Indigenous communities holidays. Tours & holidays in 2015 & 2016

You can experience authentic Indigenous communities on one of these unusual and memorable holidays, from leading specialist tour operators and accommodation providers. Trips range from just one day to two weeks or more, so there’s an Indigenous communities experience to suit length of holiday.
Zambia safari in South Luangwa
Some of the best wildlife watching in Africa, from £3220 (9 days) ex flights
Omo Valley cultural holiday in Ethiopia
Travel to the Omo Valley, Africa's cultural heartland, from £1750 (14 days) ex flights
Vietnam holiday, off the beaten track
Get close to the remote ‘hill-tribe’ culture, from US $3008 (15 days) ex flights
KwaZulu Natal discovery tour, South Africa
A tailor-made trip to South Africa's KwaZulu Natal region, from £2400 (12 days) inc UK flights

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Luxury cultural tour of Southern Ethiopia
A unique insight into the tribes and landscape of Southern Ethiopia, from £2099 (14 days) ex flights
Maasai warrior introductory training course, Kenya
An initiation into some of the customs of Maasai warrior traditions, from US $1700 (4 days) ex flights
Sudan holiday
Visit pyramids & meet desert nomads, from £1899 - £2155 (8 days) ex flights
Bolivia tour, tailor made
Tour the magnificent landscapes of Bolivia, from US $2990 - US $3985 (26 days) ex flights
Vietnam Hill Tribe holiday
Tailor made hiking holiday in Vietnam, from US $2148 (14 days) ex flights
First Nation hiking tours in Canada
Rediscover your earth-based roots in the mirror of culture, from CA $1096 - CA $1246 (4 days) ex flights
Borneo small group holiday
Head into Borneo's jungles, rivers and villages, from £1515 - £1710 (10 days) ex flights
Thailand tours, discovery
Experience essential Thailand on this small group tour, from £1230 - £1700 (10 days) ex flights
Central India holiday, journey through Chhattisgarh
Chhattisgarh’s best of wildlife and tribal culture, from Rupee180000 (14 days) ex flights
Ethiopia holiday, faces of the Omu Valley
An exciting journey to the tribes of Ethiopia, from £2555 (12 days) inc UK flights
Vietnam trekking & homestay tour
Trekking & homestay in Sapa, from £298 (5 days) ex flights
Flinders Ranges wilderness tours, South Australia
Explore the outback wilderness on this exciting safari, from AU $495 - AU $1475 (3 days) ex flights
Ganges tour, Delhi to Calcutta
Explore spiritual India sailing on the Ganges, from £2195 (16 days) ex flights
Cameroon holiday, Tribal lands
Discover some of Central Africa's most fascinating cultures, from £1799 (13 days) ex flights
Ghana holiday, Kingdoms of Gold
Join our small group tour as we explore Ghana, from £2175 (12 days) ex flights
Luxury family Maasai cultural holiday, Kenya
Fun & learning for the whole family with Maasai Warriors, from US $4000 (7 days) ex flights
Indigenous cultural tour of Panama
Discover Indigenous Panama, from US $1950 (8 days) ex flights
Ghana, Togo and Benin holiday
Tribal culture, colourful customs and Ouidah Voodoo Festival, from £2099 (12 days) ex flights
Cultural holiday in Ghana, Togo and Benin
Join an amazing group trip through Ghana, Togo and Benin, from £1935 (12 days) ex flights
Senegal and Guinea Bissau cultural holiday
Discover Senegal and Guinea Bissau on this 14 day group tour, from £2899 (14 days) ex flights
Panafest festival holiday in Ghana
Visit Ghana & experience Panafest, from £1575 (13 days) ex flights
Northern Thailand tour, 7 days
An exciting one week tour of Northern Thailand, from £575 (7 days) ex flights
Iban longhouse experience in Sarawak, Malaysia
Take a 3 Day Tour to be part of the Iban Tribe, from £595 (3 days) ex flights
Pakistan holiday, Kalash winter solstice
Experience the Kalash winter solstice festival in Pakistan, from £2045 (12 days) ex flights
Sabah holidays, wildlife & culture
Discover the Wildlife in Sabah and Kiau Village , from £995 (5 days) ex flights

87 reviews for Indigenous communities holidays4 star overall rating

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Tanzania holiday, safari, culture and wildlife 7 days
Very good...I enjoyed both the safari in Serengeti and the diving in Mafia very much (more)Marina Poletto
Fantastic! Amazing! Awe inspiring! The trip of a lifetime! Our most memorable moments were our interactions with the local people. Even though we booked this safari to see the Serengeti, we also wanted to make sure we spent an equal amount of time visiting and getting to know the people of Tanzania. We will forever hold in our hearts how warm and inviting everyone was. (more)Teresa VandenBosch
Fantastic. It was the perfect family holiday with a 12 year old and 14 year old. Always plenty to do, loads of variety, but never rushed. (more)Rebecca Rowland
From US $1860 - US $2480 excluding flights
Colombia holiday, cities and jungle
The Amazon in flood is one of the grandest spectacles that nature has to offer, and it is unique; Ciudad Perdida has been reclaimed for history, the effort to get there disappears on arrival. Colombia is vast, it is several landscapes and peoples, that can be read and discovered as you travel. (more)Weng Yee
Holiday highlights: 5 day trek in Amazon and Lost City hike. In all it made it a very enjoyable holiday. (more)Helen Pryce
From £1485 - £1985 including domestic flights only
Vietnam holiday, off the beaten track
Excellent in all ways. Ms. Thanh Ha of the operator’s Saigon office provided detailed information and reminders, and she met us in Saigon to make sure everything was as we hoped. (more)Sandy Snyder
Eating and experiencing the beauty of Vietnam was the most memorable part...Brilliant. Wouldn't hesitate in doing it again and recommending to anyone wanting some happy healing holiday happenings. (more)Anita Lowe
From US $3008 excluding flights
Kenya holiday, safari, culture and wildlife 7 days
Excellent! The whole holiday was an adventure with a varied itinerary. The highlights must be seeing the wildlife in their natural habitats. (more)theresa mcaninch
The company made it so easy for us, from our first point of contact to confirming our final arrangements we encountered no problems. They were excellent.... Highly recommended. (more)Dorian Oates
There were too many high points to be able to select just one, but I would have to say that the amount of wildlife seen was generally amazing! (more)Shelley Munro Galloway
From US $1895 - US $2395 excluding flights
Self drive holiday in Cape Town and the Garden Route
The Safari in Amakala was the most memorable part of the holiday (more)Lucy Williamson
Brilliant. We did so many things in two weeks that the holiday felt as though we'd been away much longer. Thoroughly recommend this company, and we would use them again. (more)David Campbell
From £1245 - £1580 excluding flights
Vietnam trekking & homestay tour
The best experience and vacation we have had. We loved the whole thing. (more)Colesie Sterling
The whole experience was memorable. Our guide was very good, the landscape was beautiful, the trekking was good and the homestays were and food were excellent. (more)Dinah Reed
Finally, how would you rate your holiday overall? The best we have had. Made all the more stress free by the personal attention of Ninh, our tour organiser (more)Stuart Mcneil
From £298 excluding flights
Zambia safari in South Luangwa
The most memorable part was when we were driving up a rocky dry river to see white rhinos and when they smelled/heard us and started coming towards us, realized they could be a lot faster than us on this terrain. (more)Sven Jeanrenaud
The most exciting was the gorge swing & white river rafting in Victoria Falls as well as the night game drives following lions stalking prey in the Okavango. (more)Jean Pierre Kruger
From £3220 excluding flights
Bolivia tour, tailor made
It was truly amazing. (more)Gyoku Block
We did not feel that a single moment was wasted, with a good balance of different activities and experiences. I am converted to tailor-made travel. (more)chris fleckney
Excellent. Travelling up from Tupiza past volcanoes and lagoons and over the salt flats was the best part. (more)Janet Balling
From US $2990 - US $3985 including domestic flights only
Omo Valley cultural holiday in Ethiopia
Memorable parts? Bull jumping ceremony in Hammar village Tips? Beware of poor accommodation in Yabello and Wando Genet Local benefits? No Overall rating? I enjoyed learning about the customs and village life (more)Joan Thomas
From £1750 excluding flights
Community-based village homestays, Kenya
All of the home-stay was brilliant. It was well planned for us, and everyone was friendly and helpful throughout. The most memorable part was the wonderful family who we stayed with and seeing our children playing happily all together. (more)Deborah Nickolls
An amazing week, and one that my daughter and I will never forget. The itinerary for the week was incredibly well thought through and planned to give a really good balance of practical, social and craft activities, as well as visits to schools and a clinic (and local pub!) with enough chance to rest and catch our breath in between. (more)Ruth Findlay Brooks
The communities which hosted us were so welcoming to us, they made us feel like we had come home. We will never forget traditional song and dance in the moonlight of Kabimoi or being given Kikamba names at Mulanii. Priceless. (more)Andrew Fuller
From £800 excluding flights
Orangutans and Ibans tour to Borneo
The most memorable parts of the holiday were Borneo Rainforest Lodge in the Dannum Valley and climbing Mt. Kinabalu. (more)Zachry Brown
Fantastic experience, unforgettable. It surpassed all expectations. (more)Lois Froud
From £3750 including UK flights
Ganges tour, Delhi to Calcutta
Excellent, just what I needed - a fascinating holiday in which everything was taken care of. (more)Kathryn Tomlinson
Most memorable? Seeing slivers of daily life in rural India. The Himalayan panorama, the wildlife, the boating experience and great eating were memorable as well. (more)Marilyn Jestes
Most memorable was travelling down the Ganges on the boat and seeing Varanasi. (more)Jane Graham
From £2195 excluding flights
Private vehicle safari in Tanzania
This was my third safari, but it was the one that most connected me to Tanzania. I was there primarily for tha animals but also wanted a holiday that benefited locals rather than international companies. This holiday achieved that but gave me so much more, I am now in love with Tanzania, it's stunning landscapes, its wildlife and its charming people. (more)Julia Runciman
Seeing Lions in the trees in Manyara and the Serengetti was the most memorable part of the holiday. (more)Sally Foote
Seeing leopards in the Serengeti was the most memorable part of the holiday (more)Susan Armstrong
From £1740 - £1905 excluding flights
Oman holidays, Arabian sands
I had a wonderful time...Traveling through and camping in the Omani desert was the most memorable part of the trip for me (more)Nancy Wiesenfeld
Camping in the desert was the most memorable part. (more)Julie Collins
From £1499 - £1684 including UK flights
Kenya & Tanzania safari, culture and wildlife 14 days
We saw all the animals we could hope for, most of them in great numbers and really close up. Perhaps the very best was when we came upon first a mating lion couple and then, a few km away, the rest of the pride with mums and cubs nursing and playing. Absolutely amazing! (more)Marie Lenstrup
The highlight was staying in a bush camp site, watching three lions less than one kilometre away from the site. (more)Pablo Moreno
From US $3695 - US $4495 excluding flights
Kruger & Swaziland safari, South Africa, tailormade
Most memorable were seeing a pack of nine wild dogs....Getting so close to some of the other wildlife, Seeing Humpback whales breach. Better than expected and lived up to all our hopes. (more)Bob Mudd
The trip surpassed our expectations tenfold. In our wildest dreams we couldn't contemplate or imagine the experience we would or could hope to achieve on this trip. It was amazing from beginning to end. (more)Eugene and Debs Gribbon
From £820 excluding flights
Adelaide to Alice Springs tour, Australia
Memorable parts? The wonderful walks -- canyons, gorges, other natural features -- that revealed to us the natural riches of the Outback, from birds and other creatures to the land itself. Also... the bush knowledge and sensitivity of our leader, Steve. He added immeasurably to our appreciation, and therefore our pleasure. Tips? Probably more important for Europeans than Canadians or Americans (who live in big-scale countries): realize emotionally, not just intellectually, that once... (more)Penny Williams
From AU $2450 - AU $2495 excluding flights
Flinders Ranges wilderness tours, South Australia
Memorable parts? The Flinders is a very dramatic park and one that invites you get out and walk. Wilpena Pound is a rock fortress, a piece of land enclosed of each side by high cliffs with just one route in. Inside their are lovely walks through huge gums - its a very tranquil and relaxing place. Staying at Rawnsley Park, a working Merino Sheep Station, was a real treat. We stayed in one of the Eco Villas, and the highlight was lying in bed and pushing a button that withdrew a blind... (more)Justin Francis
From AU $495 - AU $1475 excluding flights
Jordan cultural tour, hosted by Bedouin of Petra
Memorable parts? Our interaction with the Bedouin guides, their charm and their perspectives on the history and current social and political life in Jordan was really memorable. Petra was magnificent and Jerash was a real gem. Jordan is a much un- heralded destination. Tips? More than 2 days in Petra is necessary. Must dos - Petra, Jerash, Amman, the desert. Be open to the everyday encounters with the guides, drivers, shop-keepers etc Local benefits? Benefitted local people.... (more)Eleanor Moore
From £1249 excluding flights
Northern Pakistan holiday
Memorable parts? The landscape/topography is breath taking, everywhere, everyday. The mountains and valleys do surpass the phenominal Pakistani hospitality. I had 15 breathtaking days. Tips? Think about what you want before you are there. In this fantastic environment, you can also white water raft, trek, climb, mountaineer...4 wheel drive etc. I was more than content with the cultural touring, some walking/treking, however there is so much more there if you are younger and more active... (more)Jim Troy
From £2099 excluding flights
First Nation hiking tours in Canada
Memorable parts? The location, hosts and the routes they planned. Tips? The routes / hikes are challenging, the lodge is very comfortable but remote. Very be mindful of that. Be ready for all types of weather..from hot sun to snow. Local benefits? Yes - very much so. (more)Jane Cayley
From CA $1096 - CA $1246 excluding flights
Holiday in Mongolia
Memorable parts? The solar eclipse. Also visiting a nomadic family one night. Tips? Not really applicable as a one-off trip to see solar eclipse and Mongolia along the way. General tips would be Mongolia is a big country with poor infrastructure. Make sure your trip doesn't involve too much driving or you will spend your whole time on a bus and not out seeing things. Covering 400km in one day, while possible, is not pleasant. Local benefits? Yes and no. It was run by a Mongolian... (more)Sam Grainne
From £1599 - £1699 excluding flights

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I am reborn! Simply the best holiday I have ever been on
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Some great stories to tell the grandchildren. Would recommend to a friend
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Very enjoyable
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A bit disappointing really

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Visiting tribal people has never been more popular. Proud and extravagantly decorated men and women that once only stared out at us from coffee table books, glossy magazines and TV documentaries and now accessible to intrepid travellers and tour companies. We find ancient ways of life of fascinating, and often of great romantic appeal. In today's world of concrete; supermarkets; urban life; fashions; celebrity culture; stressful jobs; and lack of community the ideal of people living simply together close to nature in the same way that they have for 1000's of years is extremely appealing. For the tourist there is nothing like bridging centuries of modern development and making a connection with people whose lives are so very different to our own. Tribal communities have sometimes been described as 'living laboratories' based on observing lifestyles that have changed little for hundred's of years. Many will feel this a demeaning expression, and those of us privileged enough to have visited, and listened properly, will have discovered that tribal people often have far more to teach us about our society and our lives than we can teach them about our world. Read more about Indigenous communities holidays in this Indigenous communities holidays article.
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