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Iceland cruise, Circumnavigation
An unforgettable journey around the island of fire and ice, from £1985 - £2205 (10 days) ex flights
Northern Lights photography holiday in Iceland, coast & ice
Incredible Photogrpahic trip in stunning West & East Iceland, from £2500 - £2600 (10 days) ex flights
Northern Lights & killer whales photography holiday, Iceland
Incredible photographic trip in stunning West Iceland, from £1800 (7 days) ex flights
Northern Lights, glaciers and ice photography holiday Iceland
Incredible photographic trip in stunning south/east Iceland, from £2200 - £2300 (8 days) ex flights

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Iceland Northern Lights short break
Aurora viewing and adventure tour in Iceland, from IKr85990 (4 days) ex flights
Iceland short break Northern Lights tour
Glaciers, lava tubes and nature's spectacular light show, from £1479 - £1499 (5 days) inc UK flights
Iceland family holiday
Refreshing summer holiday to explore Iceland's rugged beauty, from £1590 - £2019 (7 days ) inc UK flights
Short break to Iceland, tailor made
See the Northern Lights and snorkel the rift in Iceland, from £1145 (5 days) ex flights
Iceland holiday, Autumn Trail adventure
A cultural wilderness adventure in Iceland's Westfjords, from IKr295000 - IKr327000 (13 days) ex flights
Iceland adventure holiday in Autumn
Guided tour in autumn under flamboyant colours, from €2200 (8 days) ex flights
Iceland activity holiday
South by South East 6 day adventure trip, from IKr149990 (6 days) ex flights
Iceland short break activity holiday
4 days winter adventure tour to Iceland, from IKr97990 (4 days) ex flights
Trekking holiday in Iceland
6 days of hiking in the interior of Iceland, from IKr189990 (5 days) ex flights
Iceland cycling holiday
A country shaped by violent eruptions and remorseless glaciers, from £2149 - £2349 (8 days) inc UK flights
Iceland Aurora self drive holiday
Fly-drive holiday to Iceland, from £1130 (8 days) inc UK flights
Southwest Iceland tours
Experience stunning Icelandic scenery, from £2049 - £2149 (8 days) inc UK flights
Iceland holiday, September Highlands tour
4x4 Highland tour with the Northern Lights viewing, from €1900 (8 days) ex flights
Short break winter activity holiday in Iceland
3 day multi adventure weekend trip, from IKr55990 (3 days) ex flights
Birding and photography tour in North Iceland
Amazing time in the wilderness close to birdlife, from €3000 (8 days) ex flights
Greenland photography tour, icebergs, glaciers & Inuit Settlements
Incredible photographic adventure in stunning West Greenland, from £3485 (10 days) ex flights
Iceland holiday, Valentine's Day special
Adventure and romance with your Valentine in Iceland, from €1070 (5 days) ex flights
Iceland short break, summer in Reykjavik
Great trip in Reykjavik from May to September, from €700 - €1500 (5 days) ex flights
Iceland holiday, small group
Delve into the ancient land of Vikings and volcanoes, from £1781 - £2215 (10 days) ex flights
Horse riding holiday in Iceland
Ride in a hidden nature reserve surrounded by glaciers, from £970 (6 days) ex flights
Iceland adventure holiday, south coast explorer
Two day adventure exploring ice caves, waterfalls & glaciers, from IKr67990 (2 days) ex flights
Arctic glacier adventure tour, Iceland
An overnight trip to Langjökull glacier, from IKr169990 per tour (2 days)
Iceland walking holiday, East fjords
6 days trekking in the “Kingdom of Elves” in the East fjords, from €1490 (7 days) ex flights
Highlights of Iceland self drive holiday
Amazing self-drive to discover the best of Iceland, from €1100 - €2500 (10 days) ex flights
Iceland day tour, glaciers, volcanoes & waterfalls
Black Sand Beaches, Volcanoes, Glaciers and Waterfalls, from IKr21990 per tour (1 day)

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Iceland Northern Lights short break
Brilliant and Awesome!! Climbing the ice wall during our trip to the Sólheimajökull glacier and seeing the geological wonders of Iceland - geysers, waterfalls, Thingvellir and of course, The Northern Lights!! (more)sue deedigan
Book as much as you can!!!! This is a fantastic company with excellent service and great advice...The amazing day trips which we booked through the company for a great price and included breakfasts made the day easy (more)Elizabeth King
From IKr85990 excluding flights
Northern Lights photography holiday in Iceland, coast & ice
Fantastic - the tutors were excellent, patient, helpful and very professional. I learnt a lot but realise that I still have a lot to learn (more)Jan Beaty
What was the most memorable part of the holiday? - Everything!...Excellent! (more)Chada Ruangtoowagoon
Fabulous, never to be forgotten...the excitement of 'getting' the Northern Lights was really great. (more)Doreen Kelly
From £2500 - £2600 excluding flights
Wellbeing holiday in North Iceland
Memorable parts? We had a fantastic whale watching trip from Husavik. Saw several grey whales close to our boat. One was very active and actually breached for us! Visit to steaming geothermal area bubbling pools of water and mud and smelling strongly of rotten eggs! Tips? Needed information about transport between international and domestic airports in Reyjavik. Had to use taxi between bus terminal and domestic airport which we were not told about. More information about our... (more)Jeanne Weston
From €1100 - €2500 including domestic flights only
Northern Lights, glaciers and ice photography holiday Iceland
It was fantastic. The tour guides were very responsive to local conditions and flexible to the interests of the group. They were very well organized and knew which sites would be good at different times of day for photography. The group had people at different levels of photography experience, but the common interest brought people together. (more)Christopher Gawronski
Excellent. Inspiring. Exhausting. I would do it all again tomorrow. (more)Tania Skye
Totally memorable, for all the best reasons!...We would unhesitatingly recommend this Holiday. (more)Suzanne de Pelsenaire
From £2200 - £2300 excluding flights
Northern Lights & killer whales photography holiday, Iceland
Got to see a pod of eight orca whales including a baby on a whale watching cruise from grundurfordur. (more)Craig Hamilton
We had a 24hr period where everything just went right. Killer Whales, dolphins and a surprise display of a fantastic Aurora...It was a fantastic holiday. (more)Jenny Lacey
The most memorable parts were seeing the Orca swim under the bridge we were standing on and the grade 5 Aurora Borealis - painting the sky in technicolour! (more)Keith Muir
From £1800 excluding flights
Iceland northern lights and snowshoeing holiday
Seeing the Northern Lights and experiencing volcanoes, sulphur springs and outdoor baths. (more)kathy misunas
Fantastic holiday in wonderful scenery. Will definitely go back to the area. (more)Heike Oberg
From €2000 including domestic flights only
Iceland Northern Lights & Astronomy holiday, South Coast
Memorable parts? Our visit to the Blue Lagoon lake for me was probably the best day of the trip. I very much appreciated being dropped off by our guide away from the main tourist spot, and we walked, as a group, along the edge of the frozen lake. It was so peaceful and quiet, and we were able to take lots of photographs, and see seals and eider ducks, before we reached the end of the lake, where there were hoards of visitors. I also enjoyed our daily picnic lunches, in spite of trying... (more)Lesley McManus
From €1800 excluding flights
Highlights of Iceland self drive holiday
We absolutely loved Iceland! Every day was different to the previous one - the scenery changed but it was all amazing! Absolutely brilliant! (more)Ian Fleming
It was a wonderful trip, a great opportunity to contact with nature. (more)Inés Rodriguez
Amazing, terrific experience which was enhanced by wonderful co-ordination and planning by the tour company (more)Helen Ross
From €1100 - €2500 including domestic flights only
Iceland adventure holiday, Lake Myvatn in Spring
Memorable parts? The guide, Ingimundur, had a wonderful passion for his country and delighted in showing us parts of this astonishing landscape which I doubt would be discovered by most independent travellers. Tips? Each season in Iceland brings a different set of wonders. A one-off holiday, such as this one (which was run, unusually, at the end of winter) gives an opportunity to see an astonishing country at a time when it is more-or-less free of tourists. coping with the spectacularly... (more)Kerry Bateman
From €1950 including domestic flights only
Iceland activity holidays
Memorable parts? Hot Spring hunt and heritage tour plus horse riding The glacier walk, the visits to the waterfalls and Vik Bay. Tips? If you have children be aware that many of the starts are at 8 or 8.30 in the am. Particularly because we had a very early flight from Bristol, our teenage children found the early starts a bit much over the week Local benefits? I feel that they benefited local cafes and provided employment. Overall I think Iceland is struggling to cope with... (more)Vicki Harris
From IKr119990 excluding flights
Iceland adventure holiday, self drive
Memorable parts? We visited Iceland for the 2016 summer half-term week with all our family. There were eight of us, from three generations. So the most memorable part of this trip was all of us being together in such an inspiring outdoor environment. In particular our grandchildren loved it. Each of us had favorites within this holiday. Most popular was visiting the ice cave near Myvatn, closely followed by dramatic whale-watching (at least 14 whales) from Husavik, and the Detifoss waterfall... (more)John Stork
From €800 - €2500 including domestic flights only
Iceland short break, summer in Reykjavik
Memorable parts? We had a lovely few days seeing the immense and beautiful landscape in Iceland. A highlight was the horse riding and then the Golden Circle tour afterwards. The weather even behaved for us! Tips? The Downtown Hostel where we stayed was excellently situated - I would definitely advise going for a small hostel / guest house in the centre. Everything was walking distance. Some of the large hotels are a bit further out and in less lovely surroundings (e.g. Hilton). However,... (more)Clare Johnson
From €700 - €1500 excluding flights
Trekking holiday in Iceland
Memorable parts? All the scenery was wonderful. The whole holiday felt like we were on another planet! Tips? Go for it! Local benefits? I was pleased to go with a local company employing local people. There was a good culture on the trek of limiting environmental impact Overall rating? First class (more)Sarah Harris
From IKr189990 excluding flights
Wildlife cruises to Spitsbergen, Greenland and Iceland
Memorable parts? The wildlife, the scenery, the ice, basically all of it Tips? Spend as much time on deck, you never know when you may see something, really take in every moment we are privelidged to be able to travel and see such wonders. Local benefits? I am sure any form of tourism,brings money into the local economy, and as travellers we see the impacts and changes on our planet ,If we trully open our eyes and take it on board, then in any way we can and however small... (more)Paul Lee
From £5900 - £8200 excluding flights
Northern lights & winter break in Reykjavik, Iceland
We appreciated the efforts of the holiday provider to build flexibility into the itinerary to meet our requirements and self drive was a fantastic option, giving us the freedom to flex the suggested route and stop as we chose. (more)Helena Posnett
Excellent. When can we go again? (more)Julia Fieldsend
From €700 - €1500 excluding flights
Iceland holiday, Summer Solstice
Memorable parts? Scenic beauty and eco-systems are two sides of the same coin. The clean air, the lakes, the falls, the lava fields, the glaciers. How does such stark and panoramic landscape co-exist with spectacular sights in Northern Iceland? Tips? For the above 50s age group, a fair bit of walking on uneven tracks, but worth it! If you're doing the Highlands (as this trip was titled)be prepared that late summer onset can mean that the snow on the slopes might mean that the roads... (more)Kumar Iyengar
From €2750 excluding flights
Iceland Northern Lights holiday
Memorable parts? Travelling in the completely unspoiled wilderness with a really knowledgeable guide - and good company. Tips? Enjoy the real differences in the culture and make sure you have a warm jacket! Don't expect the Northern Lights - they're a bonus. If you're going to the Blue Lagoon make sure you can get at your swimming things easily. Sadly ours were in the luggage and we got there straight off the plane! A rather wasted experience for us. Make full use of Happy Hour -... (more)Lorraine Wolsey
From £1475 - £1495 excluding flights
Iceland short break Northern Lights tour
It was terrific. You have one extraordinary leader in Kristian. He bought out the best in the group and was informative as well as engaging. (more)Carmel Brown
The most memorable part was walking on the glacier then watching the parts of the glacier which had broken off float into the sea past the mesmerising lagoon; Gullfoss - completely spectacular waterfall...An absolutely wonderful holiday. (more)Amanda Porter
Not the adventure I had hoped for. Very little activity, mostly sitting on the bus. (more)Elizabeth Boait
From £1479 - £1499 including UK flights

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