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Experiencing a country on two legs is one thing but from four you get a much loftier perspective. Horse riding holidays allow you to pursue a passion or discover a new skill as you keep fit, active and outdoors amongst some incredibly scenic settings. Mongolia, Morocco, Italy and India; wherever you fancy wandering, saddle up and head on out as this is one of the best ways to see the world and make a new friend.
Mongolia horse riding holiday, Zavkhan Classic
Horse trekking in Mongolia's remote Zavkhan Province, from NZ $3900 (17 days) ex flights
Catalan horse riding holiday in Spain
Horse riding in the beautiful Catalan countryside, from 685 - 1100 (8 days) ex flights
Morocco horse riding holiday, beach ride
Ride Arab stallions beach-to-beach along Morocco's coast, from 775 (8 days) ex flights
Horse rehabilitation project in South Africa
Work hands on with horses on the South African coast, from 1195 (14 days) ex flights
Short break riding holiday in Tuscany
A short riding holiday through the Tuscan countryside, from 700 (5 days) ex flights
Riding holiday in Kyrgyzstan
Ride the Silk Road trail, exciting and adventurous, from 2675 (15 days) ex flights
Horse riding holiday in France
Calm, beautifully-behaved horses and idyllic surroundings, from 663 - 735 (7 days) ex flights
Tuscany horse riding holiday in Italy
A weeklong riding holiday through famous Tuscan landscapes, from 1275 (8 days) ex flights
Horse riding holidays in Transylvania
Enjoy great riding in Transylvania's stunning scenery, from 1060 (6 days) ex flights
Chianti castles horse riding holiday in Italy
A riding week in the glorious Chianti hills, from 1435 (8 days) ex flights
Mongolia horse riding tour
10 day horse trek in the central valleys of Mongolia, from 1495 (10 days) ex flights
Horse riding holiday in the Mercantour
Real horse riding adventure in the Mercantour, from 625 (5 days) ex flights
Ecuador horse riding tour
An exhilarating Andean adventure & bull roundup horse ride, from 2995 (12 days) ex flights
Argentina Christmas holiday, Gaucho experience
Our unique Gaucho experience makes Christmas unforgettable, from 2995 (11 days) ex flights
Horse riding holiday in Argentina
Ride between Argentine estancias in the footsteps of gauchos, from 3250 - 3350 (10 days) ex flights
Romania horse riding holiday
See Romania's spectacular landscapes and painted monasteries, from 1650 (8 days) ex flights
Patagonia holiday, horse riding in the Andes
Ride Argentina to Chile immersed in stunning Andean vistas, from 4250 (12 days) ex flights
Horse trek holiday in Bhutan
Ride from the jungle covered lowlands to the forested hills, from 3995 (13 days) ex flights
Horse riding holiday in Romania
An eco-horse riding facility in Transylvania, from 800 - 1580 (7 days) ex flights
Horse trekking holiday in Mongolia
A riding trip into the the majestic north of Mongolia, from 2645 (14 days) ex flights
Mexico horse riding holiday
Ride from Mexico's dynamic capital deep into its rural heart, from 3350 - 3450 (11 days) ex flights
Rajasthan horse trek, India
Ride the Marwari horse through the Aravelli Hills, from 2595 (14 days) ex flights
Mongolia horse riding holiday, Altai Taster
Horse riding adventure in Mongolia's remote Altai Mountains, from NZ $4550 (17 days) ex flights
Yukon horse riding holiday, Canada
Yukon Wilderness Adventure on Horseback, from CA $1335 (5 days) ex flights
Horse riding tour in Rajasthan, India
Recce ride across Rajasthan's desert by Royal Marwari horse, from 2550 - 2750 (13 days) ex flights
Horse riding holiday in Sierra Nevada Mountains, Spain
Ride Andalusian horses in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Spain, from 965 (7 days) ex flights
Petra and Wadi Rum horse riding holiday, Jordan
An unforgettable ride through Wadi Rum, from 1695 (10 days) ex flights
Bulgaria horse riding holiday
Horse riding holiday in Bulgaria; 1 week, from 699 - 790 (8 days) ex flights
Georgia horse trekking holiday
An adventure suitable for moderate to experienced riders, from 1625 (9 days) ex flights
Family horse riding holiday in South Africa
Family horse riding safari holiday in South Africa, from 1525 (9 days) ex flights

40 reviews for Horse riding holidays4 star overall rating

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Catalan horse riding holiday in Spain
Fantastic, didn't want to come home again. (more)Jane Nair
Absolutely brilliant! We loved every part of it! (more)Angie Johnston
Very interesting with plenty of activities and many lovely people (more)Matthew Gobey
From 685 - 1100 excluding flights
Chianti castles horse riding holiday in Italy
Memorable parts? Beautiful countryside and a rustic, authentic venue. The horses were well trained and well cared for. Tips? It is good for singles as there are other people around and you are not on your own. There is limited time to do your own thing. Local benefits? The local village seems involved in the centre and employs locals. Overall rating? Great riding holiday, stress free in a beautiful setting. (more)Andrea Tubb
From 1435 excluding flights
Tuscany horse riding holiday in Italy
Memorable parts? Definitely, the best aspect of this trip was the horse riding. The horses were healthy and well-behaved. Riding along side sky-high cypress trees, between rows of vineyards, and past ancient ruins and rural villas was quite an experience. The pace was comfortable - with plenty of lively canters! We stayed at the riding center in the owner's restored family home. My sister and I shared a room that overlooked the stables. We fell asleep to the gentle sound of nickers. Tips? This... (more)Glenna Greene
From 1275 excluding flights
Horse riding holidays in Transylvania
Memorable parts? The beautiful countryside. Tips? Bring some fly spray for the horses. Local benefits? Yes to both. Overall rating? Excellent - amazing scenery, very good horses, lovely people and very good value for money. (more)Kate Wilkins
From 1060 excluding flights
Horse riding holiday in the Mercantour
Every minute was memorable and exciting! The horses, the views, the people, the food - all lovely. (more)Jane Fox
I loved every moment of it. It felt really special and actually quite an achievement to be part of something like a transhumance, which is steeped in so much tradition. (more)Kate Moore
Most memorable was perhaps climbing to what seems like the top of the world on horseback, arriving at a mountain refuge in a cloud and then realizing the stupendous view in the morning. (more)Hester Wilcox
From 625 excluding flights
Rajasthan horse trek, India
I would rate it "best ever"! We had the chance to ride beautiful and reliable Marwari horses, the Indian guides travelling with us were amazing, we were served delicious Indian food and slept in stunning locations. (more)Giulia Lazzarini
It was a fantastic 2 weeks with amazing interesting people, I made friends for life and saw a part of rural India I would never have had access to without the trail devised by Jonny and his friends. (more)Anthea Harvey
Firstly the service from the tour company! Big, big Thanks :-) Secondly, the horses, especially the horse ride to the lake camp. (more)Katharina Duske
From 2595 excluding flights
Horse riding & trekking in Argentina
It was a great adventure trek over the mountains (5000 m at one point!) - absolutely fantastic. (more)Richard Katesmark
We enjoyed it all but mainly the sensation of peace and space in the mountains. (more)Christine Dautheribes
Just seeing the kind of terrain that our horses could cover was one of the most memorable parts of this holiday. The scenery was incredible, as was the attention that we received from one of our guides. (more)Stuart Whitby
From 990 - 1395 excluding flights
Horse trekking holiday in Mongolia
It was a marvelous adventure with a good mix of environments. The views across the plains were spectacular. So was riding along the rivers and lake-side. (more)Andy Williams
On the day that we rode to the reindeer people, we went up, and down, a mountain covered with the most delicate pine trees, and the forest floor was carpeted with flowers...It was like being in Fairyland. (more)Sally Frohlich
From 2645 including domestic flights only
Horse riding holiday in France
A fantastic place which lived up to my expectations. (more)Katherine Amos
Excellent. This is a fine place to stay! With lovely people and surroundings. The best parts were riding in unknown rural France with horses up country tracks and beneath trees in occasional woodland. Meeting other riders and brushing up my French whilst the instructor brushed up my riding skills! (more)Liz Beaven
Tips for other travellers? Stay an extra week!...Ten out of ten. (more)Sue Evans
From 663 - 735 excluding flights
Morocco horse riding holiday, beach ride
Memorable parts? Galloping along the sand on Christmas morning Tips? Make sure you can ride and are used to several hours in the saddle at a time Local benefits? Yes Overall rating? Superb (more)jane cartwright
From 775 excluding flights
Horse riding holiday in Romania
I enjoyed my holiday. I travelled on my own and was part of a very friendly group. The horses were lovely, the food excellent and the setting fantastically beautiful and unspoilt. (more)Lorna Newbrook
Galloping full tilt over the open grasslands of Transylvania was most memorable...Excellent - with a real sense of achievement for having stood the distance! (more)Jane Henderson
Excellent... Riding in the snow, skiiing, visit to Bran castle were most memorable. (more)Anna Faure
From 800 - 1580 excluding flights
Horse rehabilitation project in South Africa
Memorable parts? Working with experienced people who are always willing to help and teach you Tips? To bring many working pieces of clothes and leave at home fashion dresses Local benefits? Yes Overall rating? Great and fulfilling experience (more)Giorgia Trevisan
From 1195 excluding flights

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