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Gorilla safari holidays

41 Gorillas safaris and holidays. One of the most incredible wildlife experiences ever – gorilla safaris are a once in a lifetime opportunity. To see these huge, endangered primates in their natural environment can often be very humbling. From the mountain gorillas in Virunga Mountains to lowland gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, these holidays offer the best gorilla experiences in Uganda and Rwanda. All gorilla safari holidays require a gorilla permit which funds anti-poaching patrols and supports gorilla conservation.

Gorilla safari holidays
Gorilla Safari & the Masai Mara
Superb safari and trip to see gorillas, from £2969 - £3549 (18 days) inc UK flights
Gorilla safari in Uganda
Track the endangered mountain gorillas in Uganda, from £3595 (10 days) ex flights
Congo gorillas & wildlife holiday
Lowland gorillas and forest elephants in the Congo, from £5195 (13 days) ex flights
Gorilla safari in Rwanda, gorillas, monkeys and chimpanzees
Discover gorillas, monkeys and chimpanzees in stunning Rwanda , from £2549 - £3099 (7 days) inc UK flights
Uganda conservation holiday, Gorillas and Chimps
Exclusive trip to track gorillas & chimps with wildlife experts, from £2395 (7 days) ex flights
Gorilla tour in Rwanda
Mountain Gorillas are most spectacular scenery on earth., from US $1200 - US $1500 (3 days) ex flights
Primate tour in Rwanda and Uganda
Track down mountain gorillas and chimps in Uganda & Rwanda, from £3450 (11 days) ex flights
Rwanda and Uganda wildlife holiday
Rwanda and Uganda adventure., from US $2850 - US $3800 (14 days) ex flights
Gorilla safari in Africa
Track the world’s largest gorillas in DR Congo., from £4995 (16 days) ex flights
Gorilla tracking holiday in Rwanda
A unique safari taking in the wildlife highlights of Rwanda, from £3180 (6 days) ex flights
Uganda safari, gorillas, chimps and game
Track the endangered mountain gorillas of Uganda, from £2960 (8 days) ex flights
Uganda gorilla tracking and wildlife safari holiday
A wonderful gorilla and wild life experience in Uganda, from £1500 (10 days) ex flights
Gorilla and Rwenzori expedition in Uganda
Discover the beauty in the heights of the Pearl of Africa!!!, from £2730 - £3950 (18 days) ex flights
Uganda Gorilla & Game safari holiday
Experience the best of Uganda's highlights -small group trip, from £3850 - £4370 (10 days) inc UK flights
Uganda gorillas and wildlife holiday
An incredible adventure into the heart of Africa, from £3549 - £4199 (13 days) inc UK flights
Gorilla and game safari in Uganda
The great Silverback Gorilla & wildlife all in one package!, from £1850 - £2320 (9 days) ex flights
Overland tour of Kenya to Rwanda, gorillas and gameparks
Join game drives in Kenya & a gorilla trek in Uganda, from £495 (19 days) ex flights
Lowland Gorilla holiday in the Congo
Explore the Dark Continent's hidden secrets, from £0 (10 days) inc UK flights
Kenya and Uganda safari holiday
African overland safari tour and mountain gorilla watching, from £1682 - £1869 (16 days) ex flights
Mountain gorilla project in Uganda
Work towards conservation of the majestic gorilla in Uganda, from £2695 (14 days) ex flights
Gorilla tracking holiday in Uganda
Unspoilt Uganda trips and East Africa Supper safari., from £950 - £2500 (10 days) ex flights
Gorilla photographic tour in Rwanda
Gorilla photographic tour in the wilds of Rwanda, from £2995 (5 days) ex flights
Cameroon & Congo holiday
Pristine Rainforests, Baïs, Great Apes and much more, from €3433 - €4274 (13 days) ex flights
Central African holiday, Africa's best kept secret
The Majestic Sangha Tri-National, from €5443 - €7255 (13 days) ex flights

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Gorilla safari in Rwanda
Outstanding, moving and a huge privilege.....The enormous privilege to spend time with the majestic Mountain Gorillas. It is one of those experiences that stays with you for life. (more)HELEN DRYDEN
We had a fantastic time, once in a lifetime event...Seeing the gorillas was absolutely amazing. (more)Fiona Dolman
The gorillas were all I had dreamt they would be...Fabulous, excellent, wonderful, inspiring, thought provoking... a joy! (more)Angela Huffman
From £1595 excluding flights
Gorilla Safari & the Masai Mara
Every day was fabulous always something different... travelling with like minded people was also a good thing. (more)Valerie Koppi
Gorillas!!!!!. Interacting with them was the most exceptional experience elf my life and the biggest adrenaline rush I have ever had. Its is without comparison. The Masai Mara was amazing, will decamping was a buzz and White water rafting on the Nile was an amazing experience but being close to the African people(especially the happy kids) and not isolated in 5 star resorts made the trip a once in a lifetime experience. (more)Mark Asquith
It was excellent. I would go again tomorrow... it was such a fabulous trip from the start in Kigali to the end in Nairobi. Seeing the gorillas was obviously so special and memorable and the rafting in jinja was an unexpected highlight. Also the people in my group and our fabulous exodus team who were to efficient, friendly, patient and organised. (more)Sally Knowles-Jackson
From £2969 - £3549 including UK flights
Gorilla photographic tour in Rwanda
Memorable parts? Seeing the gorillas. Tips? Take more US$ Local benefits? Yes. Overall rating? I think it could be re-organised to maximise time spent in Rwanda. For example, it should definitely include a trip to Diane Fossey's grave and, as it was a specific photographic trip, the afternoons should have been spent on one to one tuition together with more photographic sessions around the lodge. The group and David discussed this and broadly agreed - David will submit... (more)Ann Mazzucco
From £2995 excluding flights
Rwanda and Uganda wildlife holiday
Memorable parts? By far - coming face to face with a group of Mountain Gorillas Tips? Try to spread it over more than two weeks as there was rather a lot of travelling up to 12 hours on one day Local benefits? Yes definitely as it creates employment for hotels etc and also drivers, park rangers, guides and security personnel, obviously the cost of Chimp and Gorilla treks as well as Game Park fees must benefit conservation and wildlife Overall rating? It was a wonderful... (more)Colin Stevens
From US $2850 - US $3800 excluding flights
Uganda conservation holiday, Gorillas and Chimps
Seeing the gorillas was the most memorable part...Short but intense. Great organisation of activities and transfers. (more)Sandrine Guyot de La Pommeraye
This was the trip of a lifetime and more than fulfilled all of my hopes for it...the first moment that I saw the gorillas. This moment will stand out in my memory as one of the great moments of my life. I was moved to tears. (more)Jan Pullen
From £2395 excluding flights
Gorilla safari in Uganda
The whole holiday was memorable for all the best reasons but probably the most outstanding were the 2 days spent with the Mountain Gorillas. A memory that will live with me 'til the end of my days! (more)Judith Towell
Unforgettable experience in country very different from my own. I met some very gentle and helpful people who added much to my enjoyment. All travel arrangements went smoothly and as expected. Given the chance, I would love to return to Rwanda. (more)Patrick Taylor
The whole of our week in Rwanda was extraordinary and memorable... and we lost our hearts to this small and extremely beautiful country. We had two days gorilla tracking which were wonderful - not least because of the great organisation and knowledge of the local guides and trackers. (more)Caroline Gant
From £3595 excluding flights
Holidays to Uganda
Memorable parts? Getting close to gorillas in their forest home will be unforgettable. The Nile boat trips are excellent also. Tips? Just go. Don't expect to see lots of big cats (although we did see some lions and leopards) - but seeing the gorillas is very special and the rest of the wildlife is great also. Local benefits? Benefits local people only in so far that hotels and guiding provide jobs. Benefits the environment because visitors create a reason for the national... (more)Gerard O'Hanlon
From £2350 excluding flights
Small group adventure holiday in Uganda
Memorable parts? Spotting the Gorillas in The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Tips? Always take the option of a porter when trekking the gorillas. After paying 100's of dollars for the permit, $15 for the use of a porter is peanuts. The trek is really tiring and the porter not only carries your bag but pushes, pulls and generally helps get you into t he best spots to photograph the gorillas! Local benefits? Some of the money from the cost of the permit goes towards educating local... (more)Kathy Hammond
From £1380 - £1650 excluding flights
Gorilla holidays in Uganda
Excellent! A once in a lifetime and very unique experience... Getting so close to chimps and a silverback gorilla - amazing! (more)Emma Tweedie
Seeing gorillas and optional Community Walk in Bwindi were the most memorable parts. (more)Stephen Purse
I would definately give a 10 out of 10....This is a great action packed holiday where you really do and see quite alot over the short time that you are there which adds to the memories when looking back at the time spent in Uganda while flying home. (more)Carl Willott
From £2485 - £2963 including UK flights
Gorilla safari and game parks, Uganda
A great holiday for viewing wildlife. The campsites had much better facilities than I was expecting and the food and guides were excellent. (more)Michele Bowers
It was all fantastic. Of course one of the highlights was coming face to face with the beautiful mountain gorilla. (more)Vicky Brownlie
From £595 - £670 excluding flights

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