Wildlife holidays in Galapagos Islands. Tours & holidays in 2016 & 2017

Galapagos Islands wildlife holidays

Galapagos Islands wildlife holidays

Few places on earth have contributed as much to our understanding of the natural world as the Galapagos. A lack of large predators means the wildlife is fearless, and in this remote setting you can swim with sea lions, watch sea iguanas blow salt from their noses and see the famous finches, whose unique beaks revealed the secrets of evolution to Charles Darwin – all with expert naturalist guides. Our Galapagos Islands wildlife holidays will leave you hopping with excitement.

Galapagos cruise options, tailor made
The greatest wildlife experiences tailor made, from £2500 - £5000 (8 days) ex flights
Galapagos & Amazon wildlife holiday, Ecuador
The ultimate wildlife trip to the Amazon and Galapagos, from US $6190 (16 days) ex flights
Galapagos holidays, Ecuador
A First Class wildlife cruise around the 'Enchanted Isles', from £3699 - £3949 (12 days) inc UK flights
Galapagos activity & wildlife holiday, land based
Tailor-made land-based activity holiday in Galapagos, from £3135 (10 days) ex flights

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Galapagos & Machu Picchu holiday in Ecuador and Peru
Discover Peru's Machu Picchu and the Wildlife-rich Galapagos, from US $4500 - US $8400 (16 days) ex flights
Galapagos Islands holiday
Home to many interesting species of endemic wildlife, from £3949 - £4499 (16 days) inc UK flights
Galapagos holiday cruise options
Excellent selection of small and midsize Galapagos cruises, from £1970 - £3143 (8 days) ex flights
Peru and Galapagos holiday
An inspirational tour combining Peru, Ecuador & the Galapagos, from £4388 (15 days) ex flights
Galapagos land based adventure holiday
Amazing wildlife, both on land and underwater, from £2211 - £2762 (10 days) ex flights
Peru and Galapagos adventure holiday
Combine superb hiking with a spectacular wildlife cruise, from £4705 - £7105 (18 days) ex flights
Ecuador highlands tour & Galapagos cruise
Experience Ecuador's stunning highlands and the Galapagos, from £4427 - £4798 (16 days) ex flights
Ecuador & Galapagos holiday, tailormade
Discover the Andes, Amazon and Galapagos, from £3595 - £6715 (16 days) ex flights
Galapagos adventure holiday
An active Galapagos Islands adventure holiday, from £2423 - £2556 (10 days) ex flights
Ecuador holiday, Quito & the Galapagos
Experience Quito & the Galapagos Islands, from £3505 (10 days) ex flights
Galapagos cruises
Cruise the Galapagos Islands on sailing boats and yachts, from £1922 (8 days) ex flights
Galapagos multi activity holiday
An amazing adventure Galapagos Multi-sports, from £2495 (7 days) ex flights
Luxury Galapagos Islands cruise
Explore Ecuador’s Galápagos on board the elegant Grace, from £5513 (11 days) ex flights
Tailor made holiday in Ecuador
A life-time experience with the Amazing Huaorani People, from US $3200 (13 days) ex flights
Galapagos tailor made adventure holiday
Explore Galapagos Islands; active tour and cosy hotels, from £1676 (9 days) ex flights
Galapagos & Inca Trail tour
Unique adventure of ancient sights & breathtaking beauty, from £3552 - £3970 (17 days) ex flights
Galapagos Islands cruise, all ages
Cruise the Galapagos Islands in 8 days, from £2999 (8 days) ex flights
Galapagos & Machu Picchu holiday
An unmissable chance to explore Ecuador, Galapagos & Peru, from US $4000 (16 days) ex flights
Galapagos 5 day cruise, Ecuador
Cruise around the incredible and unique Galapagos Islands, from £1950 (5 days) ex flights
Peru, Ecuador & Galapagos wildlife holiday
Discover the wildlife of Peru, Ecuador and the Galápagos, from £5155 (20 days) ex flights
Ecuador & Galapagos Islands holiday
An 11-day journey through the centre of the world, from £1600 (11 days) ex flights
Galapagos tailor made holidays
An adventure in the Galapagos to see the amazing wildlife, from £2114 (8 days) ex flights
Galapagos Islands cruise, on a shoestring
Experience the Galapagos Islands with this great value cruise, from £3008 (12 days) ex flights
Galapagos 7 day cruise
Cruise the extraordinary archipelago of the Galapagos, from £3819 (12 days) inc UK flights
Galapagos cruise holiday
Galapagos cruise holiday, from £3450 - £3803 (10 days) ex flights

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Galapagos cruise options, tailor made
Excellent. The guides, accommodation, food, wildlife was better than I had expected...our guides were all local and very good at their job. (more)Sam Taylor
The wildlife was just awesome! Even more amazing than we'd expected! The crew were fantastic - really friendly and welcoming and the guides were exceptional. (more)Christine Ennew
Most memorable was swimming with sea lions, but actually it was all brilliant. (more)Bryn Parry
From £2500 - £5000 excluding flights
Peru and Galapagos adventure holiday
It was the culmination of lifetime of my 'bucket list'..... Definitely NOT to be missed......Fabulous !! (more)Sandra Clegg
Very well structured between 3 South American countries and 3 very different experiences. Wherever possible our guides made sure any benefits went back to the local community. (more)Bruce and Kerry Taylor
It was truly the holiday of a lifetime with unique experiences that i will treasure. That was helped by a very well organised crew and an inspirational guide who was in love with his islands. (more)Debbie Cowburn
From £4705 - £7105 excluding flights
Galapagos adventure holiday
This has to be one of my best trips ever!! Highly recommended! The Galapagos has to be on everyone's bucket list! (more)Mei Yoke Chan
We feel we've had many 5-star holidays but this was certainly one of them. (more)Robert Coifman
Very enjoyable....We hiked the Inca trail; catching sight of Machu Picchu through the cloud as we approached was spectacular! (more)Sue Johnson
From £2423 - £2556 excluding flights
Galapagos holiday cruise options
Really there are no words to express how wonderful my holiday was. You have to experience it yourself to appreciate it...the most exciting part was seeing the animals on the Galapagos & swimming with the sea turtles. (more)Sy Schwartz
The most memorable part was swimming with sealions and turtles in the Galapagos. (more)Elaine Edmondson
From £1970 - £3143 excluding flights
Galapagos cruises
We had a fantastic group of people on board so I had a great time although traveling solo. I was very pleased with the itinerary of the cruise which really made the most of the days. During the week we got to see practically everything which honestly made it feel well worth the investment. (more)Sari Sironen
The first day arriving in Galapagos and seeing the sea turtles, snorkelling, swimming next to sealions was the most memorable part of this holiday. (more)Miss D.D
The most memorable parts were seeing and swimming with many of the wildlife including penguins, sea lions, dolphins. Driving through ocean surrounded by volcanoes on all sides. (more)Matt Hayden
From £1922 excluding flights
Galapagos holidays, Ecuador
Swimming with giant sea turtles and being woken up at 2.30am to watch a volcano erupt! Absolutely amazing! (more)Joanna Rapley
Very good. (more)Martyn Todd
For me, each new encounter with an animal/bird/sea creature I had not seen before was exciting. (more)Karen Morrow
From £3699 - £3949 including UK flights
Galapagos activity & wildlife holiday, land based
Memorable parts? All of it ! Surpassed expectations. Micromanagement by competent guides impressive. Just one guide did not speak adequate English ( on a boat tour ) Tips? Do not even clean teeth using local water. Sea water can be quite cold ( especially at Kicker Rock). Wet suit hire is cheap and advisable for some Good mosquito prophylaxis essential Local benefits? Cannot really comment - I fear for the Galapagos with plans to increase tourism dramatically (200,000 - 500,000... (more)Elizabeth Powell-Brett
From £3135 excluding flights
Ecuador holiday, Quito & the Galapagos
Memorable parts? Swimming with sea-lions in the Galapagos. Tips? Don't delay! There wasn't anything I could fault. Local benefits? Yes - local guides were used in each city and also for the boat crew. The boat was classified as an eco-catamaran. Overall rating? Excellent. Very sad to have had to leave. (more)Sarah Hext
From £3505 excluding flights
Galapagos 2 week cruise, Ecuador
Memorable parts? The fantastic wildlife. The friendly crew. The very knowlable guide. Tips? If travelling alone - pay the extra for your own cabin. Take as little as possible - you can always rinse things out & dry them! A couple of pairs of shorts or trousers & a couple of t-shirts, GOOD soled shoes & sandles. 60+ Sun block, Deet. AND CAMERA(s) Don't spend money on new clothes before you go! Local benefits? The locals certainly appeared to make the most of the tourist trade!!!!!!... (more)Margaret Dolan
From £5199 - £5549 including UK flights
Ecuador and Galapagos holiday
Memorable parts? Zip-Lining in the Cloud Forest but the Galapagos was amazing. Tips? Definitely take a torch, wet weather clothing and a sense of humour. Local benefits? Yes, definitely. Overall rating? Brilliant but the cloud forest was a bit disappointing as we had continual rain and saw very few animals or birds. This also occurred in the Amazon. We were told by the operator that rain was minimal with short bursts. Obviously a joke. (more)Anne Goffin
From £5150 - £5480 excluding flights
Flexible Galapagos Islands tailor made tour
Memorable parts? Snorkeling with sea lions. Tips? Protect yourself from the sun (which we did) and take precautions to avoid seasickness (which we did the second boat trip). Local benefits? Overall, yes very much. However the food could have avoided any human added animals (chicken/beef). Overall rating? Excellent! Very unique experience! (more)Rob Richards
From US $2059 excluding flights

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