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79 expedition cruising holidays. For a more adventurous and exciting take on a cruising holiday our expedition cruises take you to places well of the beaten track from the Antarctic to Greenland - real voyages of exploration. Many of our Expedition cruise holidays incorporate responsible wildlife watching in remote regions and are run by tour operators committed to protecting the environment and wherever possible supporting local communities along the way.
Expedition cruising holidays

Expedition cruising holidays

Forget cocktails by the pool, expedition cruising holidays take you to the earth’s extremes accompanied by expert guides. Voyage past icebergs into the polar regions, or explore far flung archipelagos adrift in the Pacific. But as pioneering as this may sound, no roughing it is involved; following your day’s adventures you’ll enjoy gourmet meals, a comfy cabin and – depending on your trip – onboard lectures, saunas, libraries and of course, dreamy views from the deck.

Antarctic Peninsula cruises, activity-based
Activity-based small ship expedition of Antarctica, from £5990 - £6670 (15 days) ex flights
Antarctica cruise, with diving & climbing options
Voyage to the Antarctic Peninsula, from US $8725 - US $13000 (11 days) ex flights
Arctic sailing voyages, Spitsbergen
Experience sailing in the fjords, from £2050 - £3520 (8 days) ex flights
Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia icebreaker cruises
Water, wilderness & wildlife in breath-taking perfection, from £4990 - £10990 (20 days) ex flights

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Antarctic Peninsula & Weddell Sea cruise
An inspiring, beautiful & diverse polar wilderness journey, from £5199 (12 days) ex flights
Lofoten Islands Arctic Circle sailing holiday
See killer whales whilst sailing in scenic fjords, from £1390 (8 days) ex flights
Arctic icebreaker cruises, Spitsbergen & Greenland
Remove urban cobwebs in the Arctic, from £2190 - £5846 (8 days) ex flights
Antarctica expedition cruise
Experience an adventure tour of Antarctica, from £4100 - £4700 (11 days) ex flights
Greenland sailing holiday
In search of Bowhead whales in remote Greenland wilderness, from £1570 (8 days) ex flights
Arctic diving holiday, marine life & wildlife expedition
Awe-inspiring for divers & non-divers, from £2190 (8 days) ex flights
Spitsbergen wildlife cruises
Encounters with glaciers, polar bears and icebergs, from £2349 - £2399 (8 days) ex flights
St Kilda wildlife cruise in Scotland
A guided sea adventure to St Kilda and the Outer Hebrides, from £1450 (7 days) ex flights
Antarctica expedition cruise
Classic 10 Day Expedition Cruise to Antarctica, from £3048 (10 days) ex flights
New Zealands Subantarctic Islands cruise, including Macquarie
Subantarctic voyage inc. Campbell, Auckland & Macquarie Is, from US $6600 - US $9900 (13 days) ex flights
New Zealands Subantarctic Islands photography cruise
Photographic expedition to the Subantarctic Islands, from US $5300 - US $8000 (11 days) ex flights
Kamchatka wildlife and bird watching cruise, Russia
Cruise one of the most biologically rich parts of the planet, from US $8000 - US $11900 (14 days) ex flights
Antarctica, Falklands and South Georgia cruises
The ultimate Antarctic and South Georgia adventure, from £7500 - £17000 (19 days) ex flights
Antarctica vacation, spirit of Shackleton
Visit the historical sites of past Antarctic explorers, from £7999 - £9999 (21 days) ex flights
East Antarctica expedition cruise
A rare chance to visit Mawson's Hut at Commonwealth Bay, from US $16000 - US $22000 (27 days) ex flights
Arctic cruises, Greenland to Canada
This journey encompasses the heart of the Arctic, from US $3995 - US $15395 (13 days) ex flights
Antarctic circle cruise, Antarctica
One of the most exciting voyages in the South Seas, from £5300 - £12400 (0 days) ex flights
Arctic explorer holiday
This adventure is entirely north of the Arctic Circle, from US $5795 - US $16995 (11 days) ex flights
Newfoundland and Wild Labrador cruise
The charm of Newfoundland meets the splendor of Labrador, from US $4995 - US $16195 (14 days) ex flights
Arctic expedition cruise, Spitsbergen, Greenland & Iceland
Discover the Arctic in Spitsbergen, Greenland and Iceland, from £4245 (13 days) ex flights
Antarctic Peninsula cruise and flight back
Antarctica cruise with a flight back from King George Island, from £5200 (9 days) ex flights
Spitsbergen cruise to the Arctic
Circumnavigate the jewel of the High Arctic, from US $5700 - US $9500 (11 days) ex flights
Antarctic Peninsula Cruises
An inspiring wilderness & wildlife journey of a lifetime, from £3070 - £7750 (10 days) ex flights
Great Barrier Reef & Lizard Island cruise, Australia
4 nights exploring the Great Barrier Reef & Lizard Island, from £1079 - £1135 (5 days) ex flights
2016 Solar eclipse cruise in Indonesia
A choice of two cruises to the Solar Eclipse off Indonesia, from £3195 (13 days) ex flights

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Arctic diving holiday, marine life & wildlife expedition
Memorable parts? All of it! The extremes of weather, the diversity of animals, the quality of the accommodation and facilities, and something you can't plan for - new found friends! Tips? Don't set your heart on seeing anything specific. Be prepared for the changes in weather. It's not as challenging as I expected - to take account of the huge spectrum of ages and abilities. But most of all HAVE FUN! Local benefits? Not so much the local people, though we did buy a lot... (more)Lisa Thomas
From £2190 excluding flights
Arctic sailing voyages, Spitsbergen
Absolutely outstanding, a once in a lifetime experience that surpassed all my expectations...Don't look anywhere else, this is the best way to see the Arctic! (more)Joshua Cox
Watching a mother and cub polar bear for over an hour, watching a male bear stalking reindeer...seeing and hearing a splendid walrus waking up and bellowing atop a small berg echoing around a small remote glacial bay!! (more)Jonathan Turner
Most memorable was watching a polar bear unsuccessfully hunting a seal, and then watching the seal taunt the polar bear by swimming and splashing behind it. Seeing blue whales was pretty amazing too. (more)Justin Watts
From £2050 - £3520 excluding flights
Greenland sailing holiday
Memorable parts? The scenery along the coast and fjords of West Greenland was breathtakingly beautiful and constantly changing as we made our slow way north. The weather was bitterly cold but bright and the sun felt warm when we found a sheltered nook on the deck. The beauty of the area was just magical. Tips? Take lots of layers but don't worry too much about buying lots of expensive technical clothing for the trip. Think about what you do have in your wardrobe - an old pair... (more)Christine Symes
From £1570 excluding flights
Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia icebreaker cruises
Fantastic - it's more than a holiday and is so different to anything else I have ever done. South Georgia is an amazing place. The beaches were packed with tens of thousands of penguins and they weren't afraid to come right up to us. The scenery in Antarctica is beautiful. (more)rebecca allcock
Every part of the holiday was memorable including animals, birds, scenery, the ship (Polar Pioneer), fellow travellers and expedition team. (more)Christine Brignoni
From £4990 - £10990 excluding flights
Arctic icebreaker cruises, Spitsbergen & Greenland
Very good... the most memorable parts is arriving at the pack ice on a beautiful sunny evening and then seeing our first polar bear. (more)david rumsey
The most memorable part of this holiday was the astonishing landscapes in general, the walks on the mountains. (more)Bjørn Clasen
From £2190 - £5846 excluding flights
Antarctica expedition cruise
Memorable parts? Kayaking around icebergs in Antarctica Tips? Allow time for stopovers when travelling from UK Local benefits? Absolutely Overall rating? Excellent (more)Andrew Macdonald-Brown
From £3048 excluding flights
Spitsbergen wildlife cruises
Memorable parts? Seeing a mother polar bear and her two cubs walking on the ice floes walking along them then diving in and swimming to the next one. The cubs following on behind her. Fabulous! Tips? Be warm but also have some smart casual clothes to wear in the evening. When inside of the boat you can be relatively warm - have those layers for going out on deck where it can be cooler but you can watch the midnight sun or enjoy the on deck BBQ. If you want good photographs make sure... (more)Susie Barrett
From £2349 - £2399 excluding flights
Antarctic Peninsula & Weddell Sea cruise
Memorable parts? The close sighting of a pod of Orca attacking a Humpbacked Whale and penguins. Bird watching from the ship. Visiting the mainland at Neko Harbour. The ideal size of the ship and friendliness of the other passengers and crew. Tips? Don't bother taking your own warm boots. Those provided were perfectly adequate with our own waterproof walking shoes for deck walking. Local benefits? Yes Overall rating? A wonderful experience (more)Roger Labbatt
From £5199 excluding flights
Arctic cruise adventure holiday
Memorable parts? The holiday was great throughout but the highlight has to be seeing our first polar bear with 2 cubs! The scenery was also spectacular Tips? Take a range of clothes for all temperatures. I did not expect it to be high 20s 200 miles north of the Arctic circle! but I wasn;t complaining! Local benefits? All efforts were made to reduce environmental impact. Overall rating? Excellent trip, good mix of activities and high standard of food and accommodation (more)judith olsen
From £3049 excluding flights
Antarctica vacation, classic cruise
The whole trip from the time we boarded the ship to disembarkation. The most memorable thing was not getting sea sick the ship is that stable...The best ever. (more)David Lohan
This was the most incredible holiday - the staff on our ship were so efficient and hospitable, the landings were well managed and offered a diverse range of activities (hiking, sliding down the slopes on our stomachs, seals/penguins/birds - and the occasional whale), fascinating lectures, and a wonderful small ship environment. (more)Barbara Wilson
From £3699 - £4999 excluding flights
Antarctica cruise, with diving & climbing options
GREAT!!!!!!! (more)Krisztina Inczedy
The very first Antarctic landing was a photographer's feast that was totally mindblowing at such an early stage of the trip. (more)Louise Yerbury
The most memorable part of visiting Antarctica has to be (as part of the diving contingent) diving with Leopard Seals on two occasions. (more)Mike McCormack
From US $8725 - US $13000 excluding flights
Antarctica cruise
Excellent. Trip of a lifetime. (more)Audrey Nice
An absolutely stunning holiday thanks, just magic! The most exciting part was very close encounters with whales :0) ... Rate holiday 9/10, excellent! (more)Sally Hawkins
No words that I can write nor pictures that I can show will ever capture the magic, the feeling and the mood of Antarctica. You simply have to go there for that. It was beyond compare utterly beautiful in every way. (more)David Oates
From £3700 - £10200 excluding flights
Antarctic diving expedition
Interacting with the wildlife in Antarctica was the most memorable part of the holiday. (more)Robert Pecoraro
All of it was memorable, but if I had to pick it would be my first sight of Antarctica which was at sunrise, wow! And my 30 minute dive with a leopard seal. But it was all amazing. (more)Stacy Valentine
Most memorable was diving around the ice bergs and snorkelling with the leopard seal. Real WOW factor. (more)Judith Bewell
From £4610 - £4920 excluding flights
Lofoten Islands Arctic Circle sailing holiday
Memorable parts? Being woken in the night by the ship's bell and rushing on deck to see the Northern Lights! Tips? Don't expect to see penguins, polar bears or whales. Local benefits? Yes, we sailed whenever possible and made local purchases. Overall rating? It was an absolute pleasure. The itinerary was designed to keep everyone happy and entertained. The crew were friendly and helpful. The food was completely yummy (thanks Sonja). Our excursions took us to many beautiful... (more)Moira Mannas
From £1390 excluding flights
Alaska wildlife cruise
Memorable parts? The whole trip was outstanding from start to finish. The boat was great - large enough to give everyone space but small enough to be personal. The crew were exception and had the holiday, Brian the very experience skipper who had time to talk to everyone and was extremely knowledgeable, Steve nothing was too much trouble, Annie the cook who provided first class food made fresh everyday and Danny the naturalist who was knowledgeable and great fun. And finally the wildlife... (more)Sarah Taylor
From CA $5265 - CA $6095 excluding flights
Kamchatka wildlife and bird watching cruise, Russia
Memorable parts? Seeing the ribbon seals, the northern right whale and the spoonbill sandpiper. Tips? Be prepared for lots of walking on the tundra. Also understand that the ship does not have stabilizers so even a mild swell rocks the ship. Bring a good layering system as temperatures and ice conditions can vary greatly. Local benefits? Supported conservation and the spoonbill sandpiper project. I suppose that we provided some income for the people in the towns in which... (more)Marian Herz
From US $8000 - US $11900 excluding flights

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