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Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia icebreaker cruises
Water, wilderness & wildlife in breath-taking perfection, from 4990 - 9890 (20 days) ex flights
Antarctica, Falklands and South Georgia cruises
The ultimate Antarctic and South Georgia adventure, from 8560 - 16990 (19 days) ex flights
Antarctica vacation, spirit of Shackleton
Visit the historical sites of past Antarctic explorers, from 7999 - 10499 (21 days) ex flights
Antarctica, Falkland Islands & South Georgia cruise
Falklands and Scotia Sea Springtime with guest lecturer, from 13200 (21 days) inc UK flights

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Antarctica, South Georgia & Falklands luxury cruise
Cruise Antarctica in Luxury - Small ship luxury cruising, from 6495 - 9905 (15 days) ex flights
Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia cruise
Embark on a cruise across the Antarctic Circle and cross the Drake passage, from 9940 (23 days) ex flights
Falkland Islands holiday
Raw and unspoilt nature, from 2463 (8 days) ex flights
South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula cruise
An island of incomparable beauty, from US $16312 (18 days) ex flights
Brazil & Falkland Islands holiday, culture & wildlife
Experience Brazilian culture and the Falkland Islands' wildlife, from 2999 (11 days) ex flights
Antarctica Peninsula, Falklands & South Georgia wildlife holiday
An in-depth exploration of the Antarctic region, from 7077 (14 days) ex flights
Falklands, South Georgia and Antarctic Circle crossing
Explore the Sub-Antarctic islands and the Antarctic Peninsula, from 12200 - 21100 (23 days) ex flights
Antarctica Peninsula holiday, highlights tour
Discover one of the most popular Antarctic itineraries, from 9901 (23 days) ex flights

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Antarctica, Falklands & South Georgia icebreaker cruises
This trip will forever stay in my heart. Incredible. I would go again tomorrow if I got the chance. (more)Helen Connolly
Fantastic - it's more than a holiday and is so different to anything else I have ever done. South Georgia is an amazing place. The beaches were packed with tens of thousands of penguins and they weren't afraid to come right up to us. The scenery in Antarctica is beautiful. (more)rebecca allcock
Every part of the holiday was memorable including animals, birds, scenery, the ship (Polar Pioneer), fellow travellers and expedition team. (more)Christine Brignoni
From 4990 - 10350 excluding flights
Antarctica, Falklands and South Georgia cruises
Memorable parts? The highlight of the trip for me was always going to be South Georgia, which has fascinated me for years and entirely lived up to my very high expectations. What a stunningly beautiful place! We were extremely fortunate as we approached the island because there was no cloud cover and we could see the full magnificence of the snowy peaks in all their glory - a rare occurrence apparently. During three whole days around this incredible island, we made a numerous landings and... (more)Roger Bilder
From 8560 - 16990 excluding flights
South Georgia & Antarctic Peninsula cruise
There were many memorable & exciting parts. Just standing on the Antarctic continent for one! Getting close to wildlife. (Actually it was more like wildlife getting close to you - if you sat down penguins would walk right up to you & check you out.) (more)Sara Page
The most memorable part of my holiday was landing on Danger Islands. We got our first real taste of the Antarctic Continent and got beautiful weather. The view of the sea and icebergs was breathtaking. (more)James Keaney
From US $16312 excluding flights
Falkland Islands holiday
Memorable parts? Everything was memorable from the penguins on the Falkland Islands to the turtles on Ascension Island. Learning about the very different cultures in these places was something life changing and the welcome we received everywhere was the best I have ever known. Tips? The flight from Santiago is very long (14 hours) and as LANChile won't let you book single flights and so charge for return it is better to travel both ways by Airbridge from Brize Norton. This does away... (more)Di Lammas
From 2463 including domestic flights only

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I am reborn! Simply the best holiday I have ever been on
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Some great stories to tell the grandchildren. Would recommend to a friend
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