Ghana holidays and tours, 2015 and 2016

Our wide selection of Ghana holidays are provided by responsible operators that support local communities & conservation. It is often said that Ghana boasts some of the friendliest people in Africa & along with its stunning animal-rich environments & palm-fringed beaches Ghana holidays are inspiring.
Cultural history holiday in Ghana
History, culture, traditions and wildlife, from 750 - 1299 (7 days) ex flights
Ghana, Togo & Benin holiday, Gold & magic
Traditional villages and voodoo in Ghana, Togo and Benin, from 1949 (12 days) ex flights
Ghana holidays, eco lodge with village tour
Get really close to African village life and culture, from 280 (7 days) ex flights
Ghana holidays, tailor made
Culture and traditions in Ghana, from 799 - 999 (11 days) ex flights
Ghana, Togo and Benin cultural holiday
Explore the unique African Culture in three Countries, from 1529 (8 days) ex flights
Cultural & wildlife holiday in Ghana
Experience the African culture at its core in Ghana, from 794 (8 days) ex flights
Ghana tours, small group
A real cultural experience of Ghana, from 3688 (18 days) ex flights
Ghana holiday, coastal tour
Explore the exciting beaches and nature along coastal Ghana, from 446 (7 days) ex flights
Ghana cultural, wildlife & nature tour
Experience the Ghanaian Culture and wildlife your own way, from 1280 (11 days) ex flights
Ghana cultural tours, small group
Experience the culture of ethnic groups in Ghana, from 3185 (19 days) ex flights
Teach English in Ghana
Teach in the heart of Africa, from 895 (14 days) ex flights
West African history tour in Ghana
Take this emotional journey into the history of West Africa, from 750 (8 days) ex flights
Teaching English in Ghana
Teach children in Ghana, from 645 (7 days) ex flights
Accra accommodation, culture & volunteering in Ghana
Vegan Apts for culture & volunteering in Accra, Ghana, from US $35 - US $60 per apartment per night
Ghana tour, slave route
A cultural & historical tour of the history of slavery in Ghana, from 2735 (15 days) ex flights
Ghana coastal trekking holiday, Cape Three Points
A unique tour with the opportunity to see amazing Ghana, from 1019 (10 days) ex flights
Ashanti tours in Ghana
Experience the ancient culture of the Ashanti Kingdom, from 1777 (9 days) ex flights
Ghana, Togo and Benin holiday
Tribal culture, colourful customs and Ouidah Voodoo Festival, from 2249 (12 days) ex flights
Panafest festival holiday in Ghana
Visit Ghana & experience Panafest, from 1575 (13 days) ex flights
Ghana community volunteering
Community building in tropical Ghana, from 895 (14 days) ex flights
Ghana nature & hiking tour
Get a feel of real adventure during your days in Ghana, from 287 (4 days) ex flights
Ghana nature & cultural holiday
Enjoy the park and cultural sites of Ghana, from 1280 - 1448 (8 days) ex flights
Cultural holiday in Ghana, Togo and Benin
Join an amazing group trip through Ghana, Togo and Benin, from 1935 (12 days) ex flights
Ghana holiday, Kingdoms of Gold
Join our small group tour as we explore Ghana, from 2175 (12 days) ex flights
Ghana wildlife safari
Discover Ghana's 16 national parks, from 799 (10 days) ex flights
Ghana childcare volunteering holiday
Live in the heart of an African community, from 895 (14 days) ex flights
Ghana wildlife and cultural holiday
Wonderful mix-experiences of culture and nature in Ghana, from 1261 (15 days) ex flights
Teach music in Ghana
Teaching music to children in Ghana, from 645 (7 days) ex flights
Volunteering holiday in Ghana
Adventure and volunteer in our amazing community, from 600 - 2100 (4 weeks) ex flights
Ghana self catering accommodation near Accra
Mountaintop apartment with stunning views over captial, from 25 - 40 per accommodation per night

18 reviews for Ghana holidays4 star overall rating

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Ghana holidays, tailor made
Absolutely fantastic! I wouldn't change a thing. (more)Kay Newberry
Excellent! The entire trip was memorable and life enriching... The tour company was efficient and accommodating of all our requests from start to finish. Our driver and guide were superb, knowledgeable and looked after us very well. (more)Julie Winning
To pick one would be impossible - but how about visiting and dancing with new friends from a Lobi village while listening to their incredible music (one of the "instruments" was a shovel) or following an elephant's footprints, then hearing him, particularly the sound of his ears flapping, before seeing him. (more)Freddy Davis
From 799 - 999 excluding flights
Cultural history holiday in Ghana
Visiting compounds and seeing the real Ghana. Great to meet the locals and see how they lived. Also: river safari with the hippos; tree top rainforest walk; learning about the slave trade .... and much more. (more)Nicholas Wilson
The best part of the holiday was visiting Wechiau, a rural village in northern part of Ghana; our driver cooked a meal for us on open fire, the whole Lobi tribal community got together and danced for us. (more)Amy Sakai
What part of my holiday wasn't memorable or exciting?? If I had to pick something, I would have to say hanging out with the Lobi villagers around Wechiau. They were all so kind and generous and had great senses of humour. I also loved the Kakum canopy walk, despite a mild fear of heights. (more)Amy Lippincott
From 750 - 1299 excluding flights
Ghana holidays, eco lodge with village tour
The best holiday I've ever been on! Great for solo travellers. I was looked after the whole way from the airport to Dzita and back again. Having my own private guide was brilliant and all the activities were amazing. I experienced the real Ghana. (more)Lesley Boyle
Every part of this wonderful holiday was memorable! One of, if not the best holiday that I have ever had. (more)Beth Macnab
The hospitality of people, in spite of their limited resources, the mentality of sharing, the smiles, the friendly attitude, I enjoyed all of this thoroughly. (more)Federica Marchesi
From 280 excluding flights
Ghana, Togo and Benin cultural holiday
Memorable parts? Travelling through the Somba country and seeing their fortified Tata houses - simply amazing! Tips? Just go ahead and book it as the itinerary covers so much of West African culture, with particular insights into voodoo practices and life inside remote tribal villages. Local benefits? I do feel that local people benefited from our visits, particularly vendors selling local handicrafts. Overall rating? I had one of my most eye-opening trips - and I... (more)Mark Langer
From 1529 excluding flights
West African history tour in Ghana
Memorable parts? I went to Ghana wanting to explore more of its history, and, as a black person to better understand the European slave trade and the place from which so many of our ancestors were shipped away to the Americas and continuing subjugation. The visit to the places in which enslaved people were chained and held was both harrowing and absorbing. Visiting the burial ground of Kwame Nkrumah and seeing the places from which Ghana's independence was launched was moving; learning more... (more)Josephine Kwhali
From 750 excluding flights
Ghana wildlife safari
Memorable parts? Getting right up close to the elephants on a foot safari in Mole National Park and sleeping under the stars in a remote village in the hippo sanctuary. Tips? This tour gives good coverage of culture, history and wildlife over a large part of Ghana. Be flexible and your guide will adapt the tour in places to meet special interests. Local benefits? The holiday showed respect for the people, for Ghana and for the environment. I hope that we did our bit to help... (more)Paul Watts
From 799 excluding flights

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I am reborn! Simply the best holiday I have ever been on
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Some great stories to tell the grandchildren. Would recommend to a friend
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