Podcasts on what makes Fuerteventura special

Podcasts on what makes Fuerteventura special

Listen to local people talk about what they think makes Fuerteventura special...

Peter Brabants
Peter Brabants, Surf school owner
"In the interior of the island there are really some magnificent villages, really old ones, with typical colours and typical houses" [1:55]

Davide Zilli
Davide Zilli, Windsurf instructor
"Fuerteventura is like paradise; for your life it's the best quality... it's a cheap life and everybody is really, really friendly" [0:17]

Jesus Marrero
Jesus Marrero, Walking guide
"The island is virtually untouched; we have wonderful beaches, a fantastic climate and the west coast, which really is a treasure trove of rugged cliffs" [1:12]

Robert Randerman
Robert Randerman, Walking guide
"The beauty of the island is really the quiet places; it's no stress... it's all about calming down. It's just very relaxing" [0:38]

Miguel Abella
Miguel Abella, Diver
"I've been diving here for thirty years and I never tire of it... every dive is different. You see something new every time" [0:18]

Tony Gallardo
Tony Gallardo, Head of the Environment Agency
"Fuerteventura Biosphere Reserve is one of the best gambles that we make for the future... one of 500 places in the world working to sustain the planet" [0:51]

David Chacon
David Chacon, Mountain park guard
"I love the mountains... the colours are so dramatic; from the yellow sands of the dunes to the dark, black rocks of the mountains and hills" [0:52]

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