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Jordan holiday, a week in Jordan
A week to explore the spectacular sites and scenery of Jordan, from 1099 - 1489 (9 days) inc UK flights
Family holiday to Jordan, Journey to the Lost City
Experience the best of Jordan, from 1289 - 1451 (8 days ) inc UK flights
Jordan luxury small group tour
Explore Jordan in comfort suited to a sheikh, from 1769 - 1799 (9 days) inc UK flights
Jordan holiday, small group
Visit Jordan from cities to mystic desert landscapes, from 675 - 785 (8 days) ex flights

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Jordan holiday, tailor made
All the highlights of Petra and Jordan, from 2000 (9 days) inc UK flights
Hidden treasures of Jordan holiday
World famous historical monuments & breathtaking desert scenery, from 1629 - 1839 (12 days) inc UK flights
Jordan family holiday
Travel with just your family, set itinerary, from 1149 - 1539 (9 days) inc UK flights
Tailor made tour of Jordan & Israel
A tour of Jordan & Israel with breathtaking sites & fascinating history, from 2370 (15 days) inc UK flights
Jordan classic tour & desert adventure
Jordan classic tour and desert adventure, from US $1270 - US $2795 (8 days) ex flights
Jordan Budget Tours
Jordan Budget Tours. Visit Petra, Amman, Jerash, Madaba, from US $735 - US $1770 (5 days) ex flights
Exciting family holiday in Jordan
A fabulous family holiday including the best of Jordan, from 970 - 990 (9 days) ex flights
Tailor made holidays to Jordan
Private tour of Jordan's dramatic scenic contrasts, from 1975 (9 days) inc UK flights
Jordan cultural tour, hosted by Bedouin of Petra
A unique opportunity to see Jordan with the Bedouin of Petra, from 1399 (9 days) ex flights
Jordan and Egypt budget holiday
Adventure through historical landscapes of Jordan & Egypt, from 822 - 882 (9 days) ex flights
Small group tour of Jordan
Cultural adventure through Jordan's Highlights, from US $1155 - US $1265 (6 days) ex flights
Jordan holiday, tailormade
Petra, Jerash & Bedouin hospitality, from 1990 (11 days) ex flights
Small group tour of Jordan
This is the definitive 8 day tour of Jordan, from 594 - 769 (8 days) ex flights
Jordan tailor made holiday
Some of the best scenery and monuments in the Middle East, from 800 (8 days) ex flights
Family holiday to Jordan, Petra & the Dead Sea
An exciting family adventure to Jordan's top sights, from 1299 - 1379 (8 days) inc UK flights
Jordan holiday on a shoestring
Great value tour covering all Jordan's major sites, from 399 - 599 (6 days) ex flights
Jordan & Egypt holiday on a shoestring
This Jordan and Egypt tour is packed with all main sights, from 764 - 949 (14 days) ex flights
Family holiday to Jordan and Egypt
A fabulous family holiday through Egypt and Jordan, from 1100 - 1400 (16 days) ex flights
Best of Egypt and Jordan holiday
Visit the great Giza Pyramids, from 1413 - 1500 (14 days) ex flights
Aqaba diving holiday in Jordan, with Petra
Jordan's Red Sea Diving and the Wonders of Petra, from 1431 (9 days) inc UK flights
Jordan trekking holiday, Bedouin trail to Petra
Iconic walk across iconic deserts and mountains, Jordan, from 1499 - 1629 (8 days) inc UK flights
Jordan short break
Jordan Short Break. Visit Petra, Amman, Jerash, from US $600 - US $1395 (4 days) ex flights
Jordan cultural holiday
Experience Jordan Tour Package, Petra, Amman, Jerash, from US $1100 - US $2635 (7 days) ex flights
Egypt and Jordan tours
Discover the ancient history and scenery of Egypt and Jordan, from 1349 - 1549 (16 days) ex flights
Jordan cultural tour, Petra and Wadi Rum
An incredible journey through the deserts of Jordan, from 1995 - 2095 (9 days) ex flights

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Jordan holiday, a week in Jordan
The walk into Petra is just breath-taking and there is something new to see every time you turn a corner. (more)Joanne Offer
A great adventure.....Floating in the Dead Sea, snorkelling in the Red Sea, Petra. (more)Annette Starfield
There were many memorable parts for me; floating in the Dead Sea, snorkelling in the Red Sea, visiting Jerash and Petra plus the camel ride and overnight stay in Wadi Rum....Excellent - achieved all I wanted to see and do! (more)Julie Forshaw
From 1099 - 1489 including UK flights
Exciting family holiday in Jordan
Memorable parts? All of it! We all had our personal highlights though. Hannah (11) loved swimming in the Dead Sea, Ciaran (15) loved climbing, the cycle ride and the history in Jerash, Little Petra and Petra, Luke (51) loved the camel journey, Jo (50) loved sitting round the fire with the Bedouins and trading gifts and tea with the Bedouin women in their tents. Tips? Be flexible, open minded and be up for the challenge! Local benefits? Yes, we came away feeling that the... (more)Jo Tunmer
From 970 - 990 excluding flights
Family holiday to Jordan, Journey to the Lost City
At the risk of sounding over the top with enthusiasm I would answer "All of it" to this question. We went to Jordan and returned renewed, stimulated and educated and with a new understanding of the culture, history and politics of the Middle East. This was in in no small way due to the effort and enthusiasm of our guide, Usama Awad. Are all of this companies guides as brilliant as he was? (more)Fiona O
It was a very inspirational holiday...Staying at Dana guesthouse supported a very important nature biosphere. (more)sharyn hall
This trip delivered everything we wanted, adventure, relaxation, new experiences - without having to think too much after a busy year, thanks to our wonderful guide. (more)Tania Riddiford
From 1289 - 1451 including UK flights
Tailor made tour of Jordan & Israel
Every moment was a memorable moment...Jerash in Jordan was a surprise...Petra Kitchen was a lot of fun ...Dinner at Fauzi Azar Inn, and singing and dancing at Bedouin Camp was great too! (more)Helga Trim
9/10...Jordan - particularly Petra which lived up to, and surpassed its reputation (more)Jean Ross
From 2370 including UK flights
Jordan holiday, tailor made
Memorable parts? The Feynan lodge is a terrific place to stay, and the walk down from Dana is a very enjoyable one, through surprisingly varied scenery. Tips? Jordan is a very friendly, welcoming country, with plenty to see and do. It is quite compact, so there are not long distances to travel. We stayed for 10 days, and would happily have stayed longer, but equally it makes a good destination for a shorter break as well. Local benefits? Yes, to a large extent. It is a pity... (more)Edward Milford
From 2000 including UK flights
Jordan holiday, tailormade
Very many memorable parts - Swimming in the Dead Sea, relaxing on the red Sea in Aqaba and seeing Petra, I will never ever forget. (more)Davida Golden
The highlight was being driven through Wadi Rum by a wonderful guide, seeing the amazing rock formations and experiencing the emptyness of it all. (more)Margery Nzerem
Firstly, our personal guide, Mahmoud, was brilliant...Petra was absolutely breathtaking. We spent 3 days there and even though you are expecting it to be the highlight of your trip, it still manages to amaze you! (more)Simon Irons
From 1990 excluding flights
Jordan holiday, highlights & hidden gems
The most memorable part was walking down Wadi in Dana National Park to Feynan...It was wonderful. So beautiful and so much to do and see and the Jordanians were very kind and helpful. (more)Stephen Pick
Jerash was incredible as was the site of the Baptism of Christ. The countryside of Jordan an all its aspects. (more)Geoffrey Gurling
From 2450 including UK flights
Petra & Pyramids tours to Jordan & Egypt
Memorable parts? Petra was just incredible; everyone should visit this wonderful city and landscape. Just visiting Petra justifies the travel. Tips? I wouldn't recommend the services of this tour operator; they send us a really wonderful tour and timetables that was not accomplished (mostly in Jordan), the last transfer to Cairo was an 8 hours night ride from Taba with a security guard (we think it's unacceptable that we were not warned of this situation, when it's forbidden to travel... (more)Isabel Villena
From 1230 - 1260 excluding flights
Short break to Petra, Jordan
Fantastic. We fitted so much into 5 days, and stretched ourselves physically & culturally. It was a great trip. (more)Nicole Stallard
Petra was the most memorable part of the holiday. (more)Geraldine Hillmale
Petra was much bigger than expected, the camel ride easier, and the scenery more spectacular than we imagined... It was a great way to see a lot of Jordan quickly - a charming country with open, friendly residents. (more)Mary Clark
From 585 excluding flights
Jordan cultural tour, hosted by Bedouin of Petra
Memorable parts? Our interaction with the Bedouin guides, their charm and their perspectives on the history and current social and political life in Jordan was really memorable. Petra was magnificent and Jerash was a real gem. Jordan is a much un- heralded destination. Tips? More than 2 days in Petra is necessary. Must dos - Petra, Jerash, Amman, the desert. Be open to the everyday encounters with the guides, drivers, shop-keepers etc Local benefits? Benefitted local people.... (more)Eleanor Moore
From 1399 excluding flights
Jordan holiday on a shoestring
Memorable parts? Petra was AMAZING, the site, and number of different ancient relics is unbelieveable, and truly awe inspiring to see how sophisticated they were, so long ago. Tips? Make sure you spend your evenings exploring, it's all too easy to get meals in hotels, but walking into the town in Petra (it's a little walk from the hotel, but there are taxis as alternative), and taxis into Amman - it is so worth while. Local benefits? I think this trip used local guides, and... (more)Clara Downton
From 399 - 599 excluding flights
Small group holiday to Jordan
Memorable parts? Petra was definitely the highlight, the walk in down The Siq to the Treasury a real wow factor. Wadi Rum jeep drive a close second. A camel ride in Petra and Wadi Rum is not to be missed, we did both. A well balanced trip, with a number of highlights making it very memorable. Tips? Food included was on the whole very good. Don't miss the meal at Basin Restaurent in Petra. Read all the information provided, the Pre-Departure info was very thorough. The fact that... (more)Rosalind LIEW
From 699 excluding flights
Tailor made holidays to Jordan
Magical. Loved every minute. 4 days that felt like 2 weeks they were so full of sights and sounds and wonderful people. A brilliant short break. (more)ali king
Very good...Feynan Lodge was the best part - would like to have spent longer there. (more)Alan Graham
I will always remember Petra. The history is incredible and our guide was very informative...Excellent! (more)Carol Seaforth
From 1975 including UK flights
Best of Egypt and Jordan holiday
Memorable parts? The BEST thing about our trip was the absolutely wonderful service we received from the tour company. Tips? Don't settle for the "usual" tour, do your research, decide what you want to see and talk to your tour company. The operator helped us create the tour that was perfect for us. Local benefits? Yes, our holiday benefited the local people. Tourist are staying away from Egypt because they are concerned about the political instability. But we had a wonderful... (more)Janie Kuczer
From 1413 - 1500 excluding flights
Hidden treasures of Jordan holiday
Memorable parts? So many to choose from but Petra by candlelight, swimming in the dead sea and snorkling in the red sea are the ones that come to mind first. Tips? Make sure to take advantage of snorkling in the dead sea, do the hike to the high sacrifice place in Petra where you will be rewarded with an amazing view of the treasury and maybe add an extra day or so to your holiday to do some of your own exploring in downtown Amman (and have dinner at hashem's - a remarkably down-to-earth... (more)Elaine Leigh
From 1629 - 1839 including UK flights
Small group tour of Jordan
Memorable parts? Walking around Petra on a beautiful sunny day, we had the whole place practically to ourselves - and then walking back at sunset when all the sandstone turning pink, breath taking. We also had a fun night at the Bedouin camp and had a good laugh floating around the Dead Sea! Tips? Wrap up warm for Amman's cold evenings. Try the Turkish baths, not as relaxing as we expected but surely will leave you with some good stories to tell Local benefits? It is a good... (more)Chiara Talamonti
From 594 - 769 excluding flights
Jordan family holiday
The first sight of the Treasury at Petra on the Petra by night tour was the most memorable moment for me. (more)Gill Shepherd
Visting Petra and camping in Wadi Rum was the most memorable part of the holiday (more)Anna Economides
We had a great time and would like to go back to see some more sometime. (more)Colin McCulloch
From 1199 - 1539 including UK flights

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