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Hiking with huskies holiday in Finland
Wilderness hotel and guided husky trekking tours, from 998 - 1138 (6 days) ex flights
Finland hiking holiday
A hut-to-hut hiking journey along Finland's eastern border, from 900 (8 days) ex flights
Northern lights short break, Finland
Leisurely stay in Finnish Lapland & an Aurora Alert system, from 1345 (5 days) inc UK flights
Lapland husky safari and activity holiday, Finland
Active holiday in beautiful Finnish Lapland, from 1875 - 1935 (8 days) inc UK flights

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Wildlife conservation holiday in Finland
Encounter the incredible wildlife of Finland's wilderness, from 1295 (8 days) ex flights
Self drive family holiday in Finland
A self-drive holiday in Finland for families, from 610 - 800 (9 days) ex flights
Cross-country skiing holiday in Finland, Russian border
Guided cross-country skiing holiday in the beautiful wilderness, from 920 (7 days) ex flights
Finland Northern Lights holiday, Wilderness Auroras
Winter activities & Aurora hunting in Finnish wilderness, from 1375 - 1495 (5 days) inc UK flights
Winter adventure in Finland
Experiences which stay with you, from 1665 - 1890 (7 days) inc UK flights
Husky safari in Finland
Sled with huskies through spectacular Finnish scenery, from 1595 - 1945 (8 days) inc UK flights
Wild Taiga self drive holiday in Finland
Self guided driving tour in Finland's Wild Taiga wilderness, from 730 (8 days) ex flights
Finland canoeing holiday in the Wild Taiga
A week for canoeing, second week in a wilderness cabin, from 285 - 435 (15 days) ex flights
Helsinki city break, winter sports & gastronomy
Relaxing winter weekend in Helsinki with flexible content, from 400 - 634 (3 days) ex flights
Canoeing holiday in Finland, Wild Taiga
An independent canoeing tour on Tervareitti, from 270 (7 days) ex flights
Wilderness activity holiday with huskies in Finland
Wilderness life on a husky farm, from 1200 (7 days) ex flights
Finland snowshoeing holiday
Explore this stunning setting of Oulanka National Park, from 1199 - 1229 (8 days) inc UK flights
Finland activity holiday and Northern Lights
Multiadventure holiday in stunning winter landscape, from 1080 (8 days) ex flights
Winter cottage holiday in Finnish Lapland
Beautiful winter cottages in an idyllic setting, from 1725 (8 days) inc UK flights
Wolverine photography tour in Finland
Photograph & watch wild wolverines, a very elusive species, from 1495 (5 days) ex flights
Snowshoeing holiday in Finland
A great hut to hut snowshoe tour in eastern Finland, from 840 (7 days) ex flights
Lapland husky safari short break, Finland
Combine wilderness and log cabins with this dog sledding adventure, from 1845 - 1945 (5 days) inc UK flights
Finland lakes region self catering cottages
Quality cottages throughout the year amidst lakeland scenery, from 149 - 269 per accommodation per night
Lapland Northern Lights holiday
Few better ways to witness an autumn Aurora, from 1250 (5 days) inc UK flights
Northern Lights holiday in Finland
Autumn Northern Lights quest during the Solar Maximum, from 1045 (5 days) inc UK flights
Northern Lights family holiday in Finland
Lapland family hunt for the Aurora at New Year, from 1745 (7 days) inc UK flights
Bear watching short break in Finland
Amazing wildlife in a stunning setting in Finland, from 999 - 1029 (4 days) inc UK flights
Finnish Lapland Christmas and New Year holiday
Celebrate Christmas or New Year in the Arctic, from 1585 (8 days) inc UK flights
Family summer adventure holiday, Finland
Family summer adventure in Wild Taiga, from 865 - 1259 (8 days) ex flights
Cycling holiday in Finland, forests and lakes
Self-guided cycling holiday along on Finnish countryside, from 550 (7 days) ex flights

60 reviews for Finland holidays4 star overall rating

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Husky safari in Finland
Memorable parts? It almost goes without saying that the scenery is breathtaking from the outset but the real memories are the dogs and the bond you form with them. Cruising through the wilderness with your own team is a mixture of calm and excitement that is nicely balanced by caring for your dogs when their work is done. Tips? Leave your smart phone behind and forget about the outside world for a few days. Local benefits? The whole experience was conducted in a very ethical... (more)Gareth Jones
From 1595 - 1945 including UK flights
Finland Northern Lights holiday, Wilderness Auroras
One of the best holidays we have ever had, we loved it all. (more)Samantha May
The most memorable part of the holiday was catching the northern lights twice! This was just before Christmas night when the moon was shining bright and to be able to capture it all on digital camera despite the freezing -20c temperature on that night. (more)James Tan
The most memorable part of the holiday was the sheer scale of Lapland and being able to get a feel of how the Sami live (reindeer farming, sledging with huskies, ice fishing). Wonderful. (more)Tom Lupton
From 1375 - 1495 including UK flights
Northern lights family holiday, tailor made
The most exciting part of the trip was snowmobiling! What a fantastic day. The tour was informal, fun and adventurous. What more can you ask for. The setting couldn't have been better. (more)Sarah Chandler
Excellent....We loved all of it - the food, accommodation, tour guides and the northern lights were spectacular. The trip was very well organised and everything came together nicely. We travel a lot and this trip did not disappoint. (more)Penny Salmon
From 1095 - 1225 including UK flights
Northern lights short break, Finland
Most memorable was the snow! (more)Joanna Kelly
It was in my top three holidays and I have travelled a lot. An absolute must! (more)Thomas White
The most memorable part of the holiday was husky sledging...Daughter said, "best holiday ever". (more)Alison Ferguson
From 1345 including UK flights
Finland hiking holiday
Exceeded expectation. Walking in pristine forest and seeing reindeer. Peace and tranquillity. Feeling my every need was considered by the enthusiastic and friendly guide, Kimmo. (more)Evelyn Vickery
Perfect holiday. We could not have wished for more! (more)Loli Rodriguez
It was a great experience! I loved the hiking, the landscape, the people and our guide, Joose. (more)Almira Bartolome
From 900 excluding flights
Hiking with huskies holiday in Finland
Hiking with huskies is an unusual experience, they are such a smart and good dogs. A++++++++++ :) (more)Anastasia Nastik
Great, a real escape from it all and a back to basics experience with great hosts and a fantastic way to get to experience the real Finland. (more)Morag Turton
The scenery was fantastic - pristine pine forests dotted with lakes but the most enjoyable part was getting to know our guide, Aki, and of course the dogs! (more)Justin Francis
From 998 - 1138 excluding flights
Tailor made husky safari in Wild Taiga, Finland
Amazing, fantastic, once in a lifetime holiday experience. We could see that our hosts had very responsible attitudes towards the environment and were working to preserve the local wildlife as well as providing really attentive care for their huskies. (more)Liz Booth
The most memorable part was meeting the dogs, steering the sled and the complete change of scenery and fresh air. The chance to sample local food (moose, reindeer, berries) which was mostly excellent. (more)Katherine Stuart
Husky sledding across a frozen lake just before sunset was the most memorable part of the holiday (more)James Hamand
From 1020 excluding flights
Finland winter activity holiday & Northern Lights
Huskies. Location. Snowshoeing. (more)Viki Day
Fantastic experience - the most enjoyable activity holiday I have ever done. (more)Jonathan Gilbert
From 1229 - 1719 including UK flights
Cross-country skiing holiday in Finland, Russian border
Staying in a log house without electricity or running water, surrounded by a snowy, silent landscape & enjoying a sauna after a day skiing across frozen lakes, over bogs and through forests. (more)Anna Jeffrey
The most memorable part of the holiday was the professional organisation & friendly & welcoming people at the places we stayed at. (more)Alan Reimer
The most memorable part was each day -- Skiing (47 KM on the longest day) under sunny, blue skies with beautiful scenery, fun people and a supportive, helpful guide, eating lunch by the fire, seeing the Russian border and animal tracks, then having a well deserved sauna and delicious meal. (more)Elizabeth Babos
From 920 excluding flights
Wild Taiga winter activity holiday, Finland
Once in a lifetime experience...Experiencing something new every day, from trying new foods to trying new activities. (more)Mandy Read
Excellent. A holiday that is a cut above. The tranquil snow dusted beauty of the lakescape and surrounding forests. It is so rare these days to go to somewhere so untouched where the silence is palpable. (more)Jane Edmondson
So many wonderful things, I'd struggle to specify just one - eating delicious Finnish tapas whilst the snow fell in Helsinki, being treated to an impromptu Christmas singsong by a choir whilst on the ferry across to Suomenlinna, being in charge of our own Husky drawn sledge (and then meeting Husky puppies!), barbequeing sausages on an open fire whilst sitting on reindeer hides in minus 25 degree temperatures, the exceptionally friendly people, the majesty of the snow covered forests, the tranquility... (more)Carolyne Coupel
From 1172 - 1389 excluding flights
Wild Taiga self drive holiday in Finland
Almost whole tour of ours was exciting as every mile / kilometer of our drive in FINLAND was mesmerizing and exciting. All the activities of sports was new and knowledgable for us. (more)Nehal Lekhadia
we had great time and would definitely go back....seeing the wolverine, bears and willow grouse (more)Mohni Gujral
We saw bears and wolverines but not wolves. Helsinki was good with broad streets and plenty of green spaces. Three stars covers it. Good for seekers of solitude. (more)Richard Tabony
From 730 excluding flights
Lapland Northern Lights holiday
Memorable parts? I went on this trip hoping to see the Northern Lights. We did not see them on this trip, but I enjoyed the trip so much, I would happily return, lights or no lights. Some memories: watching the beauty of a light snow falling on pine trees from the dining room while enjoying a lunch of homemade soup and bread (I don't see much snow where I live), traveling through the woods on a sledge pulled by snowmobiles while covered with blankets , a very good talk about the Northern... (more)Sally Means
From 1250 including UK flights
Self drive family holiday in Finland
Memorable parts? Far too many to mention personally - running the Helsinki Marathon (fantastic scenic route!) at the end of the trip was a personal highlight but aside from this I also enjoyed the beautiful scenery of northern Finland and great accommodation throughout the trip. My 4 year old son enjoyed it all too but his favourites were the Angry Birds Kids Theme Park, Husky Sledding, meeting Santa Claus, feeding reindeers, running the Helsinki Mini Marathon for kids, riding the trams... (more)Richard Mayneord
From 610 - 800 excluding flights
Finland activity holiday and Northern Lights
Memorable parts? The husky safari and the general scenery. Tips? The optional activities day - some of the activities incur a further charge (if you wanted to do snowmobile riding or further husky sledge rides. Some other activities are included in the price of the week (snow shoeing/ cross country skiing etc). This fact was not clear on the itinerary. Also if travelling as a couple, split your clothes/toiletries between you as the small aircraft you take from Helsinki has limited... (more)John Vango
From 1080 excluding flights
Wild Taiga activity holiday in Finland
Memorable parts? There were so many memorable parts: seeing a bear (and being able to hear it snuffling) only metres from our hide; canoeing down rapids; paddling across peaceful lakes and not seeing another soul all day; the beautiful scenery; picking a glut of wild berries; making coffee over the campfire and discovering yummy Finnish foods. Choosing a holiday operated by local people meant you really got to know Finland. My guide Urpo was always checking that I was okay and showing me... (more)Joanne Offer
From 1480 excluding flights
Finland huski safari & Northern Lights holiday
Memorable parts? The most memorable part of the holiday was how beautiful and peaceful Finland was where we were staying and how peaceful and quiet the sled dogs were once they were working. Tips? Tips for other travellers going on this holiday is to make sure you are reasonably fit before going, and you must be a dog lover. Local benefits? We were very back to nature and conserved energy within the cabins we stayed in. We used open fires to cook when we were out treking. Tips? The... (more)Tina Donovan
From 2149 including UK flights
Wilderness activity holiday with huskies in Finland
Memorable parts? Hmm, all of it, we had such a great time I couldn't really pick any one thing over the rest Tips? Local benefits? Yes to all three. Overall rating? One of the best experiences ever, could not recommend this holiday enough (more)Paul Ashby
From 1200 excluding flights
Autumn Northern Lights holiday in Finland
It was fantastic, a trip of a life time...being able to watch the Northern Lights and the views across the fjord from our fisherman's hut were the most memorable parts. (more)Josephine Boorman
A brilliant family holiday for us, lots of interesting and exciting things to do and see. (more)Russell Needham
From 795 excluding flights
Cycling holiday in Finland, forests and lakes
Memorable parts? The vast feeling of space and peacefulness. Staying in cabins on the shore of the lake and some great cycling. Tips? It was the mosquito season and they were voracious, so bring plenty of repellent! Local benefits? It certainly benefited local people who ran small guest houses where we stayed. Overall rating? Very, very highly. It certainly was one of the best cycling holidays we have ever done. (more)Paul Scott
From 550 excluding flights
Wolverine photography tour in Finland
Memorable parts? Seeing a total of 5 different wolverines up close in a few hours - amazing when there are only about 150 in the whole country. Tips? Take plenty of memory cards because you'll need them if you are as lucky as I was. Local benefits? Yes - the money went towards the cost of providing a feeding station throughout the year. This feeding station not only supported wolverines but also bears, ravens and other wildlife. Overall rating? Fantastic - the wildlife... (more)Christine Cheney
From 1495 excluding flights
Family multi activity holiday in Finland
We all agreed that the husky safari was the best part of the trip. The kids enjoyed cuddling the dogs very much; they were the friendliest bunch of dogs ever seen. (more)Leontine Mastenbroek
The most memorable feature of the holiday - to the average city-dwelling Brit - was the landscape. Forests and frozen lakes, big skies and 18-hours of daylight - our girls were convinced they were in Narnia (the thaw suggesting Aslan would arrive soon). (more)Anon
The best part of the holiday was the husky safari, followed by the snow mobiling. The walk on the first day was good - but we would have liked to have done more/gone a bit further. (more)Liz Gregory
From 1745 including UK flights
Family winter holiday in Finland, Wild Taiga
Memorable parts? The number and variety of the activities available for our family, with children ranging from age 9 -16. We were able to go cross country skiing, do the biathalon, drive snow mobiles, snow shoe, float down icy rapids in a survival suit, go ice fishing and, the all time favorite, go dog sledding with the huskies. We loved being able to walk out of the hotel and take advantage of the miles and miles of ski trails (which were well maintained). The kids also loved being able... (more)Lesley Lahm
From 737 - 1086 excluding flights
Father Christmas holiday in Lapland
Memorable parts? 1. Walking through the forest to meet Santa. If you want a non-commercialised, fairy-tale Santa experience this is it. I believe!!! 2. Husky sledding - was truly amazing. Tips? 1. Make sure you leave plenty of time between landing in Helsinki and catching the connecting flight. 2. Spend that little bit extra buying the right clothing to enjoy the holiday rather than spend the week freezing outside. Local benefits? Yes. Overall rating? Fantastic!... (more)Claire Millins
From 962 - 1172 excluding flights
Finland snowshoeing holiday
Memorable parts? The whole holiday was amazing, the location, the walks, skiing & husky sledding, the accommodation, the food & the wonderful staff who did their utmost to ensure that it was an unforgettable experience for us Tips? I thought that "winter equipment provided" meant snowshoes, skis & boots etc but all clothing (plus thermos, head torch, rucksack) was also available to borrow, no need to pack anything other than a few baselayers & something comfortable for the evening.... (more)Pauline Hawes
From 1199 - 1229 including UK flights
Snowshoeing holiday in Finland
The most memorable part of the holiday was swimming in the icy lake after a nice hot sauna! (more)Kim Oosterveen
Great weather even if cold. Great wilderness feel to the environment. Good sized group...Local use of hotel, cabins and information centre for food. (more)Paddy Ducey
From 840 excluding flights
Eastern Europe tour, the Baltic experience
Memorable parts? Cycling in Tallinn, testing fresh food in central market of Riga, kayaking and pick mushrooms in the Aukstaitija National Park. Dinning in Warsaw and the very lovely sunny tour leader. Tips? Travel light, ready to walk up to twenty minutes and claim stairs with all your luggage. Be well prepared with tourist information in all places, as the tour leader is not a tour guide, only gives out limited local information and may leave you behind if you walk too slow. Local... (more)Xiaoling Wang
From 1625 - 1790 excluding flights
Northern Lights holiday, Finnish Lapland
Really fantastic. Extremely memorable and has really whetted my appetite to explore more of this fascinating region - both at this time of year, and in summertime too. (more)Hannah Smith
In one word: FANTASTIC. We were able to engage in such delightful winter activities which we had never done before. Weather was perfect, everyone at the hotel just as pleasant and accommodating as could be, food VERY good and special meals were prepared for me as I am a vegetarian. I would like nothing better than to go back for another visit. (more)Inge David
The most exciting part was being propulsed to a different world for the space of 3 days!...A great great experience. (more)Daniele Bourdais
From 595 - 710 excluding flights

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