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Gap year wildlife conservation holidays

Get up close and personal with wildlife on your gap year and go wild with one of these wildlife conservation projects. A worldwide choice of wildlife conservation holidays from leading specialist tour companies that enable you to make a valuable contribution to wildlife conservation on your gap year.

Gap year wildlife conservation holidays
Animal rehabilitation project in South Africa
Hands on rehabilitation work in South Africa, from £995 (14 days) ex flights
Game Reserve conservation in South Africa
Exciting and rewarding conservation work at game parks, from £1595 (14 days) ex flights
Volunteering with bears in Cambodia
Help to care for rescued bears, from £595 (7 days) ex flights
Amazon Rainforest Internship
Unique jungle conservation internship in heart of the Amazon, from US $6500 (16 weeks) ex flights
Volunteering in Thailand, wildlife rescue centre
Care for rescued animals including monkeys and bears, from £549 (7 days) ex flights
Safari field guide courses, South Africa
Wlidlife Training in the African Bush, from £7950 - £8950 (12 weeks) ex flights
Volunteer with animals in the Andes Lake region, Ecuador
Help and work with numerous wild animals in the Andes highlands, from US $740 - US $2240 (14 days) ex flights
Volunteer project in East Africa, wildlife and community
Dolphin, monkey and community volunteering in coastal Kenya, from £1605 - £3525 (12 weeks) ex flights
Animal rehabilitation project in Perth, Australia
Rewarding Animal Care at a Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, from £1775 (21 days) ex flights
Victoria Falls conservation volunteer project, Zimbabwe
Work with Victoria Falls' wildlife and communities, from £614 - £2767 (14 days) ex flights
Borneo Jungle Expedition
4-week school expedition volunteering in beautiful Borneo, from £3960 (4 weeks) inc UK flights
Jungle conservation & research, Peru
Jungle conservation and research project in the Amazon, from £995 (14 days) ex flights
Predator conservation in South Africa
Help conserve Cheetahs and other predators, from £1295 (14 days) ex flights
Wildlife conservation holiday in South Africa
Assist with research in a Big 5 area, from £1395 (4 weeks) ex flights
Volunteer with monkeys in South Africa
Help re-habilitate orphaned monkeys in beautiful rural South Africa, from £795 (14 days) ex flights
South Africa wildlife conservation expedition
Track wildlife and live in the bush on a game reserve, from £1145 - £3445 (14 days) ex flights
Thailand wildlife sanctuary volunteering holiday
Volunteering break at a wildlife sanctuary in Thailand, from £839 (14 days) ex flights
Orangutan volunteering in Borneo and Malaysia
Volunteer at a zoo, and witness wild orangutans in Borneo, from £1495 (4 weeks) ex flights
Volunteer at a lion sanctuary in South Africa
Help protect and rehabilitate lions in South Africa, from £1395 (4 weeks) ex flights
South Africa National Park internships
Unique opportunity to work in National Parks, from £2550 - £3510 (12 weeks) ex flights
Wild elephant research volunteer programme
Elephant research & conservation volunteering in Sri Lanka, from £525 - £1189 (7 days) ex flights
Gap year expedition in Ecuador
Work on a wide range of vital projects in Ecuador, from £1795 (4 weeks) ex flights
Volunteer with children & animals in South Africa
Volunteer with children and wild animals in South Africa., from £460 - £3390 (7 days) ex flights
Elephant conservation project in Sri Lanka
Fantastic elephant conservation project in rural Sri Lanka, from £1195 (14 days) ex flights

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19 reviews for Gap year wildlife conservation holidays4 star overall rating

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South Africa wildlife conservation expedition
Memorable parts? Too many to list, but if I had to pick one it would be finding a leopard and her cub with a 4.5m python that they had just killed. The python was swollen with a small antelope that it had just killed. Working at the Karongwe Game Reserve was a truly amazing experience. Tips? Dive in. Do as much as you can. Enthusiasm will be rewarded with an amazing experience. Come prepared for the weather and some sacrifices in creature comforts, but it's all worth it. Local... (more)Ralph Perrella
From £1145 - £3445 excluding flights
Jungle conservation & research, Peru
Memorable parts? Getting to spend time walking through the jungle and seeing so many great animals and birds. The best moments were the tree frogs, manu poison frog and the rainbow boa! I really enjoyed the construction of the bird hides and biogarden even though sometimes it was really hard work! Pancakes for breakfast were great! Tips? There was a lot of walking and physical activity so it’s really important to expect to do lots when you get there and probably need reasonable fitness! Local... (more)Melanie Veal
From £995 excluding flights
Volunteering with bears in Cambodia
I loved every second of my trip - the people, the country, the bears I worked with... (more)Louise Bednarz
Meeting the bears and being able to really make a difference to their day-to-day lives with enrichment, feeding and cleaning; some of the things we were doing (such as enrichment to keep the bears active and happy) wouldn't get done unless we were there to help out! (more)Heather Reynolds
We were so close to the bears and keepers that you feel part of the project rather than just a short stay helper. I think we were really lucky... to have the baby bear (Lola) arrive when we were there too. (more)Anon
From £595 excluding flights
Orangutan volunteering in Borneo and Malaysia
Memorable parts? Helping to catch a Crocodile, and a 13 foot long python that had eaten a monkey.... Definitely not your average holiday, which is nice... Tips? Go with an open mind, and be prepared for some physical work… Local benefits? Yes. Overall rating? Very enjoyable, thanks for having me. (more)John Broome
From £1495 excluding flights
Wildlife conservation holiday in South Africa
Memorable parts? Working with people who are dedicated, informed and enthusiastic about conservation in a practical and realistic way. And of course, seeing the wildlife as they are meant to be. Tips? Be prepared for it to change your views on life. Local benefits? Many local people were employed in the reserve and the studies that were being carried out influenced how the reserve was managed and that benefited the locals. As the research carried out was the same as the normal... (more)Louise Sexton
From £1395 excluding flights
Galapagos conservation projects
Flying over San Cristobal Island in the Galapagos then landing on the tiny airstrip right by the sea and seeing unique plants and animals for the first time that I had only seen in books or in documentaries was the most exciting part. (more)Sue Gardner
Most memorable? Swimming with sea lions but a close second was the community of people that is jatun sacha. (more)John Sheehan
From £1195 excluding flights
Volunteering in Thailand, wildlife rescue centre
I went to the Wildlife Rescue Centre in Thailand, this was a fantastic project helping animals who had been mostly kept as pets. It’s hard to say what was the most memorable part of this holiday as there was so much variety and different experiences, it’s difficult to decide what was the best part of it. (more)Cathy Bisset
I had so many fantastic experiences, and the centre itself was in an idyllic area, on the grounds of a Buddhist temple. One highlight was spotting wild elephants in a nearby national park, after dark. (more)Olly Carney
From £549 excluding flights
Volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary in South Africa
Memorable parts? So many amazing things happened during my stay. My top 3 were: 1) Seeing the cheetahs being fed 2) Helping to rear a meercat baby and Clarke a serval 3) All the jokes and banter between the volunteers Tips? I would recommend bringing some DVDs, although the selection is pretty good already. Additionally make sure you bring warm clothes it gets really really cold at night. Finally make sure you bring a good torch. Overall rating? 9/10 of course there will be... (more)Cecilia Stilwell
From £695 excluding flights
Volunteer with children & animals in South Africa
My whole time at the reserve was so incredible with thrills everyday from hurtling along dirt tracks to see elephants, watching porcupines and honey badgers battle right next to camp to the first time you lead a class by yourself. (more)Deirdre McClean
Working with all of the animals and children, and meeting wonderful people were most memorable - the whole experience was memorable and exciting. The trip well and truly exceeded my expectations. I would happily recommend it to anyone. (more)Thérèse Hutchins
I don't know where to begin to say what was the most memorable part... it was all so amazing! (more)Helen Lucy
From £460 - £3390 excluding flights
Safari field guide courses, South Africa
Memorable parts? Learning so much in such a short period of time, and the excellent people I got to know. Tips? Do not book the test before going. It costs £200 to book this test in the UK, and £50 to do it when you're there. Also, the test is only useful for people looking to be actual field guides. Otherwise it's just an unnecessary expense. You'll learn the same stuff, and have more fun, if you don't take it. Local benefits? Sure. Overall rating? Excellent. (more)Karl Malmstrom
From £7950 - £8950 excluding flights
Turtle volunteering in Greece
Memorable parts? Discovering new turtle nests. Tips? The information from the tour operator was disorganised - make sure you get confirmation that information has been passed on. Local benefits? Yes. Overall rating? Good. (more)Andrea Richardson
From £995 - £2995 excluding flights

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