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A family volunteering holiday is a chance for everyone in the family to contribute and make a difference to communities around the world. A family volunteering holiday provides a wonderful educational experience for the children, an inspirational holiday for the family, and is a great challenge and accomplishment to share.

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Marine conservation holiday in Thailand
Join in a fantastic marine conservation project on a tropical island, from £695 (7 days) ex flights
Teach English in Ghana
Teach in the heart of Africa, from £895 - £995 (14 days) ex flights
Ghana community volunteering
Community building in tropical Ghana, from £895 (14 days) ex flights
Tanzania family volunteering holiday
Activity packed trip designed specifically for Families, from £595 - £985 (14 days) ex flights
Volunteer with children in Ecuador
Help promote reading in Ecuador, from £749 (14 days) ex flights
Borneo family volunteering holiday
Encounter orangutans and meet local tribes in magical Borneo, from £520 (7 days) ex flights
Elephant conservation project in Namibia
Work to conserve the beautiful desert elephants of Namibia, from £710 (14 days) ex flights
Elephant conservation holiday, Thailand
Conserve and care for abandoned/abused elephants in Thailand, from £549 (7 days) ex flights
Ghana childcare volunteering holiday
Live in the heart of an African community, from £895 (14 days) ex flights
Turtle conservation in Sri Lanka
Raise and release turtles on the beautiful Sri Lankan coast, from £699 - £899 (14 days) ex flights
Kenya family volunteering & safari
Enjoy the beauty of Kenya whilst giving something back, from £595 - £985 (14 days) ex flights
Amazon conservation project in Peru
Help conserve the species of the incredible Amazon jungle, from £1095 - £2850 (14 days) ex flights
Volunteering in Thailand, wildlife rescue centre
Care for rescued animals including monkeys and bears, from £549 (7 days) ex flights
Horse rehabilitation project in South Africa
Work hands on with horses on the South African coast, from £599 (7 days) ex flights
Volunteer with turtles in Costa Rica
Protect nesting turtles on Costa Rica's beautiful beaches, from £677 (7 days) ex flights

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Volunteering in Thailand, wildlife rescue centre
I went to the Wildlife Rescue Centre in Thailand, this was a fantastic project helping animals who had been mostly kept as pets. Itís hard to say what was the most memorable part of this holiday as there was so much variety and different experiences, itís difficult to decide what was the best part of it. (more)Cathy Bisset
I had so many fantastic experiences, and the centre itself was in an idyllic area, on the grounds of a Buddhist temple. One highlight was spotting wild elephants in a nearby national park, after dark. (more)Olly Carney
From £549 excluding flights
Kenya family volunteering & safari
The projects we worked on were well organized and it was easy to see what a huge difference this organization is making in Kenya through multiple community partnerships...Outstanding. Highly recommended. (more)John Fuller
Community Work in Sasenyi Primary School - completing the foundations for a new classroom in record time & seeing how hard teamwork can make a crucial difference to people who have to live without much material support! But seeing six cheetahs was also very exciting!! (more)Mark Jewell
From £595 - £985 excluding flights
Volunteer with children in Ecuador
Memorable parts? The people I met definitely made my trip unforgettable. Tips? Just to relax and enjoy. Local benefits? I think so as I collaborated in a very nice project for children in there and tried to be as environment friendly as possible. Overall rating? Excellent. (more)Raquel Orcajo Miranda
From £749 excluding flights
Volunteer with turtles in Costa Rica
5 stars! My best experience abroad in the last 30 years.....Working with sea turtles: seeing turtle nesting and releasing baby hatchlings was absolutely fantastic (more)Daniel Halder
Amazing! Would go back in a second if I had the opportunity to do so. The whole process from the turtle laying its eggs, to the release of the baby turtles was just pure enjoyment! To me, it felt like more of a holiday than a work placement, as I was the most relaxed I have ever been. (more)Emilie Gronsund
It was quite simply the best. You felt part of the community in San Miguel which was so much better than just being on holiday and you learn so much about these amazing sea turtles. I'd thoroughly recommend this particular project for anyone with an open mind, who relishes enjoying a simple way of life in spectacular, unspoilt scenery. (more)Sue Curtis
From £677 excluding flights
Horse rehabilitation project in South Africa
Memorable parts? Working with experienced people who are always willing to help and teach you Tips? To bring many working pieces of clothes and leave at home fashion dresses Local benefits? Yes Overall rating? Great and fulfilling experience (more)Giorgia Trevisan
From £599 excluding flights
Tanzania family volunteering holiday
Memorable parts? Being woken up in the middle of the night by the lions roaring, all the encounters with the wildlife, especially watching 4 bull elephants at the water-hole.The high level of care shown towards us by all the staff at Camps International, and the standard of accommodation exceeded our expectations hugely. Learning some new skills at the school and watching our boys interact with the local children Tips? Make sure you look at the operators web-site as well as rosy's... (more)Tony Stonehewer
From £595 - £985 excluding flights
Turtle conservation in Sri Lanka
Memorable parts? Being able to release the turtle hatchlings, almost every night and watching them race towards the ocean. Also, releasing an adult turtle and being woken up at 6.00am to see two turtles that had just finished laying eggs, was something I never thought I would get to see. Tips? Be prepared to feed the turtles, clean the tanks (do not wear nice clothes) and the turtles, to teach English, give tours and adapt to the Sri Lankan culture. It would help having basic knowledge... (more)Katherine Lethbridge
From £699 - £899 excluding flights
Elephant conservation holiday, Thailand
Being with the elephants and their handlers. Having the big bull elephants walk past you, just inches from your face, leaving you to feel completely small and vulnerable as these pre-historic like mammals move by with grace, softness, power and majesty! (more)Georgina Hickman
What a wonderful educational experience and to feel you are putting something back into the preservation of these magnificent creatures. (more)Sharryn Salkilld
A great experience. I haven't travelled alone before but I soon made friends and the staff were great. (more)Paul Gramlick
From £549 excluding flights

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