verbal and written. I was particularly moved by their obvious sensitivity towards the mammals. (more)Linda Hudson
The most memorable part was lots of jumping dolphins! I've taken 8 dolphin watching tours in 6 days and managed to see 6 species (Rough-toothed dolphin, Atlantic spotted dolphin, Short-finned pilot whales, Bottlenose dolphin, Common dolphin and Cuvier's beaked whale!!!) (more)Patty Tse
Being out on the boat and experiencing the wonders of dolphins and whales in their own habitat. We were so close you could almost touch them!...The holiday was one of the best we have ever experienced, we would highly recommend it. (more)Jane Ditchburn
From 595 excluding flights
Marine conservation holiday in Mauritius
I really enjoyed it, wish I could have stayed longer! The boats trip to see the Spinner and Bottle-nose dolphins, which often included sightings of Green and Hawksbill turtles and some amazing birds too. We had some beautiful views of the dolphins. (more)Vicky Jackson
One of the best holidays I have had! The experience has been amazing! Dolphins are incredible animals. People working on the project are really nice, competent and sharing their knowledge very easily. I learnt so many things I had no idea of! (more)Annie Guex
Seeing the spinner dolphins, jump and spin in the air was the most memorable part of the holiday (more)Peter Macdonald
From 1675 excluding flights
Cruise and swim with dolphins in Egypt
Memorable parts? Put simply, this is probably one of the best holidays I've ever been on and this is largely down to the exceptional customer care that this company offers both in the UK and in Egypt. The highlight of course was swimming with wild dolphins out in a protected reef in the middle of beautiful clear blue sea. Beyond that though the location, the food, the helpfulness of the staff, the accommodation and the attention to detail were all excellent. 2. What tips would you give... (more)Candida Perkis
From 474 excluding flights
Swim with dolphins in Egypt
I would recommend this experience and holiday to anyone who loves dolphins and wants to swim with them and see them in the wild. If you are quiet and calm and just wait they will swim to you and with you and you can pretend just for a short time that you are part of their underwater world. (more)Emma Ghafur
One of the very best holidays I have ever had. Swimming with the dolphins was certainly the most memorable part of the holiday. Their eye contact and way of playing was just extraordinary, something will remain with me forever. (more)Maurizio Ferrari
I'd give it 4.5 stars. Absolutely amazing. (more)Kirsty Anthony
From 474 excluding flights
Whale & dolphin research in Ligurian Sea, Italy
It was definitely one of my best two trips ever. Loved the people in the group, the activities, the animals and the overall experience. I would definitely recommend it. (more)Tania Fernandez
Excellent - fun, friendly and highly knowledgeable team made it a very worthwhile experience. (more)Rebecca Pagnucco
Excellent...Don't hesitate but keep in mind it is not a cruise but you are there to help. Fun but can be tiring. Worth it (more)maryse schild
From 799 excluding flights
Swimming with wild dolphins in the Azores
Just four words, really: out of this world. Oh - and unforgettable....The first time the dolphins came close to us in the water: being able to hear the clicks and squeaks as they sussed us out, seeing the bubbles they blew at us and watching them look us in the eye as they shimmied past. (more)Lisa Newman
Superb. All I had hoped and was good to be somewhere relatively free of tourism, and with a company which proactively thinks about limiting impact on the natural life and the environment...this philosophy helped make the experience special. (more)Suzie Palmer
Seeing the wild dolphins in the middle of the Atlantic and the one sperm whale that we saw on our dolphin trip...Good. I just chose the wrong time of the year. (more)Carol Sissons
From 580 excluding flights
Azores whale and dolphin watching holiday
Memorable parts? Seeing the whales and dolphins, of course! I also really loved the hot springs. And the botanical gardens.....and the tea plantation.......and the food and the great group and Nunu- what an incredibly knowledgeable guide! Tips? Some people were seasick. I took a Kwell, used travel bands and chewed ginger gum and I was fine. I might have been fine without all that - I'll never know. Take clothes for all weathers. Local benefits? Yes, tourism is a very... (more)Jo Fallon
From 1449 including UK flights

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