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Hiking the Inca trail holiday
An unrivalled combination of history and spectacular scenery, from £1979 - £2349 (11 days) inc UK flights
Lake Titicaca & Peru highlights holiday
Explore the attractions of south Peru with Inca Trail trek, from £2132 (15 days) ex flights
Tailor made holiday in Peru
A luxury tailormade trip exploring the sites of Peru, from £3350 (17 days) inc UK flights
Inca Discovery holiday
Retrace the steps of the Inca, from £899 - £999 (8 days) ex flights

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Machu Picchu trek & community project in Peru
Unique 8-day Machu Picchu trek with a local project, from £995 (8 days) ex flights
Adventure holiday in Peru
Inca culture to sea lions on Peru adventure, from £2300 - £2485 (15 days) ex flights
Peru and Inca Trail small group tour
Take in all the best that Peru has to offer, from £975 (15 days) ex flights
Hiking the Inca Trail in Peru
Fully supported Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu, from £610 (4 days) ex flights
Inca Trail & Amazon holidays
Discover the Andes and the Amazon, from £1440 (10 days) ex flights
Inca Trail adventure holiday
Discover Cuzco and the Sacred Valley on this Incan adventure, from £800 - £930 (7 days) ex flights
Family teenager holiday in Peru
An active itinerary in Peru’s varied terrain, from £2954 - £3264 (15 days ) inc UK flights
Peru tour, tailor made
Explore Peru & the Amazon, from US $1835 (18 days) ex flights
Peru and Inca trail small group holiday
Travel from the Andes to the Amazon, from £1985 - £2290 (12 days) ex flights
Inca Trail hiking holiday, Peru
The Sacred Valley, one of the world’s best known hikes, from £675 - £799 (7 days) ex flights
Choquequirao to Machu Picchu trekking holiday, Peru
Choquequirao - trek to a lost Inca City, Peru, from £1728 (10 days) ex flights
Southern Peru tailor made holiday
Experience Southern Peru's unforgettable highlights in style, from £4090 (19 days) ex flights
Alternative Inca trail trek in Peru, Salkantay Trek
Salkantay trek - an alternative Inca Trail adventure, from £442 (5 days) ex flights
Inca Trail tour, Peru
Unmissable Cusco, Valle Sagrado, & the legendary Inca Trail, from €1379 - €1600 (8 days) ex flights
Alternative Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu
Remote trekking to Machu Picchu, from £1650 (15 days) ex flights
Peru family adventure holiday
Peru Family Adventure activity holiday, from £1353 (8 days) ex flights
Inca highlights holiday in Peru
An active holiday of Incan discovery, from £1625 (11 days) ex flights
Inca Trail trekking holiday, alternative route
Discover the beauty of the Inca Trail in a different way, from £645 (5 days) ex flights
Peru walking and cultural holiday
Trek the cultural sites and mountain scenery of Peru, from £3964 (14 days) ex flights
Peru small group tour
Its all in the name, Peru and Machu Picchu are calling, from £1299 (15 days) ex flights
Learn Spanish in Peru & trek the Inca trail
Inca trek & relaxed, professional Spanish lessons, from £941 (13 days) ex flights
Peru tour, Jungle and Mountain Trek
Active holiday in Peru's Amazon and Andes, from £2785 (12 days) ex flights
Luxury Inca Trail trek, Peru
Spectacular trek on the Inca Trail through the high Andes, from £1081 (5 days) ex flights
Tailormade holiday in Peru
Highlights of southern Peru in comfort, from £2780 (16 days) ex flights
Inca Trail walking tour, Peru
Customisable holiday including comfort service Inca Trail, from £1090 (8 days) ex flights

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Tailor made holiday in Peru
Memorable parts? EVERYTHING - it was just great! Tips? To inform themselves very early (6 month before booking) to get the most out of it. We therefore had the best holidays ever and people we met on our tour were just jealouse, because we could do all the cool stuff (we had organised the permits for Huayna Picchu, the Trek to Huchuy Qosqo etc.) Local benefits? Yes I do Overall rating? Great! (more)Barbara Buchegger
From £3350 including UK flights
Family teenager holiday in Peru
Memorable parts? The camping, food and walking through the Sun Gate and seeing Machu Piccu are a few of my many highlights. Our guide, Reni was terrific and the family we travelled with were super. The holiday gradually gears you up for the big trek, you acclimatise in Cusco before exploring the Sacred Valley and attempting the mountain bike ride. Tips? The accommodation is on the whole fairly basic, with one or two quirky gems, but we weren't expecting the hotel in Agua Calientes... (more)Jo Turnbull
From £2954 - £3264 including UK flights
Hiking the Inca Trail in Peru
Great fun and an amazing experience. Thank you to our brilliant guide, the incredibly athletic and dedicated porters and to the guys in the UK who organised the trip for us; everything was perfect. (more)Elfie Burgess
The most memorable part of the trek was on Day 2 where we hit the highest point of the trail at 4,732m! (more)Wei Seng Mak
This was the chance of a lifetime and we grabbed it with both hands! A fantastic experience and I cannot recommend it enough! (more)Erica Johnstone
From £610 excluding flights
Inca Trail & Amazon holidays
The Inca Trail was a need to be fit. (more)Christopher Innerd
The most exciting part of my holiday was walking through the Sun Gate after climbing the last 50 super steep steps of the Inca Trail. We were so happy to have done it. (more)Julie Fahrner-Schibli
There were some many memorable moments - from watching Machu Picchu arise out of the mist to spotting Giant Otters in the lake in the Amazon. The whole holiday was exciting. (more)Misbah Arif
From £1440 including domestic flights only
Peru family adventure holiday
Memorable parts? We were hiking for few hours through beautiful Inca trail and at the end we had seen Machu Picchu in clouds and then in a full sun. Tips? Take good rain gear when you travel during wet season. We were there in December and weather was good, but sometimes we got surprises. Local benefits? I think we benefit local people. We visited places stayed in hotels, bought souvenirs. It seems, money we spend stayed there. I hope money collected in tickets will be... (more)Iwona Warszawska
From £1353 excluding flights
Peru walking tour, Inca trail, Titicaca and Nazca
It was the most challenging holiday I have ever been on. I came back home with many wonderful memories. Our guide, Carlos Luchuga, contributed a great deal in the success of my holidays. (more)Teresa Trippenbach
Great...Hiking the Inca Trail to see Macchu Picchu at the end and the Nazca Lines were the most memorable parts. (more)Jack Bond
From £2549 - £2949 including UK flights
Inca trail & Amazon Rainforest holiday
Extremely enjoyable. There was a lot of travel involved and a fully packed itinery but well worth it as we seen so much and so many great experiences. (more)Keith Charters
The overall experience was very good. ...The Inka Trail and the first glimpse of Machu Picchu from the Sun Gate. (more)Chris Chaddock
An optional visit to a farm in the rainforest was real eye-opener. The Libertador Tambopata lodges were excellent and gave you a real feel for the rainforest. (more)John Duff
From £2899 - £3199 including UK flights
Peru and Inca Trail small group tour
One of the best I have had, a truly wonderful experience...the trip to Machu Picchu stands out just because it is such an iconic place, but the rainforest, the desert, lake Titicaca, Cusco, Colcha Canyon, were all brilliant places to visit. (more)David Greaves
The holiday was superb from start to finish and far exceeded our expectations. The expected highlights of Macchu Picchu etc lived up to expectations with the remaining destinations visited exceeding them (rainforest... colca canyon and sacred valley). (more)Duncan Cairns
Utterly fantastic! (more)Jo Curry
From £975 excluding flights
Peru tour, tailor made
Very well organized travel, beautiful country with interesting contrasts (from desert to amazon jungle), kind people, good level of travel possibilities and accommodation. Recommend to people who like to be in the close touch with country life. (more)Igor Borisek
Many great memories. Machu Pichu and the Amazon jungle would have to top the list. Viewing the Nazca lines and the sand dunes of Huacachina were also really special. (more)Stuart Rieger
Walking in Chivay region independently was one of the highlights, and a great starting point for the holiday. We also spent some time with a charity in Ollantaytambo and got to know some fantastic people working for the charity as well as local families. (more)Jane Lewis-Evans
From US $1835 including domestic flights only
Adventure holiday in Peru
Memorable parts? The homestay with local families on Isla Amantani where we had to dress up in local costume for a fun evening of Peruvian dancing! Tips? Make sure you are fit enough for the trekking part Local benefits? Yes Overall rating? The combination of the magnificant scenery plus the amazing Inca ruins made it especially memorable. (more)Ruth Hindshaw
From £2300 - £2485 excluding flights
Peru holiday, Inca Trail, Cusco & Lake Titicaca
Inca trail and Machu Picchu was the most memorable part of the holiday (more)Mandy Risso
The Andean explorer train ride from Cusco to Lake Titicaca was an excellent way to see many aspects of Peru from the city suburbs through the slums then farming communities, through the middle of market towns and past the spectacular backdrop of the Andes. (more)Jane Lines
The most lasting memory will probably be our stay on Amantani Island on Lake TitiKaka. We stayed with a family without water and electricity and it was both enjoyable as well as being an eye opener. (more)Chris Simmons
From £2155 excluding flights
Peru and Inca trail small group holiday
The Inca Trail was by far the highlight of the trip. One of the most amazing experiences of my life. (more)George Efstathopoulos
Visiting the Amazon Jungle was the 'unmissable' part! A unique environment to experience - the river, the heat and humidity, the giant trees and canopy, the sounds of the jungle; seeing animals, birds, a cayman and catching piranhas! (more)Jo Herrold
From £1985 - £2290 excluding flights
Peru holiday, Tambopata & Inca Trail
Memorable parts? Visiting Machu Picchu - simply breathtaking! Tips? You can never have too many changes of clothes for the jungle... Local benefits? Yes. Overall rating? A fantastic experience to see some wonderful sights. We learned so much and everyone was friendly and welcoming. (more)Claire Wood
From £1995 excluding flights
Lake Titicaca & Peru highlights holiday
Memorable parts? Being amongst high Andes mountains and half uncovered Inca ruins without any other tourists around, but with good friendly helpful guide and other staff to look after us. We were able to interact with locals in a way quite different from that occurring in areas over run by tourists. Tips? Take warm clothes- it was freezing at night at altitude. Definitely include an Amazon trip as a good contrast to the mountains. Don’t buy hats- there are loads of hats, ponchos... (more)David Rampersad
From £2132 excluding flights
Inca Trail tour
Very good. We were well looked after. (more)Janet Macleod
It was a great trip and we really enjoyed it. Machu Picchu was beautiful.....especially when the cloud lifted!!! (more)Nick Lewis
From £640 excluding flights
Inca Discovery holiday
Memorable parts? Hiking through the Peruvian jungle and feeling like you were discovering the Incan ruins yourself. Tips? "It's cold on the top of the mountain" means snow, even in March (summer). The weather was colder and wetter than I anticipated. Local benefits? We benefited the porters who were carrying our luggage, and were pretty environmentally friendly. I wasn't sure how to take the very aggressive salespeople- I think it's better to sell something than to just... (more)Melissa Mundo
From £899 - £999 excluding flights
Peru adventure holiday, Sacred Land of the Incas
Machu Picchu was wonderful but also really enjoyed the Uros Indianson the floating islands. (more)susan gough
The two most amazing pieces of the holiday were finally arriving at Machu Picchu and the truly beautiful lodge in the rain forest. (more)Maria Ingold
From £1800 - £2140 excluding flights
Inca trail holiday, Peru
Memorable parts? Leaving. Tips? Do not book with this operator. Local benefits? Overall rating? I would never book with this operator again. Could you pick worse hotels if you tried? (more)Antoine Taridif
From £1150 - £1330 excluding flights

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