Small group holidays in Ecuador. Tours & holidays in 2016 & 2017

Ecuador small group holidays

Ecuador small group holidays

If you want to have maximum experiences in minimum time; hate travel planning; or want to meet likeminded travellers, our Ecuador small group holidays could be the perfect trip for you. Itineraries compiled by Ecuador experts take the hassle out of the holiday, allowing you get on with trekking up volcanoes, biking down them and discovering the wildlife of the Galapagos and Amazon – all with an expert leader to translate, tell stories and make sure you don’t order the guinea pig by mistake…

Galapagos holidays, Ecuador
A First Class wildlife cruise around the 'Enchanted Isles', from £3699 - £4099 (12 days) inc UK flights
Galapagos land based adventure holiday
Amazing wildlife, both on land and underwater, from £2086 - £2762 (10 days) ex flights
Galapagos adventure holiday
An active Galapagos Islands adventure holiday, from £2423 - £2556 (10 days) ex flights
Ecuador adventure holiday
Delve deep into indigenous culture, from £799 - £879 (18 days) ex flights

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Ecuador small group tour
Cultural tour of Ecuador and the Andes, from £1353 (8 days) ex flights
Galapagos Islands holiday
Home to many interesting species of endemic wildlife, from £3949 - £4499 (16 days) inc UK flights
Peru and Galapagos holiday
An inspirational tour combining Peru, Ecuador & the Galapagos, from £4388 (15 days) ex flights
Ecuador and Amazon holiday
A journey of discovery and exploration, from £800 - £999 (16 days) ex flights
Ecuador holidays, Andes to Amazon
Ecuador's landscapes & wildlife, from £2699 - £2799 (15 days) inc UK flights
Anchorage to Tierra Del Fuego overland truck tour
Epic overland trip from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, from £9835 - £10165 (207 days) ex flights
Ecuador bird photography holiday, Andes & Amazon
Photography in the High Andes to the Amazon Basin, from US $5920 (15 days) per accommodation
Overland tour to South America, Andes to the Amazon
Action packed South American overland tour, from £1785 (53 days) ex flights
Galapagos Islands adventure tour
The original Galapagos Land Based Tour, from US $4690 - US $4890 (10 days) ex flights
Quito to Cartagena, Colombia overland truck tour
Experience the wonders of Colombia and Ecuador overland, from £840 - £910 (19 days) ex flights
Ecuador railway holiday, culture and nature
Encounter Ecuador's stunning landscape by train, from £2727 (10 days) ex flights
Ecuador horse riding tour
An exhilarating Andean adventure & bull roundup horse ride, from £2995 (12 days) ex flights
Galapagos and Amazon holiday in Peru and Ecuador
Explore rainforests and volcanic islands, from £4649 - £5149 (17 days) inc UK flights
Ecuador holiday, Darwin's Ecuador
From ecolodges rich in wildlife & markets to hiking, from £3595 - £3695 (16 days) ex flights
Ecuador tour on a Shoestring
Insight into the wonderful South American country of Ecuador, from £348 - £465 (8 days) ex flights
Bird photography holiday in Ecuador
The Best of the Choco Region, from US $2250 (7 days) per accommodation
Galapagos family holiday
The Enchanted Islands, from £2463 - £3449 (9 days ) inc UK flights
Galapagos multi activity holiday
An amazing adventure Galapagos Multi-sports, from £2495 (7 days) ex flights
Floreana Island wildlife tour, Galapagos Islands
A wildlife holiday on Floreana Island, Galapagos Islands, from £426 (5 days) ex flights
Galapagos cruise holiday
Galapagos cruise holiday, from £3450 - £3803 (10 days) ex flights
Galapagos 7 day cruise
Cruise the extraordinary archipelago of the Galapagos, from £3819 (12 days) inc UK flights
Galapagos adventure holiday with volunteering
Volunteer, explore & travel the Galapagos, in 1 experience, from US $2490 (21 days) ex flights
Horse riding in Ecuador
Breathtaking horse riding holidays in Ecuador's Andes, from £2500 (8 days) ex flights
Galapagos and Ecuador small group holiday
Natural wonders & amazing culture in Ecuador & the Galapagos, from £3670 (14 days) ex flights
Galapagos 2 week cruise, Ecuador
The ultimate Galapagos wildlife cruise, from £5199 - £5949 (19 days) inc UK flights

55 reviews for Small group holidays in Ecuador4.5 star overall rating

These full and frank independent Small group holidays in Ecuador reviews are from travellers who have booked directly through Responsible Travel. They are not edited by us or any of the companies we work with. Find the real story, from real travellers below.

Galapagos adventure holiday
This has to be one of my best trips ever!! Highly recommended! The Galapagos has to be on everyone's bucket list! (more)Mei Yoke Chan
We feel we've had many 5-star holidays but this was certainly one of them. (more)Robert Coifman
Very enjoyable....We hiked the Inca trail; catching sight of Machu Picchu through the cloud as we approached was spectacular! (more)Sue Johnson
From £2423 - £2556 excluding flights
Galapagos holidays, Ecuador
Swimming with giant sea turtles and being woken up at 2.30am to watch a volcano erupt! Absolutely amazing! (more)Joanna Rapley
Very good. (more)Martyn Todd
For me, each new encounter with an animal/bird/sea creature I had not seen before was exciting. (more)Karen Morrow
From £3699 - £4099 including UK flights
Ecuador and Amazon holiday
This was a fantastic holiday. I loved all the hiking and learning about the wildlife and plants. The white-water rafting was special - spectacular views, adrenaline rush of riding down rapids and swimming with butterflies, hard to beat! (more)Nilakshi Banerjee
Staying in the jungle lodge - in the middle of nowhere was the most memorable part of the holiday (more)Belinda Chavasse
The most memorable parts for me were rafting, tubing, the jungle hike and trip to the wildlife centre. (more)Mair Perkins
From £800 - £999 excluding flights
Ecuador adventure holiday
I loved Ecuador. The scenery is very memorable green and lush. (more)Tiana Pastor
Excellent itinerary....Benefitted local people - especially in two home stays (more)Dot Lemon
Tunguruhua Volcano erupting whilst in Banos, walking around Cuicocha Crater lake, climbing Chimborazo volcano and visiting a funny little rainforest island in Tena were the most memorable parts. (more)Rob Cooper
From £799 - £879 excluding flights
Galapagos 2 week cruise, Ecuador
Memorable parts? The fantastic wildlife. The friendly crew. The very knowlable guide. Tips? If travelling alone - pay the extra for your own cabin. Take as little as possible - you can always rinse things out & dry them! A couple of pairs of shorts or trousers & a couple of t-shirts, GOOD soled shoes & sandles. 60+ Sun block, Deet. AND CAMERA(s) Don't spend money on new clothes before you go! Local benefits? The locals certainly appeared to make the most of the tourist trade!!!!!!... (more)Margaret Dolan
From £5199 - £5949 including UK flights
Overland tour to South America, Andes to the Amazon
Memorable parts? Hiking on a glacier, coming face to face with penguins in Punta Tomba, canyoning down a 40 metre waterfall, meeting all my new friends Tips? We had a great time, and made 21 new friends... but it is quite intense being with other people for such a long time... bring earplugs and ipod and a very very warm sleeping bag. Local benefits? Yes, we always took our rubbish with us, and were careful not to make a mess. Overall rating? Had an amazing time,... (more)Caroline Eccles
From £1785 excluding flights
Galapagos activity holiday
Memorable parts? The SEA LIONS are great encounters. Especially on San Cristobal Island being such close proximity with them on beaches is almost unheard of anywhere else in the world! That is a real specialty of the trip! Walking the Volcano surfaces on Isabel Island was amazing too! Tips? Organised tours don't seem to include the chance to be able to Scooba Dive with the Sea Lions or other sea life, so best to book that separately by extending your holiday by 1 day or skip the... (more)Anni Jancsek
From £1850 excluding flights
Ecuador small group tour
Memorable parts? Tips? Local benefits? Overall rating? We covered a lot of different landscapes, activities, altitudes and environments in a relatively short time. Guide was excellent and flexible to meet our preferences. Excellent mix of history, culture, architecture, local crafts and industry, hiking, city vs. more remote areas, etc. Every day was different and new. Excellent trip. (more)Ellie Ehrenfeld
From £1353 excluding flights
Ecuador holiday, Darwin's Ecuador
From the moment we stepped on to the canoe it all became a bit of an adventure. Our excellent local guide Delfin brought the forest to life with his tales of the living in the forest (more)Jane Rawson
The whole holiday was very very good and hugely enjoyable! The time at Bellavista cloud forest reserve was exceptional for me especially as I was able to go back for a few days after the group tour finished and do more walks on my own (saw a sloth even). (more)Alison Pelikan
From £3595 - £3695 excluding flights
Ecuador holidays, Andes to Amazon
The most memorable part of the holiday was the temples. 5 stars. (more)Rachel Furnell
A fabulous location, amazing tropical jungle surroundings, wonderful food and the adventure of walking through both primary and secondary jungle, not to mention the 2 hour trip downstream on the Napo River in a motorized canoe. (more)Susan Sargeant
From £2699 - £2799 including UK flights
Galapagos family holiday
We loved the holiday - it was the whole family's favourite to date and was made special because of the other families and the Guides, esp. in the Galapagos where Pedro, the local guide, was intelligent, fun and great with the children. (more)Vimty Muir
The most memorable part of our holiday was the unique wildlife, unafraid of humans - the seals especially. The local people were very friendly and worth spending money on to benefit their economy - children beautiful. (more)Barry A Clout
From £2463 - £3449 including UK flights
Galapagos adventure holiday with volunteering
A fantastic mix of meaningful volunteering work, organised activities and free time to do your own thing (more)Dot Lemon
The volunteering at foundation reserve is the most memorable as we get to contribute back to the Galapagos National Park as well as making new friends and understanding the objectives/ problems of conserving the Islands. (more)Lisa Teo
The most memorable part was discovering the beautiful Galapagos islands with their varied plants, birds and animals, differing from one island to another. (more)Kate Martin
From US $2490 excluding flights

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